Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 62: Zhu Qing arrives, Xu Ran, Zhu Yun panicked
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 62: Zhu Qing arrives, Xu Ran, Zhu Yun panicked

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"System, my task is complete." Xu Ran secretly said in his heart.
"The host is good or bad, I actually used this method to bully other girls, but the task was completed, 500 points have been issued." The system\'s face blushed, she did not expect that the host would adopt such a method to "anti-learn" Zhu Zhuyun. This is obviously to take advantage of others. Zhu Zhuyun is still Davis\' fiancee now. Because Zhu Zhuyun is so clean and self-conscious, Davis rarely even holds Zhu Zhuyun\'s hands, and is said to be other private places.
The host was so shameless that he attacked Zhu Zhuyun.
"Sister Zhuyun, why are you in my room? I thought there was a thief in my house." Xu Ran didn\'t wait for Zhu Zhuyun to speak, so he took the lead to speak, blocking what Zhu Zhuyun wanted to say, and shutting down all of this. Push it onto Zhu Zhuyun.
"I..." Zhu Zhuyun was annoyed, stretched out his jade finger to Xu Ran, but didn\'t say a word.
Is she so pretty and like a thief? And would a thief be that strong?
It\'s really good to take advantage of it.
If it wasn\'t for Xu Ran to be the most outstanding peerless genius in the family and Zhu Qing\'s fianc, today she would let Xu Ran see if she was a bully. Although her combat effectiveness is not good, she is definitely far better than Xu Ran in terms of durability.
"I want to come here to see your strength this time. The family says you are a wizard of the sky, so I was a little curious for a while." Zhu Zhuyun said. At this time, she definitely wouldn\'t say that she was here to trouble Xu Ran. . Otherwise, I didnt find it in trouble, and I suffered a big loss. How shameful is this?
"Oh, it turned out to be like this." Xu Ran nodded without exposing Zhu Zhuyun.
"Then I will go now. Tomorrow, I will come to Xingluo Academy, I, Weiss, and you and Zhuqing will gather together." Zhu Zhuyun said, feeling that the surrounding atmosphere was a little bit charming, so he didn\'t dare to stay any longer, so he just pulled out his legs and wanted to leave. .
But when Zhu Zhuyun was about to open the door, a clear voice made Zhu Zhuyun stop and stood motionless.
"Xu Ran, are you asleep?"
Under the quiet night sky, Zhu Zhuqing\'s voice was extremely clear, but Zhu Zhuyun and Xu Ran\'s expressions changed.
Xu Ran was stunned right now, why did Zhu Qing come over suddenly?
Otherwise, he would definitely welcome it. But Zhu Zhuyun is here now. This is fine, but looking at Zhu Zhuyun\'s situation at this time, her hair is messy, her black skirt is full of wrinkles, and there are still holes in her stockings. How do you explain this Nima?
If Zhu Zhuqing saw this scene, wouldn\'t he think about it?
Broken broken.
Xu Ran regrets a bit. Why is he going to provoke his sister-in-law when he is idle? It is not without chance in the future. Now if Zhu Zhuqing saw this scene. His and Zhu Qingzheng\'s leaps and bounds will definitely put the brakes on.
At this time, Zhu Zhuyun was also dumbfounded, and stood there without daring to move.
She hadn\'t imagined that things would become the way it is now.
She was even more panicked than Xu Ran. As a girl, she is still lonely in this state, and there are too many places for people to think about in this dark night.
Although Zhuqing might not misunderstand him, he was not afraid of 10,000, but just in case.
"Or else, Zhu Qing should not misunderstand." After thinking about it, Xu Ran decided to be more honest.
When Zhu Zhuyun heard Xu Ran\'s words, he stomped her feet in a hurry, and a faint blush climbed up her neck. She said in a low voice, "How do you explain this? I live in the same room with a lone man and a widow, and I am still in such a mess, if Zhu Qing sees it. Its strange that you cant be suspicious. Even if Zhuqing believes that there will be nothing wrong with us, as your fiance, she will be dissatisfied. Zhu Zhuyun is a little anxious. Her relationship with Zhu Qing has just eased. Because of this misunderstanding, it will be troublesome to stalemate again.
