Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1132: : Ice Ring Enchantment, Desperate Hate Demon King
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1132: : Ice Ring Enchantment, Desperate Hate Demon King

"Ding, the Heart of Courage effect time is over!"

"Ding, the Sirius effect time is over!"

"Ding, the leopard burst effect time is over!"

"Ding, the idol effect time is over!"

"Ding, the popular effect time is over!"


"Ding, the Star God\'s forbidden effect is over!"

Qin Luosheng\'s ears continued to explode in a series of system prompts.


Qin Luosheng didn\'t have time to bother at all!


"Hahahahaha, is it finally over?"

The Hate Demon King felt Qin Luosheng\'s fading breath, and felt the mysterious energy of the heavily restrained person. The mysterious energy that made him unable to use the spells dissipated. After regaining control of the power, the whole person swelled.

"Little devil, this king said, the power of foreign objects is just the power of foreign objects, not yours, and it is not yours after all. Now, you who have been beaten back to their original form, the clown, do you have any last words? It\'s up to you to please For the sake of this king, this king specially gives you time and allows you to say your last words!"

Qin Luosheng:...

"Don\'t be too happy, hate the devil!"

Qin Luosheng\'s arrogant appearance made Qin Luosheng very upset, "Do you really think that it will take me down?"


Without the star **** forbidden energy, the hatred demon that can activate the energy is very scary, plus a one-minute booster skills, such as Sirius, Leopard sudden, etc., the effect time is over.

One goes down and the other goes up.

Just like in the hand-to-hand combat, using the tri-color light to amplify the Xuanyuan sword and weaken the hatred magic sword of the hatred demon king.

Really is the reincarnation of God!


The booster skills such as Sirius are gone, but the booster skills such as Dragon Blood Burning, Immortal Fighting Intent, and Holy Flame are not over yet!


The hatred demon king is no longer the hatred demon king just now. After he was killed by Qin Luosheng, the power of the demigod from the sacrifice dissipated, and he was beaten back to his original form at this moment!

It\'s just a mythical level, and it seems that it hasn\'t recovered to its peak. At the beginning of the strength comparison, there was a slight decline. It should be because of the two consecutive resurrection that further hurt the origin!

"I haven\'t lost yet, I still have the power to fight!"

Most of the augmentation skills are still there, and there is the existence of greater augmentation strength, and there is the dark nemesis of Xuanyuan Sword, how can you hate the demon king as a mythical BOSS, completely fearless!

"Ice Ring Enchantment!"

Since he was going to die, Qin Luosheng bet everything within these 30 seconds!

The effect of the ice ring enchantment is-when it is attacked within X meters (X is the number of job transfers * 10), the enchantment is activated, and the single attack damage does not exceed X points (X is its own health), it is completely immune harm!

This is a heavy effect!

It is also the effect that Qin Luosheng is about to exert infinitely!

Like a tarsal maggot, it can infinitely stick to the Hate Demon, as long as you are within 30 meters of him (the number of job transfers is 3), then you are absolutely invincible and absolutely immune to damage!

How about restoring energy use?

With Qin Luoshengs current state, even if he hates the Demon Kings skills at the level of mythology, he will definitely not be able to deal damage that exceeds his total health in one blow, and he cannot kill with one blow. Then, everything will be meaningless, even if it is only 1 short. A little damage is also useless, the ice ring enchantment will be directly immune to this damage!

"There are many ghosts!"

"Holy Dragon Shadow Walk!"

An attached skill of a shadow cloak, an attached skill of a holy dragon **** boots, Qin Luosheng, whose speed dropped sharply just after the leopard burst and the end of the wind, instantly pulled the speed up again.

"Moths fighting the fire, overwhelmingly!"

Seeing that Qin Luosheng took the initiative to launch an offensive, he couldn\'t help but sneer at the hatred of the Demon King.

"Go to death, kid!" With a stretched right hand, the dark power lingered upwards, turning the original normal palm into a skeleton claw full of evil and unknown, and pressed it heavily towards Qin Luosheng, "Netherworld Ghost claw!"


The sword light flashed, and the figure passed.


The Hate Demon King looked at him in astonishment with no defensive meaning, and rushed towards Qin Luosheng\'s powerful ghost claws. Suspiciousness rose in his heart.


A big MISS emerged from the top of Qin Luosheng\'s head, which meant that he had not suffered the slightest harm under the claws of Hate Demon King!

"This is impossible!"

The Hate Demon King stared at the unscathed Qin Luosheng with round eyes, and almost couldn\'t hold back the swearing!

He can\'t see that only the player can see the various digitized damage numbers floating above his head, as well as MISS and the like, but the NPC has its own set of criteria for judging whether it is injured or injured.

And now.

Qin Luo Sheng did not suffer any damage. His powerful attack that was enough to kill a legendary creature with a terrifying negative effect was actually useless for a human being, like an ant?

"Extreme Healing Technique!"


In a hit, Qin Luosheng took time to get a cool healing technique while he was shocked by the Hate Demon King.

Same taste, same recipe.

But it\'s not the same damage!

It stands to reason.

The weaker the strength, the higher the damage of the skill must be.


Qin Luosheng\'s healing techniques are based on attribute restraint, and belong to the type of slant movement, not skills and damage in the traditional sense.

The reason why the Hateful Demon can cause phase damage is the conflict between light and darkness.


The hatred of the devil lost the power of the demigod, and his strength was weakened. Instead, the power of darkness in his body was reduced. As a result, the light power of the healing technique was activated, colliding with the weakened power of darkness, and the conflicting power was weakened, hurting nature. It will also decay.

"Within ten seconds, plus the 8 million damage done by Extreme Healing, the most conservative estimate is that I can also knock down 15 million Hate Devils health. Now, his total health is only 40 million. Thirty seconds of the pseudo-invincibility of the ice ring enchantment should be enough to kill it!"

In fact.

Qin Luosheng\'s estimate is still conservative.

With a single sword, he can chop off 2 million of Hate Devil\'s health, and a mere 40 million of health, really like a candle in the wind, vulnerable!

"Boy, what did you do?"

Crazy confrontation, contacted more than a dozen MISSs, unscathed more than a dozen times in a row, the hate demon king finally believed that Qin Luosheng had any protection at the moment, and did not eat his harm.

"Want to run? Stop dreaming! Today, you must die here for Lao Tzu!"

The demons have always been despicable and shameless. They are extremely happy in all ways. They don\'t talk about benevolence and morality, and they don\'t talk about the so-called gentleman\'s style or the spirit of martial ethics.

At this moment in the battle, the origin has been used, and it has been resurrected twice, plus the power of the demigod by sacrificing himself, and it has made the verge of exhaustion.

Originally thought that he could rely on the various moves evolved by the power of darkness to win, however, reality gave the Hateful Demon a fierce stick, making him desperate!


It\'s gone!