Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Chapter 10: Except Xu Ran, there is nothing else
Capture the Goddess From Douluo
Author :Mumu
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Chapter 10: Except Xu Ran, there is nothing else

Zhu Ping, the head of the Zhu family, and the three elders came to the hall early, and today they are a little absent-minded. The family meeting was a major event, but they have no intention of paying attention to it now.
The Zhu Family does not lack the Soul Emperor, Soul Sage, only people like Xu Ran who have the opportunity to break through Title Douluo can attract their attention.
Today\'s family meeting, only Xu Ran deserves their attention.
Twelve-year-old and thirty-first-level soul sovereign, such a genius has not appeared in the Star Luo Empire for hundreds of years.
Now a genius of this level has appeared in their Zhu\'s family, and this is God\'s sheltering Zhu\'s family.
Zhu Zhuqing is also in the main hall at this time. She is wearing a black dress with gold patterns, outlines a full body curve, and her legs are slender, standing there like a crowd of chickens.
The eyes of countless people in the hall looked at her, they couldn\'t help being a little surprised, and a little helpless and sigh.
Zhu Zhuqing\'s talent is the best in Zhu\'s family, better than the talent of Miss Zhu Zhuyun. But her fiance is a trash, a coward, and this has already doomed her end.
Since ancient times, confidantes have been so lifeless. If nothing happens, Zhu Zhuqing will die in the next ten years.
The eyes of these people were directly ignored by Zhu Zhuqing. She has become accustomed to the eyes of others looking at her for so many years. She never cared about the opinions of others, she just lived for herself. She doesn\'t care what other people think of her.
Her beautiful eyes kept looking around, looking for Xu Ran\'s figure. After a long time, Zhu Zhuqing was a little disappointed. She hadn\'t seen Xu Ran again since that night. Xu Ran seemed to have evaporated from the world. He is not even seen at the family meeting now.
Is Xu Ran disappointed in her? But as the two of them, how could it be possible to be together? What if she is interested in him? Do they still have the ability to resist the royal family?
She didn\'t want to hurt Xu Ran, but when Xu Ran left, she still felt a little heartache. Is Xu Ran leaving now? Will you come back in the future? She felt a little uneasy. Although she and Xu Ran have only seen a few faces, it is undeniable that Xu Ran has left a mark in her heart.
"Zhuqing, I\'m late." Xu Ran walked into the hall and found Zhu Zhuqing. Today\'s Zhu Zhuqing is obviously beautiful, wearing a long skirt, showing a small piece of white legs, so that countless people can\'t help but look at her secretly.
Today is the day of the family meeting. He must make Patriarch Zhu Pride destroy the marriage contract between Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai. At that time he had the opportunity to make that request. With his talent, maybe Zhu Pride will betroth Zhuqing to him.
"Xu Ran, you are finally here. I thought you weren\'t coming to attend the family meeting today." Zhu Zhuqing suddenly raised her head. When she heard Xu Ran\'s voice again, she felt uncontrollable joy in her heart. She looked at Xu Ran\'s face and let out a long sigh of relief. It was obvious that she had been thinking a lot before. Xu Ran is so good, how could he be angry with her.
"Your clothes, I have washed them." Zhu Zhuqing came to Xu Ran and handed Xu Ran the clothes he was holding in his arms.
"Thank you, bamboo is so good, so capable, whoever marries home in the future will be blessed." Xu Ran put the clothes in his hands and said with a smile. Zhuqing is so capable, if she is with Zhuqing in the future, will she become more capable?
He couldn\'t help but look forward to it. Zhu Qing is the kind of girl who likes to give silently behind her back, a kind wife and a good mother.
"No nonsense." Zhu Zhuqing blushed pretty and couldn\'t help but punch Xu Ran, but it didn\'t hurt, it looked like a little girl was acting like a baby. The side that Zhu Zhuqing showed suddenly surprised everyone present.
"Who is this person? Why are you walking so close to the second lady?"
"And the second lady just held his clothes in her hand, what\'s the matter? Is it?"
Countless disciples couldnt help but have a bold guess, return the clothes? Could it be that Xu Ran and Zhu Zhuqing have done it? Otherwise, do I need any clothes?
Countless people began to think about it.
At the same time, they are still a bit dissatisfied. Who is Xu Ran? They have never heard of this name. Why can he be so close to Zhu Zhuqing. And Zhu Zhuqing seems to have some good feelings for him.
"I\'m giving a Zhu order, a 28th-level soul master, come to ask for advice." A young man in a black costume walked straight to Xu Ran, his tone full of disdain. Even if he could not chase Zhu Zhuqing, he could not allow her to be chased by other men. A woman like Zhu Zhuqing is all over her country and her talent is so good. What is Xu Ran?
