Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1140: : Artifact: White Tiger Tooth, Thunder Wasteland
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1140: : Artifact: White Tiger Tooth, Thunder Wasteland

In the face of Leihu\'s sincere advice, everyone was on the same boat, every one was damaged, every one was prosperous, and Qin Luosheng would naturally not conceal anything.

"It is the Hate Demon King, one of the three demon kings of the Demon Race, that disturbs the Azure Dragon City and even the endless glacier."

Using heavy medicines for serious illnesses and heavy codes in troubled times, Qin Luosheng was not afraid that Leihu would not accept it, and threw a blockbuster when he opened his mouth.

"That guy, with the help of the Demon Race\'s secret method to send him the scroll of the first generation Demon King, the entire endless glacier was sealed up."

"What?" Lei Hu\'s eyes widened sharply, and he roared out in disbelief, "That group of devil cubs, how dare to go to the land of the Azure Dragon Holy God?"

act wildly?

Everyone **** and pee on your head, so being wild is a hammer?


This thing does reveal weirdness.

How many sacred beasts exist, even if they are only clones, it is definitely not the demon daring to provoke them, but they are gone!

What does this mean?

It means they must know what information!


All this is a coincidence.

An abnormal change occurred on the four sacred beasts on the front foot. The energy of the clone was recovered to resist the enemy, and the back foot demon clan began to act. Not to mention the four sacred beasts, but they also had the courage to set foot on the four sages. Beasts territory, and dare to make trouble.

It seems.

The demons are not as simple as imagined, the water inside is very deep!

"Today, the Hate Demon King is dead, but the terrifying power has not dissipated, and it is still changing the endless glacier subtly. Even if the Azure Dragon Holy God tries his best to maintain it, it can only delay the rhythm!"

Qin Luosheng looked at the dull Thunder Tiger, and then gave him a strong medicine, "Moreover, the Azure Dragon Holy God has said that in three months, the endless glacier will begin to melt. At that time,..."

What will happen then?

Qin Luosheng did not finish!

But as the lord of White Tiger City, Leihu had a lot of knowledge, and how could he not know what Qin Luosheng\'s words were behind!

Endless Glacier, which was born from the Destiny Continent, has always been a place of boundless ice. No one knows how many icebergs there are in it.

But everyone knows what it means once the ice of the endless glacier starts to melt!

It means that it is not known how much flowing water will enter the ocean, which will cause the ocean\'s horizontal line to rise, flood the coastal land, and even trigger a large tsunami, leading to chain reactions and continuous natural disasters.

At that time.

Not only is the soil for the survival of the tens of thousands of people becoming less, but there will also be countless diseases, disasters, hunger, ... all kinds of crises, one after another.

"Damn bastards, it\'s so poisonous!"

Thunder Tiger immediately flew into a thunder, and finally stabilized his mentality and exploded again.

As the lord of a city, and also the White Tiger City dedicated to the holy beast, the White Tiger, Leihu knows far more things than ordinary officials.

Originally, the Destiny Continent was not monolithic, all races and souls had their own plans, and each had its own ethnic interests.

If the demons make a comeback and there is this dead race crisis, then everyone may be able to unite together to fend off foreign enemies.

But if the endless glaciers collapsed and melted before the demon clan went to war, it would lead to continuous natural disasters in the fate of the continent and less land.


In order to survive, for the continuation of the race, civil strife will inevitably occur, not only within the race, but also between the major races.

At the beginning, you may be able to restrain one or two, but once the time is long and the friction becomes increasingly fierce, then race wars are inevitable.

Such internal friction damages the vitality of the Destiny Continent. When the time comes, when the demons attack, what else will they use to resist?


If the internal friction is too severe, the Destiny Continents where the Demon Race can be bloodless will not cost a single soldier.

"Since the imperial commissioner can receive the Azure Dragon Seal from the Azure Dragon Holy God and is trusted by His Majesty, there must be something extraordinary!"

Thunder Tiger is also a human spirit, and he immediately knew the key point. He solemnly bowed to Qin Luosheng, bowed ninety degrees with the highest standard, and said sincerely: "Even the three major demon kings of the demon clan were killed by adults. With the help of the hand, to solve the endless danger of the glacier, I can only rely on the adults in White Tiger City!"

"City Lord Thunder Tiger, don\'t do that!"

People respect me one foot, and I pay one foot back.

As the lord of a city, Thunder Tiger can give such a big gift, naturally, Qin Luosheng will not be so stupid that he is really aloof, invincible, and face is given to each other, so that it can last long and be happy.

Quickly supporting the Thunder Tiger, Qin Luosheng said: "I am here to be entrusted by your majesty to solve the predicament of White Tiger City. However, if the crisis is to be completely resolved, the Azure Dragon Holy God once said that the power of the four sacred beasts must be gathered. Have a chance!"

Thunder Tiger understood in seconds, and said: "If there is a dispatch, you will die!"

"Lei City Lord doesn\'t have to be like this." Qin Luosheng said: "It\'s just that if you want to solve the dilemma, you must first find the White Tiger Holy God!"


Qin Luosheng escaped from his backpack with a piece of white jade pendant, it was the white tiger jade pendant, and it was also his greatest token!


Seeing this jade pendant containing a trace of white tiger power, Thunder Tiger completely relieved his heart, truly 100% believe that Qin Luosheng was an emissary sent by the emperor.

As the lord of White Tiger City, Thunder Tiger naturally knew that the royal family was a token of the Four Sacred Beasts from the beginning of the founding of the country.

Since it was commissioned by the emperor, who came here specifically to solve the four sacred beasts, then without this token, it would be impossible to completely believe in the identity gold medal bestowed by the emperor.

"Lord, please see!"

After confirming his identity, Thunder Tiger no longer hid it, stretched out his hand, and a beast tooth that exuded terrifying power appeared in Thunder Tiger\'s hands.

"This is the divine tool formed by the white tiger sacred **** who used his own tiger tooth as the base and merged with the power of the white tiger, and gave me the white tiger city as the treasure of the town!"

Leihu held the white tiger teeth in his hand and said, "It\'s a pity, I don\'t know why. When the white tiger city changed a few years ago, I used the white tiger teeth as a medium, but I couldn\'t contact the white tiger holy god. I don\'t understand, now I know, it turns out that everything is caused by the monsters!"

Is this Baihu\'s artifact?

Looking at Bai Huya, Qin Luosheng\'s eyes opened up.


This thing is the same as it was taken back from the ice soul silver snow python, it has been banned, and before it was recognized by the white tiger, it was an ordinary animal tooth!

"I wonder if the Lord of the City can know the traces of the White Tiger Holy God?"

Qin Luosheng moved his gaze away from the white tiger\'s teeth, looked at Thunder Tiger, and asked: "Only by finding the White Tiger Holy God and telling the situation, can the artifact be unblocked and at the same time, save the White Tiger City!"

"The White Tiger Holy God is in the depths of the Thunderstorm Wasteland!" Leihu took out a map, spread it out, and pointed to somewhere on it, saying: "The Thunderstorm Wasteland is not as vast as the endless glacier, but the crisis in it is nothing compared to it. The endless glacier is small. In it, thunders keep falling throughout the year, especially in the depths, so when you get closer to the White Tiger Holy Spirit, the thunders will become denser. Not to mention that a big living person, even an ant, will inevitably be caught by the endless thunder. It\'s hard to get in."