Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 44: New mission, cut Hu Ayin
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 44: New mission, cut Hu Ayin

"Okay, I should go now." Xu Ran patted the girl\'s fragrant shoulders in his arms, and woke up the sleeping girl.
"Will you go now?" Xiao Wu opened her sleepy eyes and said softly. She actually woke up early in the morning, but just pretended to sleep all the time. Because she knew that Xu Ran would leave once she woke up.
"Well, go early and return early." Xu Ran said, he still has a lot to do now. And he had to hurry back to Shrek Academy before Tang San and Yu Xiaogang arrived to finish these things. Because he knew that Tang San was here, and Tang Hao was coming too, at that time he had to have something to hold Tang Hao in check, otherwise the small dance would be very dangerous.
Xu Ran is fine by himself. Although he has the form of a unicorn, as long as he does not transform into a unicorn by himself, no one will experience his abnormality except for the soul beast that has transformed in the human world. The difference between him and Xiao Wu who was transformed into a one-hundred-thousand-year soul beast was still very big.
"Then you remember to come back earlier. If you don\'t come back, I will hate you." Xiao Wu said heavily, she was afraid Xu Ran would not come back once she left.
"Don\'t worry, within a month or two, I will come to you. But you, after I\'m gone, you are not allowed to dress so well. I can only let me see you in a skirt." Xu Ran He smiled slightly and said domineeringly. Naturally, his girl cannot be shown to others, but he is very selfish.
"Yeah." Xiao Wu gritted her teeth, thinking that Xu Ran\'s request seemed too shameless. They are not in a romantic relationship now, but when they thought that Xu Ran was about to leave, they didn\'t care about other things, just gently. Hmm, expressing agreement.
"Then I\'ll go first." Xu Ran smiled, kissed Xiao Wu\'s forehead heavily, and then turned around and left.
"Ding, congratulations to the host for acquiring the new mission. Go to the depths of the forest to dig out the blue silver grass seedlings transformed by the one hundred thousand year old soul beast A Yin. Note: A seed was left behind after A Yin sacrificed his sacrifice, and now it has taken root and sprouted. The ordinary blue silver grass is undoubtedly."
"Considering that this task is relatively simple, but A Yin is an important figure in Douluo Continent, and he will be rewarded with 400 skill points. In addition, the host will also receive the plant culture solution produced by the system, as well as many classics for cultivating plants. "
"As long as the host holds Ah Yin in his hand, and pours the essence liquid of plant seedling culture liquid that is rewarded by the system day and night, it can make Ah Yin grow up very quickly." The system reminded.
"Then I use this essence liquid to pour it day and night, how long will it take for Ah Yin to regain his strength, grow into a hundred thousand year soul beast and transform again?" Xu Ran couldn\'t help asking.
"About ten years," the system said. The products produced by the system must be fine products. A silver can be transformed in ten years, this kind of treasure is enough to drive all the plant systems in the world crazy. Especially if the extremely powerful plant soul beast Myriad Demon King in the Star Dou Great Forest knew that there were still such treasures in the world, he would definitely find it madly, and then please Xu Ran.
However, Xu Ran doesn\'t want to wait that long because there is not enough people\'s heart. Ten years time is too far away.
"If the host feels that it is too slow, there is an enhanced version of the plant culture medium that has now been added to the gold and diamond prize draw pools. It only takes one year to use the enhanced version of the culture medium to restore Ah Yin to 100,000. Yearly repair. The burst rate of the gold-level draw is one in ten thousand, and the burst rate of the diamond-level draw is one percent." The system lady smiled. Of course the host really wants to get these, and the burst rate will not be so low. After all, she is the host\'s brother\'s treasure system. What if the host\'s brother keeps eating Karma? How can it serve the host?
"This burst rate... I\'m afraid that I can\'t get it with tens of thousands of skill points. And if my face is dark, it will be even worse." Xu Ran couldn\'t help saying, his face turned black in an instant.
Made, don\'t care about it, go find Ah Yin and talk about it. Xu Ran couldn\'t help but said, and I\'ll talk about things in the future. Now he doesn\'t have a few skill points on his body, and it\'s useless to think too much.
"Huh. By the way, the system, how does Tang Hao feel about A Yin now?" Xu Ran asked abruptly, he found that he seemed to have found Tang Hao\'s weakness, but he was still uncertain. After all, Tang Hao had killed A Yin. Who knew what he thought about A Yin?
"Tang Hao regrets what he did back then. Even if no one knows that he designed to kill Ah Yin, his heart is very painful. These years, he was drunk and lived in regret all day, just because he wanted to do this. I numb myself and let myself forget about the death of Ah Yin. Therefore, if the host threatens him with Ah Yin, it is okay."
"Human emotions are always dynamic. Tang Hao\'s A Yin\'s love is mutilated, which makes him malicious in his heart. He plans to kill A Yin to obtain a soul bone. However, after everything, Clear Sky Sect does not dare to recognize him, Wuhun. Dian has been chasing him down, and his experience after his death has made him understand his strength. Tang Hao\'s feelings for A Yin do not even know me as a system. On the one hand, he loves A Yin and wants him very much. He could survive. On the other hand, he planted A Yin in a damp cave with only some sunlight and let A Yin fend for himself. Because now A Yin was his heart knot, he didn\'t dare to let A Yin come alive. "
"So, Tang Hao\'s feelings for A Yin have always been extremely entangled. He hates his behavior, but is unwilling to redeem it. He does not plant A Yin next to him to take care of it because he will see him. Thinking of his sins, he was entangled in He planted Ah Yin in the cave and wanted to turn Ah Yin into the blue silver grass withered, making everything he did become a thing of the past."
"A Yin has always been a nightmare in Tang Hao\'s heart. He loves, is afraid, and regrets for A Yin... countless emotions have made his heart a little distorted. However, the host can indeed use A Yin to threaten Tang Hao. "
"That\'s good, if that\'s the case, Tang Hao shouldn\'t worry about it. Titled Douluo caught the flaw is no different from the meek cat and dog." Xu Ran nodded, his expression turned cold.
As the so-called one day husband and wife hundred days of grace, what Tang Hao did can be called animal behavior.
After Ah Yin died, he deliberately planted Ah Yin in a damp cave where the sky was not visible. What does he want to do? Does he want God to decide Ah Yin\'s life and death?
Such a person is too hateful.
No matter how Xu Ran abused him, he couldn\'t make up for the damage he caused to Ah Yin.
When he dug up A Yin, he would design Tang Hao to tell the truth of the year. At that time, what would A Yin think?
Tang Hao did such an excessive thing, would Ah Yin forgive him?
Even if Tang Hao really regretted what he said at that time, A Yin would not believe it. How could Ah Yin, who had been deceived once, be easily fooled again.
"Tang Hao, Tang Hao, the dignified Haotian Douluo, who has mastered the secret method of ring explosion, has a prestigious name in the realm of Douluo Continent. But in my hands, you still can\'t make any waves."
At this time, Xu Ran already had a package plan in his mind, so that Tang Hao was clearly routine. A Yin controlled it in his hands, even if he knew it was a trap, he would probably walk in directly.
Tang Hao owes A Yin a life, and Xu Ran will also get back this life for A Yin.
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