Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1131: :Teach the barbarians to develop skills to control barbarians
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1131: :Teach the barbarians to develop skills to control barbarians

Master the barbarians\' skills to control the barbarians!

Qin Luosheng thought of this sentence.

He, an ordinary human being, has no inheritance, no influence, and naturally has no ability to shake the existence of the hatred devil!


He doesn\'t have Qin Luosheng, but the Demon Race has it!


Forcibly enduring a slash from the Demon Sword of Hatred, Qin Luosheng took this opportunity to grab the right hand of the Demon King, not only suppressing the next attack of the Demon King, but also preventing him from escaping, and then bullied himself up. Face to face with the Hate Demon, but only fifty centimeters apart.


At this time.

Under the control of Qin Luosheng, the ghost face on his face began to twist. The extremely evil grimace suddenly came back to life, and it released a special light that could not be described in words.

"This is the original power of the Greedy Demon, one of the Seven Demon Envoys of your Demon Race. It can evoke the ultimate greed deep in the target\'s heart. Wonderful. Now, let me see how you break it!"

This is a tactic that Qin Luosheng has never used before. Even though it seems to be nothing special from the introduction, it has been sealed by Qin Luosheng forever!

Everyone has seven emotions and six desires, and no one can avoid it.

Under all kinds of desires, sinking into a sea of ??bitterness, it is difficult to escape.


Greed the most!

This "most" is not the strongest, but the broadest!

Peoples personalities are different, their status is different, their identities are different,...

Many factors create different levels of emotions and desires!

Some people pursue beauty and are attracted by lust!

Some people\'s pursuit of food is controlled by their appetite!


All desires can be unified, that is-greed, or greed!

Greedy, greedy for money, greedy, greedy for power,...

All are greedy!

How terrifying is the hatred of the devil, the obsession in the heart, the desire in the heart, is he greedy?


Extreme greed!

And the power that contains the origin of the greedy demon is integrated into the ghost\'s face, and it is activated at this moment, so that the hatred demon is righteous, what will he do?

Naturally, greed will be magnified, just like his pupil of hatred, the way to make people\'s hatred infinite, turn into a beast with only hatred and hatred!

"It seems that I won!"

Seeing the hatred demon king suddenly swelled his eyes and gasped for breath, as if he instantly turned into a gluttonous glutton, Qin Luosheng felt relieved for a while.

"Blessing from the Goddess of Life!"

The palm touched the necklace on the chest [Instruction of Life], and instantly, it contained the majestic life power of the Goddess of Light, and the power of the flower **** who lived in it, mixed with the landing, and enveloped the unmoving Hate Demon King.

This is also like Extreme Healing Technique and Otoki Resuscitation, which has a huge lethal power to the Dark Element like the Hatred Demon King.

The reason why I didn\'t use it before was just because time didn\'t allow it, because it was a resurrection skill that needed time to accumulate energy, and it couldn\'t take effect immediately. Unless it was like this, the Hate Demon King obediently didn\'t understand it, otherwise, it was useless.


It was another nine-figure amount of huge damage, and Otsuki\'s recovery did so.

Whether it is the tool used by the goddess of life, and a real **** soul (flower god), is still capable of reversing life and death and resurrecting people, the majestic life elements contained in it can be imagined.

"Kill, kill, kill!"

"Boy, I\'m going to kill you!"

"The Demon Race will surely come to the Destiny Continent!"

"I hate that one day I will become the emperor of the demons!"

"Fear? Destroy? There is also the devil! All the kings will die!"


Hate the devil, crazy!


The greed in the heart was released infinitely, and the greed became extremely strong, and all the desires in the heart were completely enlarged.

Demon King\'s Landing?

Become the Demon King?

Kill the other two demon kings, or even kill your own monarch demon king?




Great ambition, Sao Nian!

I support you!

"One more time!" He said support, but Qin Luosheng\'s eyes were cold and unparalleled, and once again used his skills, "Blessing from the Goddess of Life!"

"Get out of my way!"

Amplification of greed only makes people become mad, and the desires in the heart are not controlled. That\'s all, it looks like a lunatic, but in fact it is not that powerful. At most, people can\'t talk about things.

"Do you still want to resist now?" Seeing that the second "Blessing of the Goddess of Life" didn\'t take effect because of hating the devil\'s detachment, Qin Luosheng did not hesitate to hold Xuanyuan Sword firmly, and sneered: "Unfortunately, it\'s too late! Space dimension cut!"

Hit a "Blessing of the Goddess of Life" and was once again lost 100 million health points. He hates the devil at this moment, and his health is no more than 20 million.

Can candles in the wind, still wanting to resist?

One sword!

Locked the slash, followed the Hate Demon who was running away, after five seconds, it still slashed on the Hate Demon!


The damage exploded, but the effect of cutting through the space and opening the dimensional crack was not triggered!


That\'s enough!

"Shadow Escape!"

Quickly speeding, Qin Luosheng who followed, looked at the Hate Demon not far away, did not fly at a distance of tens of meters, and teleported directly over, which would have changed after a while.

"Seyou Lala!" With a wave of his hand, Qin Luosheng looked at the Hate Demon King with a smile, and sent him a final farewell, "The final blow, extreme healing!"


The purer the light, the easier it is to be swallowed by darkness!

The purer the darkness, the easier it is to be purified by the light!

Just like.

Hate the devil!

The power of darkness, which is too large and pure, has now become his urging talisman. Under the light and life, the influence he receives is unimaginable, and the damage he receives is often eight-figure and nine-figure!

"Just because you ants want to kill this king? Dreaming!"

The life value was cleared, but the system prompt did not sound, and Qin Luosheng would not naively think it was over.


The Hate Demon once again appeared from the black mist!

The lore just now did not really kill him!

Sky eye, open!

Current status: Myth!

Current life value: 40000000!

The power of the demigod from the sacrifice has been shed, and it has been restored to the original mythological level, and the state is only one-third of the peak period?

"You can actually kill this king in a demigod state. I have to say that you are very good and deserve to be praised by this king."

Some weak hatred of the Demon King was unrelenting, smiling and violent, "It\'s a pity that the organs are exhausted, but after all, they fall above the superficial background. Your life, this king takes it!"

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