Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1116: : Qinglong responds to what he asked for, and the Weeping Soul owes a debt of favor?
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1116: : Qinglong responds to what he asked for, and the Weeping Soul owes a debt of favor?

"Also please let the Qinglong Holy God inform!"

Qin Luosheng took a few deep breaths before temporarily suppressing the violently beating heart, stabilizing his emotions a little, and bowing to Qinglong solemnly and asking him for advice.

"It\'s a pity, I can\'t!"

Qinglong shook his head, and said something that made Qin Luosheng stunned and angry.

I fuck.

Can you be an individual?

I asked if you could be an individual?

Have you been so out of context, cough cough, have you half-talked like this?

Either you **** shut up!

Or since you have provoked the topic, you can explain it clearly to Lao Tzu, OK?

Who taught you the bad habit, saying that half of it should be left half?

"Although you are young, you are precocious. You should be very clear that it is better not to know some things than to know."

Qinglong\'s next words made Qin Luosheng\'s anger abate.

indeed so.

When your realm is not high, or your strength is insufficient, or your class is not yet in place, then don\'t be too far-fetched. Knowing the information and secrets you can\'t control at this stage is not beautiful.

Even if no one else is asking for trouble, it is very likely to be mediocre!

"Then, what advice does Qinglong Holy God have?"

Qinglong didn\'t say it, but he did mention this. Qin Luosheng believed that he would not aimlessly and do meaningless things. Since he said so, even if he didn\'t tell the secret, there would be other arrangements.

"No extra meaning, just want to mention you, you are very special, these two marks are also very special, so, before you have absolutely grown up, do not expose, hide as much as possible if you can!"

Qinglong\'s tone and expression are very serious, and he doesn\'t mean to be joking at all, "That is to say, this remote world that is not noticed, you are safe and worry-free, once you step into..., you must be careful! Say it all, yourself Consider it!"

It seems.

I really have an unusual secret hidden in me!

Qinglong even gave such a solemn warning. As Qin Luosheng panicked, his psychological pressure also increased!

"Fortunately, listening to what Qinglong said, Destiny Continent seems to be safe, but it has to be guarded against. Even the clones of the four sacred beasts are there, and other old monsters also exist. It\'s not impossible, right?"

Qin Luosheng\'s expression became gloomy as he thought about it.


Even in his consciousness, he knew of several existences no less than Qinglong.

The will of the Dragon God in the Dragon Temple!

The unknown dragon in the land of Lei Ze!

The demon master Kunpeng in the land of wind and zeal!


The existence of the same level that can be confirmed, there are other three sacred beasts, the White Tiger, the Vermillion Bird, and the Xuanwu who have a relationship in the land of Tuze!

The Four Holy Beasts should be believed!

The same is true for Dragon God, after all, he has entrusted me to Xiaoxiao!

As for the Unknown Dragon in the Land of Lei Ze and the Demon Master Kunpeng in the Land of Wind and Ze, then there is a question mark!


What if I know it?

Whether or not to keep secrets is something that people can decide, just at a thought!

Could it be that you Qin Luosheng still have the qualifications to force them to shut up, or even just slaughter them directly, and implement the ultimate practice of "the dead can keep secrets"?

Can\'t do it!

"Becoming stronger, only by becoming stronger can we discover the secrets and protect ourselves!"

Qin Luosheng no longer knew that this was the first time he had such an idea, and it was more intense than ever.

"Forget it, don\'t think too much, otherwise, you will really fall into a situation of mediocrity and self-disturbance, but it will affect your mentality!" Shaking his head, Qin Luosheng shed any distracting thoughts. After calming his mood, he asked Qinglong and said, "Ruo Qinglong Holy God If you can\'t take action to solve the danger of Azure Dragon City, please ask me!"

Qin Luosheng couldn\'t think too much, especially the issue of birthmarks. It belonged to an existence like Qinglong who didn\'t dare to say much, knowing it, or guessing wildly, it added restraint to himself!


Qin Luosheng\'s determination and belief to become stronger has not changed at all. It has always been the same, but this time because of Qinglong\'s words, his determination and belief have become stronger!

In the past, I wanted to become stronger only for a few small things. The biggest factor is probably to be able to truly stabilize on the Blue Star, not because of the identity of the Weeping Soul, and being persecuted by other forces overtly and secretly, or even chased down!

Now it\'s different.

Qin Luosheng, who had initially achieved his goal, naturally looked farther away!

Is Blue Star a hammer?

Climb for the Lord!

"Even though I don\'t have power in my body, it\'s a blue dragon after all. No one has come to provoke me life and death. The little demon boy who caused the endless glacier danger only dared to move on the edge silently, secretly messing up!"

Qinglong spoke calmly, but the domineering power in the words was born naturally.

Qin Luosheng knew.

Qinglong did not deliberately pretend to be forceful, but to such a degree, even if he said casually, what he said was the real fact. There was no exaggeration, but the effect was still exploding. In the eyes of outsiders, it really had a very different effect.

This is, the legendary-force the king!

"The food in your womb is just being confused by that little demon cub\'s secret method, and broke into here, wanting to test my chess pieces!"

Qin Luosheng was stunned.

so it is.

He was still thinking just now, who has the courage to come to Qinglong\'s troubles, is it really funny, or thinks the world is not so beautiful, and is living impatiently?

If it is controlled by the Mozu as a **** to test the bottom of Qinglong, then it makes sense!

"The danger of the endless glacier, the change of Qinglong City, I can easily solve it!"

After that, Qinglong looked at Qin Luosheng and said seriously: "I can see that you and my dragon genius descendants and my successor to my inheritance of the little unicorn, for the sake of intersecting with each other, give you this face, as long as you ask for it, I Will not refuse!"

Say it.

Qin Luosheng\'s face changed transiently!


how so?

Is it really the face of Xiaoxiao and Bingbing?

Qin Luosheng didn\'t think so much!


Maybe there is such a meaning, but more often, Qin Luosheng thinks it should be because of him!

"It seems that I still underestimate my so-called identity!"

He laughed at himself, but Qin Luosheng hesitated very much, not knowing whether to agree or refuse.

It is easy to repay any debts, but the debts of affection and the debt of favor are the most difficult to repay!

Qinglong said that as long as he speaks, he will act immediately.

in other words.

As long as you owe favor, I will give you this face!

If it was before, Qin Luosheng didn\'t say anything, and agreed directly, wouldn\'t it be a favor, you are the head of the four sacred beasts, a little weak chicken of my mother, do you really have something to let me come? What Qinglong can\'t do, how can I do it?

It\'s different now.

In the previous remarks, Qin Luosheng listened to the clouds in the mist, but he also knew a lot of things. It happened that one of them was that his birthmark was not simple, and it could also be said that his identity was not simple!

Incredible crossing!

The goddess of destiny personally manifested and blessed!

The Lord of the Stars commands the power of the stars!

Dragon God\'s favor!

And, in the land of the remains, the identity of the unknown dragon, the demon master Kunpeng and the holy beast Xuanwu!


Various events indicate.


Qin Luosheng.

It\'s not as ordinary as imagined!