Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1133: : Kill the devil, break the sky with one blow
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1133: : Kill the devil, break the sky with one blow

"why why why!"

Once again reduced to a bereavement dog, the fleeing hatred of the Demon Kings eyes were filled with blood, and his mind could not help but rang in his mind for so many years. From the beginning of the war between humans and demons, the demons were defeated and returned to the Demon Realm. , A day like a mouse in the gutter.

Originally thought that the demons were about to make a comeback, this time even the scrolls imprinted by the power of the original demon kings comparable to gods were taken out. The battle between humans and demons is bound to be stable, and it can wash away the shame of failure ten thousand years ago.

For the great cause of the Demon Clan, for the many people of the Demon Realm, and to avenge his **** humiliation for thousands of years, he did not hesitate to deplete his source, hesitate his vitality, and was willing to drop in strength. The eyelids are lowered to make trouble.

I sacrificed myself and activated the forbidden scroll, which records the scroll that is far from the forbidden force that should exist in the human world!

Everything is as expected.

The endless glacier has changed!

The Azure Dragon was trapped in the core of the glacier and could not go out. He could only watch the endless glacier deteriorating, slowly under the influence of the forbidden force, gradually bringing the entire continent of Destiny on the path of destruction!

He hates the demon king and has accomplished his merits!

He was seriously injured and fell into a deep sleep. When he thought he was revived again, he saw that the Demon Race fulfilled his long-cherished wish and successfully occupied the Destiny Continent, and celebrated everywhere.


The cruel reality left him at a loss!

"Son of a bitch!"

Feeling the aura of chasing behind him, Hate Demon King turned his head, and happened to see the Xuanyuan Jianqi that hit him, so scared that he was frightened, and quickly dodged.

This is the man!

It was him who broke his own dreams and destroyed the seamless plan of the Demon Race!

Damn bastard!

Before today, the Hatred Demon King would never have imagined that a young human from the younger generation would have such terrifying strength and strange abilities that could force him to this point.

But now, he will not doubt it.

This is not an illusion, nor a nightmare!


After working together for countless years, how could the hatred of the Demon King fail to notice that the breath of the Dread Demon, who is also the Three Demon Kings, was on this guy who he regarded as an ant.

How can this be an illusion?


This guy used a trick just now, and he is also very familiar with that trick!

It is precisely the original power of the Greedy Demon among the Seven Demon Envoys under their three major demon kings!

Even the Greedy Demon and the Dread Demon were planted in the hands of this young man, and he was almost exhausted and hated the Demon Lord. I was really scared!

If he doesn\'t run again, he will certainly follow in the footsteps of two colleagues who are one step ahead of him today!

"Extreme Healing Technique!"

With the blessing of Xuanyuan Sword and Holy Flame, Qin Luosheng has an attack distance of more than 20 meters. With the increase of various speed skills, he unfolds Yinglongs wings and is not resisted by the wind. How can he be able to hate the demon king who is not good at speed. Escape.


This guy wants to run and avoids the battle completely. Most of the time is used for chasing, even if he can attack, but the attack frequency drops sharply. It\'s really difficult!


In addition to the sword qi slashes of Xuanyuan sword qi fusion with the sacred flame, Qin Luosheng also restrained the extreme healing technique to hit damage, but he was not particularly anxious.

after all.

The Hate Demon Kings life value was only 40 million when the war started. Now, it is infinitely close to 10 million. Another sword and two swords, waiting for the next Extreme Healing CD to be cleared, is enough to kill it!

"The Array of Sleepy Gods!"

Even though the Hate Demon King was frightened, he was not completely irrational. Knowing that he was about to step into the abyss and death was approaching, he gathered the last energy to form a trapped formation and wanted to lock Qin Luosheng.

What are you doing after locking up?

Kill the enemy?


Of course it\'s off!

Where there is life, there is hope!

Qin Luosheng\'s weird and endless abilities, together with the help of the Azure Dragon, holding the Xuanyuan Divine Sword, completely scared the Hate Demon King and did not dare to fight him!

Even though, Qin Luosheng\'s infinite immunity to hate the demon king\'s various tricks attacks, it is only the ice ring barrier is working, and the time limit is extremely limited, only thirty seconds, it is not something special incomprehensible!


I dont know the Hate Devil!

He only knew that Qin Luosheng killed him twice, holding the Qinglong Seal and Xuanyuan Sword, even with the help of external forces, he could instantly soar from a group of ants to the same level as him.

This Nima freak, won\'t you wait to get slaughtered?

Anyway, I slipped away!

Go to your demon clan, life is gone, what demon clans great cause, what demon worlds people, what demon kings throne,...what\'s the point?

"Shadow Escape!"

The formation of the trapped formation, the Hate Demon King didn\'t even look at it, and went straight away. Qin Luosheng first cut with a sword and then teleported, unable to penetrate the dark cage, and suddenly became a little anxious.

If the Hate Demon is really allowed to escape, the mission will fail and the mission will not be said. If the tiger returns to the mountain and the enemy hides in the dark, it would be very bad.

"Since you can\'t get out of trouble, use brute force to get rid of it!"

Qin Luosheng gripped Xuanyuan Sword tightly and activated the power of this divine sword, which is known as the strongest strength!

"The light of the brave, add skills-the sky-splitting blow!"

"The increase is successful, and the effect of Sky Splitting is doubled!"


The power of the holy way was activated, and Qin Luosheng suddenly took off on the spot, slashed heavily, and swung forward.

The golden sword aura burst out from Xuanyuan Sword in an instant.

The extremely solid dark cage, under the blow of the sky, was easily cut open like tofu, and, with the sword vigor unabated, it galloped towards the Hateful Demon King who had escaped a hundred meters away. .


Known as a blow that is enough to cut the sky, especially the special effect added with the light of courage, the effect is doubled, originally only 5000% intensity damage, now it is 10000% intensity!

Don\'t say that the hatred of the devil at this moment, even if he had the power of a demigod at his peak before, he had to die on the spot if he was hit by this sword!

It turns out.

indeed so.


The nearly 200 million horrible damage not only instantly emptied the life value of the hatred demon king, but also blasted his extremely hard demon body through, and was shocked by the violent Xuanyuan sword energy that contained the power of the holy way. The corpse, not even a little bit of meat left behind, the ashes are all raised!

"Ah... my body, **** human kid!"

There was no system alert sounded again, which means that Ming Hate Demon King hadn\'t died yet. Sure enough, in the next second, Qin Luosheng heard the roar of the Hate Demon King so angry that his face suddenly became extremely ugly. !