Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1135: : The boiling world, the ghost face of evolution
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1135: : The boiling world, the ghost face of evolution

"Ding, congratulations on successfully killing level 79 mythical BOSS, gain experience: 2 billion, prestige: 500W points!"

The long-lost system prompt finally rang.

Qin Luosheng suddenly let out a long sigh of relief.

Hate the devil, this time is really dead.

It seemed that the battle lasted only a few minutes, but in fact it was wise and courageous, and it was quite laborious, and because the enemy faced was really too strong, it had to use various taboo secret methods, which was very costly.

If the hatred of the Demon King is not dead, then even if the boosting skills are not over, Qin Luo Shengrao still has the strength to continue fighting, and will be powerless because his mental and physical strength is on the verge of his limit, and he will lose!

"Ding, congratulations on your successful killing of the mythical boss: Hate the Devil. Since you are the first to kill the mythical boss alone, the system will make an announcement. Will you reveal your ID?"

Finally, is it here?

Qin Luosheng swept away his malaise, regained his spirits, and hurriedly issued instructions to the system:

"Reveal! Reveal!"

"Ding, Huaxia War Zone player "Cry Soul" kills the 79th-level mythical BOSS hate the devil for the first time. As the first player to kill the mythical-level BOSS alone, he will get rewards: special items*1, random skill book of this profession*2, random Scroll*2, 100,000 prestige points! Hereby announce!"



Here comes, here comes, it comes!

Qin Luosheng waited for something that didn\'t know how long, it finally came!

Qin Luosheng can\'t remember the time to kill the legendary BOSS.

Previously, he swept the BOSS continuously, won the first kill, got crazy rewards, crazy Shanghai World TV, and constantly brought glory to the Huaxia Theater, establishing his reputation as "Cry Soul"!


Since the legendary BOSS got the first kill, it has been stagnant.

In addition to the strength factor, it is really not enough to deal with the mythical BOSS, and more, that is that the mythical BOSS simply can\'t meet it!

The half-step myth that is closest to the myth has only encountered one or two, and it was only when it broke out when it was desperate to reach the realm.

Only when you have reached the level of mythology, and not forcibly ascending, can this be in line with the law of first kill. Therefore, not to mention the half-step myth of forcibly upgrading, even if it is the myth of forcibly ascending to the mythology, there is no reward for the first kill if you kill!

I thought that it might take four turns at level 80 before you can see the shadow of the "myth" on the big secret maps or the final BOSS of the abyss dungeon!

Never thought about it.

An inexplicable sss task, in the realm of the four sacred beasts, Qinglong, encountered the Hate Devil who made trouble, and finally got what he wanted!

"Ding, system-wide announcement, system-wide announcement, because the Huaxia War Zone players slay the mythical BOSS independently, because it is the first mythical level BOSS in the Destiny World, the Huaxia War Zone honor value +1000, and the blessing: experience value + 20%, equipment coin explosion rate +10%, deputy success rate, chance of encountering pets, etc. +5%, and the number of entries in all official dungeons +2! Duration: one day!"



One stone stirred up a thousand waves!

When the many players who were still cursing or marveling, it is incredible that the mythical BOSS was born and was also slaughtered by the crying soul single player, suddenly, the system followed a worldwide announcement, which completely exploded the entire world. NS.

This is the BUFF of the whole theater!

Affect the entire Huaxia Theater!

Originally, the Huaxia Theater had the most players, and due to the previous heroic performance of Soul Cry, there had been similar BUFFs, and the strength was indeed a little bit higher than that of other theaters.


Do it again.

This is maddening!


The BUFF reward this time is more terrifying than ever!

Lets leave aside experience and burst rate. Deputy positions and pets are too abnormal. With this BUFF, the Huaxia Theater will be able to obtain more medicines, more weapons, etc., and more. War pet.

When all, no, it should be said that the strength of most players has improved, which corresponds to the improvement of the entire Huaxia Theater.

This is not a good thing for other war zones, or to put it bluntly, it\'s terrible!

Not only that.

Each player also has two more copies, and each copy has two more times.

Originally, the official dungeon was limited to three times a day for each dungeon. It doesnt matter whether you enter the dungeon for experience, coins, equipment, props, materials, etc. It doesnt matter, anyway, only three times.

But now, three times have become five times!

Two more times, it will have to allow Huaxia players to gain more materials, equipment, experience,...


In a word.

One of Qin Luosheng\'s so-called, beheading the legacy of the BOSS, so that the strength of the Huaxia Theater is greatly increased, not one person, one team, one group, but radiating the entire China, radiating all Chinese players!

"Bageya Road!"



"Wash Smecta!"



There have been endless curses from various countries on the World Forum, especially the connection department of Destiny Group, which once again recalled the moment of fear of being dominated by players all over the world because of the "cry soul cheating" incident!

Foreigners insulted, Huaxia people naturally refused to accept and fight back!


It is another world war of curses, which unfolds!

The whole world is noisy, but Qin Luosheng, who caused all this, didn\'t know it at all, and he didn\'t need to ask any questions.

Now in the endless glacier, this place has been banned by the demon\'s Forbidden Scroll Weili, and even the space skills can\'t get in, let alone communication.


Qin Luosheng was not bombed by his friends, so it is rare to be clean!

Do not.

He can\'t be clean at the moment.


As the true spirit that hated the devil was cut off, the power of darkness took the two halves of the soul wrapped into it and became the spirit body of Dabu, which was swallowed by the crazy whale of the ghost face.

"Ding, congratulations on your equipment [Ghost Face] devouring the origin of the Hate Devil, evolving, and turning on the skill-Hate!"


Don\'t underestimate this sentence, Qin Luosheng knows the energy contained in this short sentence!

Back then.

It is the origin of the greedy demon that has swallowed the ghost face from an ordinary legendary mask to a terrible existence that even demon heads such as hate the devil can dominate, and become a real ghost face!

[Ghost face (fusion energy: greed, hatred)]

Type: Mask

Grade: Legend

Demand: None

Effect: Four basic attributes +1000, luck +15, toughness +30, concentration +30

Special effects: Ghost FaceGhost face, sly face, wearing ghost face, can freely transform self-information and hide oneself!

Incidental skills: [Ghost Face Doppelganger] consumes nothing, and can generate a Doppelganger created by you, with independent information and identity, controllable, and commandable! Duration: Unlimited (500 mana points are consumed per second, and the clone cannot leave the body 100 kilometers away), cooling time: one day!

Incidental skills: [Ghost Slavery] consumes nothing, differentiates a grimace mask, puts it on the target\'s face, can control it, for your use, duration: 5 minutes, cooling time: 10 hours!

Incidental skills: [Greedy] consumes nothing, which can infinitely amplify the greed and desire in the target\'s heart! Each target can only be used once!

Incidental skills: [Greedy] consumes nothing, can infinitely amplify the hatred desire in the target\'s heart! Each target can only be used once!

Introduction: Ghost face is said to be based on human emotions, such as happiness, anger, sadness, happiness, greed, hatred, ignorance, resentment, love and separation, and impossibility. Seal it on the mask and absorb countless emotions. , Gradually became evil and reduced to a mask of ghost, because it contains all the emotions of human beings. Wearing it, even if it is unknown, you can get other spiritual powers. You can also disguise as much as you want.