She understands a woman\'s jealousy very well, even if she doesn\'t say it, she will still have lumps in her heart.
"Then you hide it quickly," Xu Ran said in a very low voice, and looked at the room on the four walls of the apprentice, and couldn\'t help but feel a little embarrassed. This is not to blame him. He was a child of the Zhu family before. It would be nice to have a nest in the Zhu family\'s house, where can there be any furnishings. As for becoming a core disciple later, he was highly regarded. At that time, when the Zhu family assigned him a mansion, he had already left Xingluo City to find Xiao Wu.
Zhu Zhuyun also did not find a place to hide after watching for a long time.
"It doesn\'t matter." Zhu Zhuyun\'s face flushed, and she lay down on Xu Ran\'s bed with her silver teeth, covering her body with a quilt. Not to mention, Xu Ran\'s bed is made of a material that is recessed as soon as he sleeps, and Zhu Zhuyun can\'t find anything when lying in it for a while.
It\'s just that Zhu Zhuyun\'s hot body makes the quilt stand out and it looks a little conspicuous.
Xu Ran looked dumbfounded. This sister-in-law is going to push him into the fire pit. Nima\'s curve is so obvious, it\'s better to go out directly and honestly. I would not tease her if I knew it, it was really embarrassing now. But there was no time to toss at this time, Zhu Zhuqing\'s voice rang again.
"Xu Ran, what are you doing? If you haven\'t spoken for so long, it wouldn\'t be a bad thing." Zhu Zhuqing\'s voice sounded outside. She had heard that single men would do it for ten to tens of minutes before going to bed. Strange things, only after this they can relax and fall asleep.
Is Xu Ran doing this kind of thing? Otherwise, why has he been silent?
Zhu Zhuqing couldn\'t help but frowned. She was a little worried. She had only heard of those things, but she knew that such things were very hurtful.
Although Xu Ran is not single now, after all, there is still no substantial relationship between the two of them. It is not surprising that Xu Ran would do some strange things if he couldn\'t sleep at night.
Thinking of this, she bit her lower lip and couldn\'t help but blame herself. Is she too conservative? Although she can\'t have that kind of relationship with Xu Ran right now, she can also use other methods.
At this time, Xu Ran had already opened the door of the room. At this time, he had already put on a nightgown and dampened his hair with water. "I just went to take a shower, which made you wait a long time."
Xu Ran smiled brightly.
"Really?" Zhu Zhuqing blinked beautiful eyes and looked at Xu Ran suspiciously. As he said, he walked into the house. She always felt that Xu Ran was lying to her. Seeing Xu Ran\'s somewhat unnatural expression, she couldn\'t help but believe her guess more firmly, and she blamed herself even more.
Xu Ran feels uncomfortable, don\'t you know to tell her? No matter how reserved she is, she is still his fiance. Why should he hurt his body so much?
" Xu Ran nodded and speeded up his pace, walked in front of Zhu Zhuqing, using his body to block Zhu Zhuqing and the ups and downs of the bed.
But Zhu Zhuyun didn\'t dare to make a sound from the atmosphere, her pretty face flushed because of her suffocation, and she couldn\'t help but feel a little Hou Hai in her heart. She just explained to Zhu Qing directly that maybe the problem is not big. If Zhu Qing found out that she was hiding in Xu Ran\'s quilt, her long skirt was messy, and her stockings were torn, it would really be unexplainable.
And Xu Ran felt MMP in his heart. There was nothing wrong, and Zhu Yun frankly explained in front of Zhu Qing, but there was nothing wrong. But now if Zhuqing sees the difference, it\'s really cold. After that, I don\'t know what Zhuqing will think of him.
All lie down on the bed, why explain?
Although Zhu Zhuyun will also be his target in the future, the road cannot be too wild all at once. It took Zhu Zhuqing to accept Xiao Wu\'s existence with great difficulty. If he knew that he still had this kind of thought for Zhu Zhuyun, it would be a mess in the harem.
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