Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1117: : Qin Luosheng: This **** thing is very embarrassing!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1117: : Qin Luosheng: This **** thing is very embarrassing!

"As the sacred beast that guards the East, for countless years, he has been worshipped and worshipped by all spirits, among which the human race is the most!"

As if not seeing Qin Luosheng who was in entanglement, Qinglong continued to say to himself: "Since I have enjoyed this incense, I am obligated to solve the current dilemma! It just so happens that the little devil boy dared to jump and engage in the endless glacier. It doesn\'t take me seriously!"

Qin Luosheng was suddenly stunned.


what did you say?

Didnt you just say that if you let me speak, he will do something to make me owe a debt of favor?

Why, in a blink of an eye, he started to say "Sao" words on his own?

"If it is usual, that devil boy appeared in the endless glacier, I have already cleaned him up, but now my power is taken away by the body, and I can\'t leave this area!"

Qinglong said: "Here is the core of the endless glacier. Once it is not guarded by me, then the endless glacier will melt. When you walk here from Qinglong City, you should know how big the endless glacier is. Once the entire endless glacier is out of control, gradually Do you understand what will happen if you dissolve?"

Qin Luosheng instantly wetted his back with cold sweat!

This question, he will!

Just like the Earth in the previous life, once the glaciers in the north and south poles melt, what consequences will happen, exactly the same!

Once the endless glaciers melt, the first is ocean riots, the sea level rises, and then the coastal land is inundated, resulting in a smaller land area, and the reduction of habitats for humans and other creatures, which will inevitably be triggered by food and shelter. Wars and so on, the lives are overwhelmed.

In this way.

Before the arrival of the demons, the tens of thousands will kill each other in order to compete for resources, internal struggles will reduce their combat effectiveness, and even reach the level of self-destruction!


This is just the most basic disaster!

Such as temperature issues, climate issues, tsunamis, diseases, etc., if the development is bad, maybe the whole destined continent will become a dead place!

"Looking at your appearance, you should know the seriousness of the problem!"

Qinglong glanced at Qin Luosheng and continued: "In the past, I had no scruples and could move freely, but I lost my strength and could only stay here, suppressing the endless glacier core with my body and laws, so I couldn\'t leave."

"That demon boy should know what\'s inside, so that a dog dared to come to the endless glacier. However, he was very cunning, very cautious, did not act rashly, did not dare to come in person, so bewildered a stupid lion came to find trouble."

"Even if I lose my strength, as one of the four holy beasts, how could it be so unbearable, but with the shrewdness of the devil boy, through this temptation, I should have confirmed my current situation. Therefore, I dare to be unscrupulous. The scourge of endless glaciers has caused mutations!"

This time.

Qin Luosheng finally knew all the causes and consequences!

Unexpectedly, this is actually the reason!

It\'s not that Qinglong doesn\'t solve it, but that there is no way.

after all.

Once the lost Azure Dragon leaves the core area of ??this endless glacier, without his suppression, the glacier melts, and the entire Destiny Continent will be endangered, not just the Azure Dragon City and the region of the endless glacier.

The Mozu didn\'t know where they got the news, so they came to make trouble. They didn\'t dare to provoke Qinglong, even the Qinglong who had lost their power, so they went straight to the evil trick.

The purpose of the demons is to let Qinglong take the initiative to leave to solve the difficulties of Qinglong City, which will lead to the collapse of the endless glacier, resulting in civil strife and even extinction in the Destiny Continent, and they will take it without blood.


It\'s so calculating!

"Here, is there any other way?"

Qin Luosheng was very ashamed.

Originally, he thought that the sentence Qinglong said just now, "As long as you speak, I will leave immediately" to help him and get a debt of favor when he was still weak, but I really value myself and think too much. .


Now is not the time to be ashamed, the situation is far more difficult than imagined!

Dare to make trouble on the ground of Qinglong, and bewildered at least the Boss who is at least the 100th full rank 5th rank myth level, come to test Qinglong.

The identity and strength of this demons hidden in the dark can be imagined!

Qinglong goes out, but there is no suspense at all, it can be easily solved!

After excluding Qinglong, who has the ability to kill such a strong man?

Mo said that he was a rookie who hadn\'t even reached four turns. Even if it was reported to the Great Xia Empire, it is estimated that the emperor would have a headache!

"Yes," Qinglong looked at Qin Luosheng seriously and said, "You!"

Qin Luosheng:? ? ?

"The only way is you!" Qinglong said: "Nowadays, due to the forbidden technology, this endless glacier area is completely blocked, even if it is space power cannot pass through."

"The reason why you can come here is because you hold the jade pendant I gave to the Emperor of the Great Xia Empire. It contains my energy. In addition, this endless glacier is my territory. I feel the energy in this jade pendant. , You can succeed here."

"In other words, it is to use me as the coordinate, use the jade pendant to connect, and there is a connection between the inside of the blockade area and the outside of the blockade area, and this can break the limitation of space. Ordinary space forces can\'t do anything!"

Qin Luosheng understands!

This is a special case!

Only the person holding the blue dragon jade pendant can use the power of the blue dragon contained in it to resonate energy with the blue dragon in the blocked endless glacier area, and use the blue dragon as a coordinate, which can successfully transmit and break the blockade restriction.


Due to the blockade, from the outside world, this area of ??the endless glacier is real to the naked eye, and it can come on foot with one pair of feet.


In such a harsh environment, who can walk this glacier road?

Instead of seeing it with the naked eye and perceiving it with perception, the endless glacier does not exist.


Because it is blocked, all energy cannot penetrate, including space energy.

This led to the current dilemma of being able to see but not perceiving, and being able to walk in but unable to teleport into it!

"This Nima, completely GG!"

Thinking of this, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but numb his scalp.

Qinglong\'s meaning is very clear.

This area of ??Endless Glacier has been completely closed.

Qinglong wants to guard this place and cannot leave, and people from outside cannot come in. Therefore, the demon clan who is doing troubles will continue to be presumptuous, allowing the scope of the mutation to expand and deepen.

If things go on like this, the endless glacier will really become a Jedi, and Qinglong City will naturally become a dead city!

This situation has been going on for several years.


Hope finally ushered in, that is, Qin Luosheng who holds the blue dragon jade pendant!


He is still the only hope, because there is only one blue dragon jade pendant, that is to say, there is no second way to shuttle this forbidden formation, even if the news is communicated, the outside world can\'t give him any help!

This **** thing is so embarrassing!