Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 22: Tang 3 is crazy and wants to kill Xu Ran
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 22: Tang 3 is crazy and wants to kill Xu Ran

Tang San\'s heart was extremely hated. Why, he will end this way.
What a shame to be cuckold?
But if he doesn\'t wear it, Xiao Wu will break with him.
And if I put it on, I was hit by Xu Ran\'s tricks, and let Xu Ran watch his jokes.
There is some resentment in his heart, he does not hate Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu is also a victim of being deceived by Xu Ran. He only hates Xu Ran. This despicable and shameless person wants to take Xiao Wu and cuckold him.
He and Xiao Wu have reached this point. Although he doesn\'t know what happened, he can also know that Xu Ran is a despicable person who directed it.
"Tang San, don\'t show a bitter face all the time, just smile. This hat is green and contains rich power of destiny. The greener, the stronger the power of destiny." Xu Ran said, walking to Tang San In front of him, he patted Tang San on the shoulder. He didn\'t understand, did he bully Tang San, why did Tang San look so ugly?
"If you want to live a good life, you must have a little green on the top of your head. Treasures that contain such a rich power of destiny are not something ordinary people can get. This hat can also help you avoid disasters and refuge in the future." Xu Ran continued. If the Hat of Destiny was put on Tang San\'s head, his mission would be complete.
At that time, he could get 500 skill points.
Of course the most important thing is that Tang San is green. Once this hat of destiny was worn on Tang San\'s head, it could no longer be taken off. The Hat of Destiny is made of a special energy produced by the system, and it is difficult to destroy it by external forces.
"Xu Ran, you are so mean, the humiliation you brought me today, I will come back bit by bit one day." Tang San\'s face was pale, looking at the hat in Xiao Wu\'s hand that was getting closer and closer to him. , Felt a hint of panic.
Suddenly, he was a little scared. He always felt that this green hat was not that simple.
And Xiao Wu was also a little nervous at this time, she held her breath. She hoped that the Hat of Destiny did not shine, and everything before Tang San was just a coincidence. Then she and Tang San will reconcile as before, and everything today will be directly forgotten by her.
The surrounding atmosphere fell into a strange silence.
Xiao Wu took a deep breath, holding the hat of destiny, and buckled it directly on Tang San\'s head.
There seemed to be a snapping sound in the dark, and at the same time Tang San\'s head burst into an extremely strong green light.
The green light is extremely strong. Even though it is still daylight, the green light still covers the area around this area.
"It\'s so green."
"It\'s still glowing."
Looking at the turbulent green light, Tang San shuddered directly. He had never seen something so green. What does this green hat stand for? What did Xu Ran say to Xiao Wu?
He is now wearing a green hat, Xiao Wu should always believe him.
Tang San took a deep breath, as long as the misunderstanding between him and Xiao Wu can be resolved, what if he is humiliated? For Xiao Wu, he was willing to bear everything.
"Xiao Wu, the hat of destiny is already on my head, now you should believe me." Tang San looked at Xiao Wu with a green light on his head. At this moment, he still didn\'t understand what the green light represented in Xiao Wu\'s heart.
"It shines."
"The Hat of Destiny shines."
Xiaowu murmured, her face turned pale, her body trembled slightly, she couldn\'t help but step back because she was too excited. Even if she knew the answer early in the morning, she couldn\'t help being heartbroken when she really saw this scene.
She really didn\'t expect that Tang San really wanted to harm her.
For six years, he was hiding, preparing to obtain her spirit ring and spirit bone. I have to say that Tang San was hiding very well, even she didn\'t even notice it. If Rui Beast hadn\'t appeared, wake her up, I\'m afraid she would still follow Tang San stupidly now. In the future, he looked like his father Tang Hao and took away her spirit ring and spirit bone, she didn\'t know that Tang San killed her behind the scenes.
If it\'s like sister A Yin, it\'s unclear whether it\'s dead. I don\'t even know that it was the person I loved that hurt myself. What a sad thing that would be?
"Tang San, there will be no relationship between us in the future. You follow your sunny road, and I cross my single-plank bridge..." Xiao Wu\'s voice seemed to have no emotion, she closed her eyes slightly, and two rows of crystal clear tears flowed down. Cheeks run down.
She only thinks Tang San is a bit ridiculous now. He clearly knows what the Hat of Destiny represents, and even after being exposed, he is still pretending.
Tang San can really act.
But also, if her acting skills are not good, how can she be deceived by UU reading these years?
"Xiao Wu, haven\'t I put this hat of destiny on my head? What\'s wrong with you?" Tang San yelled at Xiao Wu harder when she heard Xiao Wu\'s more unfeeling words.
His mentality collapsed.
He really collapsed.
Xiao Wu made him cuckold and he also wore it. He originally thought that as long as he followed Xiao Wu\'s will, Xiao Wu would not be angry. But why is Xiao Wu even more unfeeling now?
What does this green hat represent?
"What\'s wrong with me? Six years, you lied to me for six years. You said me, what\'s wrong? Tang San, do you want to continue acting?" Xiao Wu said angrily, her voice cold and merciless. She had never seen someone like Tang San before, and stayed by her side like her brother for six years. What does he think of her? Like those domestic animals that are kept in captivity? When he was strong enough to carry the 100,000-year spirit ring, would he kill her?
"Xiao Wu, I don\'t have..."
"Xu Ran, despicable and shameless, you have something you are coming at me. What did you say to Xiao Wu? Did you fill her with ecstasy soup?" Tang San yelled frantically, bloodshot in his eyes. He rushed in the direction of Xu Ran frantically and directly released the martial soul, and the thick vines of Blue Silver Grass attacked Xu Ran\'s neck.
Xiao Wu\'s unfeeling performance towards him completely made him sensible.
There was an extremely intense colic in his heart.
He now understands that if he wants that well-behaved and beautiful Xiao Wu to return to his side, he has to kill Xu Ran first. Xu Ran has been bewitching Xiao Wu, with him, no matter how good he behaves, Xiao Wu won\'t believe him.
Killing intent, the crazy killing intent made Tang San even forget to use his spirit abilities, but he rushed towards Xu Ran with the way between men.