Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 60: Lessons Zhu Zhuyun
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
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Chapter 60: Lessons Zhu Zhuyun

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"Cough cough. Everyone is quiet." Xu Ran coughed a few times, and was slightly clustered in the center by many young girls. Xu Ran was still sitting around as he sniffed the fragrance of the young girls around him.
Xu Ran is not a casual person. Although he is lustful, he also has aesthetic pursuits. How could you be interested in Miss Passerby Jia?
"If you have any questions now, I will try my best to answer them one by one, but I don\'t have time these days. I can only solve the problems for you here." Xu Ran said directly, without hesitation. Although these girls were beautiful and looked like wolves and tigers, they looked like Juicer Ji, he dared to communicate with them in depth.
Hearing Xu Ran\'s words, the eyes of the girls who surrounded him dimmed a lot, but the gaze that looked at Xu Ran became even hotter. Because they could see that Xu Ran was not a lustful shameless person. There are not many men like this in this world now.
As a big family, they have even seen someone auction a woman as a pet in the auction house. It is precisely because they have seen more that they will be brightened by Xu Ran\'s behavior. If they had approached Xu Ran only because of his genius before, then Xu Ran\'s rare and noble qualities are also deeply attracted to them now.
After a long time, Xu Ran solved their problems one by one.
"Well, everyone is gone, I will continue to help you if I have time in the future." Xu Ran said kindly, and walked directly out of the square under the reluctant gaze of the women.
Xu Ran walked out of Zhu\'s house, walked around in Xingluo City, and then slowly walked towards his room in the evening.
"Ding, congratulations to the host for gaining the mission, counter-teaching Zhu Zhuyun and leaving a deep impact on Zhu Zhuyun."
"Task reward: 500 skill points."
"Hint: Now Zhu Zhuyun is hiding in the host\'s room. At this time, she already knows that the host has other women besides Zhu Zhuqing, so she is prepared to surprise the host with a lesson."
"Want to teach me?" Xu Ran was stunned and couldn\'t help looking towards his dark room. At this moment, Zhu Zhuyun was hiding there, waiting for him.
He used his mental power to probe around again, and unexpectedly found a secret breath. This breath had the strength of a thirty-eighth level soul sovereign.
Zhu Zhuyun seems to be six or seven years older than Zhu Zhuqing, but her talent is weaker than Zhu Zhuqing. In the original book, Zhu Zhuqing had almost the same strength as her now after eating the fairy grass. But her talent is not weak, she is still very good in the whole continent. It\'s just that the fate is a bit bad.
"You dare to teach me at level thirty-eight. Hey, how can you not eat the fat delivered to the door?" Xu Ran smiled. It\'s all night now, and it\'s black and light. If something happens, it\'s okay. After all, he didn\'t look at the light in the room, and he couldn\'t see clearly, and it was normal to do something in a hurry.

At this moment, Zhu Zhuyun had just graduated from Xingluo Academy, and when he learned that his sister had been bullied by Xu Ran, he was filled with righteous indignation. Now the relationship between her and her sister has just eased, and she feels distressed when she thinks of the grievances Zhu Zhuqing suffered at home before. I thought that Zhu Zhuqing would live a happy life after marrying a peerless genius in his family, but he never thought that Xu Ran\'s genius actually had an unruly heart under his coat.
Therefore, when she learned that Xu Ran had bullied Zhu Zhuqing, she returned directly from Xingluo Academy and hid in Xu Ran\'s house, preparing to beat him unexpectedly.
Xu Ran is a peerless genius. It is said that although his cultivation is only Soul Sovereign, his strength is already much stronger than Soul Sect. That\'s why she didn\'t dare to fight Xu Ran head-on.
But now she is attacking, she doesn\'t believe Xu Ran has to escape.
"Xu Ran really is this kind of person."
"Not going home so late, I don\'t know what shameless thing to do."
Zhu Zhuyun couldn\'t help stomping his feet, and scolded.
She just came back from college, wearing a black dress, black pantyhose, and a pair of deep boots under her feet. The figure curve is extremely perfect, even if wearing a relatively loose long skirt, it still gives a strong visual impact. That kind of figure is much more plump than Zhu Zhuqing.
However, even though the body is extremely plump, but the small waist is extremely slender and can only be gripped. The slender legs tightly wrapped in black silk pantyhose have some sensuality, but they are a little more attractive than the slender legs of the girls outside.
At this time, the chill in her beautiful eyes is getting stronger and stronger. In her opinion, men who don\'t come home at night are not good people. She had heard of Xu Ran\'s family who had been practicing outside before and had only recently returned. This shows that Xu Ran does not have many friends in Xingluo City. Then why did he not come back so late?
Seeing it, Zhu Zhuyun\'s face became darker and darker as the sky got late.
Even though Xu Ran is a peerless genius, it is of great value to the Zhu family. Then she would not allow Xu Ran to behave nonsense.
Especially Xu Ran as her brother-in-law, she can\'t let Xu Ran mess around. She knows her sisters character. It seems that Gao Leng is wary of everything, but in fact she has that kind of soft and waxy character, and her ears are very soft, and Xu Ran only needs to talk about ordinary things. Will agree.
But as an older sister, she naturally has to discipline Xu Ran well.
"Crack." With the sound of footsteps, the door was pushed open. Taking advantage of the moonlight shining down the door of the room, Zhu Zhuyun instantly saw Xu Ran\'s figure.
The sudden appearance of Xu Ran caught Zhu Zhuyun off guard. UU Read www.uukanshu. When did Xu Ran come back? She didn\'t even notice it.
But at this time she didn\'t care about anything else, she directly released her martial soul, two yellow and one purple spirit rings crossed her knees, her agile posture quickly rushed towards Xu Ran, her slender palms turned into sharp cat\'s claws. , Waved fiercely towards Xu Ran.
And Xu Ran, who was prepared for a long time, was naturally unlikely to be attacked by Zhu Zhuyun.
He closed the door without saying a word, and the room became pitch black again, and only a figure could only be vaguely seen.
Xu Ran directly avoided Zhu Zhuyun\'s attack on the side of Xu Ran\'s body, and turned to the back of Zhu Zhuyun, grabbed her fragrant shoulders, hooked her legs directly on the jade legs, and locked her body tightly.
Then Xu Ran twisted it hard, and the two of them fell straight back and fell heavily on the bed not far away.
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