Zhu Ling\'s voice attracted the attention of the people present, and Zhu Pride and the three elders also projected their gazes, watching this scene with great interest. They are also very curious about Xu Ran\'s strength.
Twelve-year-old Soul Venerable, his cultivation speed is very fast. But what about strength?
Cultivation level and strength cannot be equated.
"It\'s you? I\'m afraid it\'s not enough." Xu Ran said lightly. I was afraid that I would dare not go soaking up a girl, and others would be jealous when they chase him. Such a person is too shameless.
"Huh, arrogant. If you lose, stay away from Miss Zhuqing." Zhu Ling said, directly releasing Wuhun, the ghost cat. The twenty-eighth level of spirit power fluctuations were revealed, causing many disciples in the hall to nod their heads. After all, they are all young people here. Zhu Ling is only sixteen years old. It is quite satisfactory to have this strength.
Zhu Ling released Wuhun, but Xu Ran still stood motionless, still looking calm and calm.
Such an action directly angered Zhu Ling. He saw a trace of contempt and disregard in Xu Ran\'s eyes, and his heart was immediately very angry.
A collateral child dare to ignore him?
The Zhu family\'s children around them laughed directly when they saw Xu Ran\'s behavior.
What kind of cultivation is Zhu Ling? Xu Ran still dare to pretend? Even if Wuhun is not released, Xu Ran will not be Zhu Ling\'s opponent no matter how strong.
"Xu Ran just wanted to pretend to be in front of the second lady."
"He doesn\'t even look at what Zhu Ling\'s cultivation base is. The 28th-level cultivation base is considered very strong among the younger generation of Zhu\'s family."
"If Xu Ran can beat Zhu Ling, I will chop the **** on the spot."
Many disciples talked about it, and there was even a big one who gave out cruel words. However, the group of people who had seen Xu Ran\'s strength in the square before did not speak, and watched the good show with great interest.
Hearing many comments, Zhu Ling immediately burst into confidence, and sneered towards Xu Ran. He released his second spirit ability in an instant, ready to let Xu Ran know how strong the disciple of the main line is. The collateral disciple doesn\'t even possess the family martial arts soul, so he dare to make the second lady? The courage is really not small.
In his opinion, if he can defeat Xu Ran, he might be able to attract Zhu Zhuqing. Although he dare not get involved with Zhu Zhuqing, it is also a bragging capital to have such a beautiful woman who likes himself.
But soon, his illusion was directly shattered.
A huge roar sounded. Before Zhu Ling could get close to Xu Ran\'s body, he flew upside down and fell a few meters away.
And Xu Ran didn\'t even release Wuhun.
Xu Ran has only two movements, drawing and closing the sword.
The two movements are clean and neat, completed in one second, without any muddle.
In this scene, UU reading made the disciples present directly dumbfounded. Even Patriarch Zhu Pride, the three elders looked in a trance, looking at Xu Ran in surprise.
A 28th-level great soul master still lost in seconds without Xu Ran releasing his martial soul.
Is this serious?
Zhu Ling was lying on the ground and curling up in pain. He couldn\'t help feeling a little surprised. He didn\'t expect Xu Ran to be so strong. The power of that sword was too terrifying, not to mention him, all the people below the soul sovereign in the hall would definitely not be able to hold it. How strong should Xu Ran be? Soul Sect? Otherwise, how could it be so strong without a Martial Spirit?
"Will you accept it?" Xu Ran looked at Zhu Ling and said lightly. This was also his first actual combat, and the martial soul bestowed on him by the system was obviously truly invincible. He had a hunch that even though he was just the soul sovereign, even the soul king could barely fight with all his energies.
"Take it, take it. Really take it, brother," Zhu Ling nodded frantically, shivering as he looked at the dark sword in Xu Ran\'s hand. If Xu Ran released the martial soul, he was afraid that he would be split in half with a sword just now.
The other disciples around saw this scene, as if they also shuddered, and once again looked at Xu Ran with a trace of respect in their eyes. In this world, the strong can gain respect and everything.
"Xu Ran is so strong, much stronger than I thought."
Zhu Zhuqing couldn\'t help but said in surprise, a smile appeared on the cold and pretty face.
Xu Ran\'s strength is much stronger than she imagined. With this move, Xu Ran\'s true strength can at least match the Soul Sect. Xu Ran is still so young now, such a teenager should be regarded as the top genius in the mainland.
Xu Ran\'s future will be limitless, and he even has a chance to become a Title Douluo.