Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1125: : Instantly hate the demon king, touch the scales
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1125: : Instantly hate the demon king, touch the scales

"That\'s right, but there is no reward!"

Qin Luosheng snapped his fingers and directly commanded that this time it was only a phantom coming, and the phantom that the death god\'s will did not follow, let him activate his abilities!

Received the order from the owner of this device to wear [Reaper\'s Embrace], the phantom of Reaper, who has no will and wisdom, opened his arms without hesitation, and embraced the Hateful Demon King who could not resist at all!


The nine-digit number of terrifying damage floated from the top of the head of the Hateful Demon!

The invincible weakening technique is reduced by up to 90%, showing its super abnormal effect!

Regardless of the fact that the attributes are reduced by 90%, there is no difference.

But if one dollar takes away nine cents for you, and one hundred million Yuan takes away 90 million for you.

The nature is completely different!


The reduction ratio is the same, but due to the change in the base, the early and late stages cannot be compared at all!

"My body, my energy,, it\'s impossible!"

Deprived of 90% of all attributes in an instant, the aura of hating the devil is undoubtedly like a deflated ball, deflated!

"Go to hell, hate the devil!"

After Qin Luosheng used [Death\'s Embrace], the power of darkness dissipated, and the moment the gate of the underworld was closed, there was no halt at all. He bullied himself up. The Xuanyuan sword in his hand was contaminated with the power of the holy flame. ] Waiting for the increase, it also reached 14 times the lethality against the dark existence, and it was heavily slashed on this servant!


One sword!

Over 18 million injuries!

Is this Xuanyuanjian?

Worthy of being the dark nemesis, the strongest strength, the sword of the holy way, the sword of the emperor!

"Jie Jie Jie Jie...It is indeed Qinglong\'s last move, it is really strong!"

One weakening technique, one slash!

Directly kill the Hateful Demon King with 120 million health points!


Dignified Demon Clan, one of the three major demon kings, Qin Luosheng didnt believe that he was killed just like that. If it was really that simple, this product would not let the fate of the tens of thousands of people in the continent be discouraged, and would hide after the defeat of the Demon Clan. Haven\'t been killed for so many years.


The rats in the gutter are different. Lets put aside their combat power for the time being. This life-saving ability is a leverage!

"Thank you so much. It ended my life and liberated the broken body cursed by the law of death!"

The Hateful Demon Lord who doesn\'t know what it resurrected is undoubtedly a high-level resurrection, and the state is directly full, unlike those low-level things, which can only restore a part of the ability during the peak period, even just a sigh of relief!

"Really?" Qin Luosheng looked coldly at the Hate Demon King, mocking: "Don\'t use those trash talk with your trash ability to imply to me, I won\'t be fooled by you, want to seduce me to fall, this is a small point. Dont be embarrassed!As for the shock? No need! If you, the mouse in the gutter, are so easily stunned by me, thats amazing!"


Qin Luosheng\'s ridicule with guns and sticks, even the disposition of hating the demon king, was a bit unbearable. The gritted teeth looked like a devil, with extremely high facial expression.

This is not to hate the Devil King for his reputation, but to be pricked by Qin Luosheng in his soft spot!

Anyone, there is an untouchable place deep in his heart, which belongs to the "inverse scale"!

Originally ridiculed by such ants as Qin Luosheng, as far as the Hate Demon King, one of the three demon kings aloft, was somewhat resentful!

It\'s like the king is laughed at by the beggar.

Perhaps the king and the emperor are very skilled, have a very strong cultivation skill, and have a very high level of himself.


After all, there is a pimple in my heart!

The king with a broad mind may be able to laugh!

The hateful demon kings mental state is quite high, but it is completely indifferent to forgiveness, benevolence, etc., can only be happy and angry, but can not be ridiculed and indifferent, especially the existence that he regards as ants Do it!


An unforgivable offense, a crime of disrespect, can only be solved by death!


The demon king who was originally aloft, commanded billions of demon soldiers, was the most powerful demon clan, second only to the highest existence demon king, and was equal to the other two demon kings!

Such an identity and status, as well as a powerful force in control, but because the demons were defeated in the battle, they were left behind in Destiny Continent. In order to avoid chasing and killing, they had to hide their identity. A place that is like a ditch that is despised and no one searches for.

Possessing the strength to slaughter the city and destroy the clan and subvert a country, but he is afraid of fear every day and night, and it has continued for so many years, which has long distorted the hatred of the devil\'s heart.

This period of unbearable looking back is in sharp contrast with the past high above the Demon Race. It is also the most hated time of hating the Demon King. It belongs to the "shame" that he never wants to recall, and the unbearable "Ni Lin"!


But Qin Luosheng mentioned it over and over again, so why not be annoyed?

"Die to this king!"

The hatred demon king with a burst of mentality finally showed that extremely terrifying strength under his anger!

"Oh, don\'t bother in vain, it\'s dark and it won\'t affect me at all!"

The strong dark power formed a very strong domain barrier, in which, like a giant abyssal beast, was hidden, intending to swallow Qin Luosheng\'s whole person, including his belt bones.


Qin Luosheng held his head high, not afraid of it!

What about dark power?

With the presence of the Xuanyuan sword, the holy way and the humanity, the dual power blessings, just hate the darkness of the demon king, nothing can help him!

"Long Wei!"

The long-lost True Dragon Bloodline weakening technique once again spread from Qin Luosheng\'s body, directly weakening 20% ??of Hate Devil\'s full attributes!


Reduced by one-fifth of his strength, and the threat of hatred of the Demon King fell sharply, Qin Luosheng relied on the attributes of the explosion at the moment, exactly the same as the tactics he had formulated before, turning into a pure reckless man, holding the Xuanyuan Sword and went up recklessly.

"Little devil, the power you rely on is only external force, it is absolutely impossible to last, this king wants to see, after exhausting the blessings, how much can you endure!"

Thousands of years of cautiousness have made the Hate Demon no longer the arrogant and arrogant Hate Demon that scorned the world, and turned into a cowardly like a rat, who can only play tricks in the dark.

This is not.

Shocked by Qin Luosheng\'s violent charge, he gave up the fight and dodge instead without thinking about it!

Although this choice is extremely correct, and it is purely ignorant to fight against the enemy in the right state. It is the best policy to avoid the edge for a while, but this has a great impact on the character of the strong. A little carelessness will damage the fighting spirit, and thus Forming a heart demon, endless disasters.


The hatred of the Demon King has already collapsed, so there is no need to worry about this. Besides, the people of the Demon Clan put the goal first, and there is no need to think about the means.

"Can you shuttle in this black mist?"

Qin Luosheng\'s eyes and spirits worked, feeling the sword that pierced the sky, his thoughts flowed, and he immediately noticed the Hate Devil who should be in front of him. He appeared 23 meters to the right, and immediately knew his ability!

"Want to play peekaboo with me? No problem! I, Bong to the end!"

Qin Luosheng smiled coldly and turned on his skills without hesitation. In an instant, the whole person disappeared in place as if thunder.

"Thunder flash!"