Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1115: : Its shocking, the secret of birthmark is revealed?
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1115: : Its shocking, the secret of birthmark is revealed?

"...In order to repay their sins, the Kylin tribe has made an oath to be born as auspicious."

As soon as Qinglong\'s words were over, Qin Luosheng was Spartan in an instant!

I fuck!

Isn\'t this **** the setting of Honghuangliu\'s novel?

Could it be.

The game planner of "Fate Dimension" is also a fan of prehistoric novels?

This is too ridiculous, right?

"After the First World War, the vitality of the three races was greatly injured, and the sins are endless. If they cannot be repaid, they will be completely sinned and their descendants. Therefore, they will no longer be able to fight for hegemony, completely withdraw from the stage of hegemony, and a new hegemony of heaven and earth will soon be born."

"After this battle, the dragon clan has no one in the ten, and basically all the high-end combat power is lost and brought in. It is passed on from generation to generation, and the green and yellow are not connected, and they can no longer restore the peak of the past!"

"If my brother is still there, with his natural horror talent that can control the power of the seven elements, as long as there is no accident, he will definitely be able to easily lead the dragon out of the predicament, not to mention the restoration of the power of the dragon at its peak, at least, not Let the dragon fall into the altar and be bullied!"

Hearing this, Xiao Xiao was a little impatient, as if she felt that she had something to do with the eldest son of the Ancestral Dragon in Qinglong\'s mouth, the seven-element genius of the brother of Qinglong.

"Then, how is he?"

Qinglong glanced at Xiaoxiao, shook his head and said, "He is missing!"

"Before the final battle of the three clans, he disappeared quietly, no one knows where he went, whether there was an accident!"

Qinglong recalled the past with a silent face. After so many years, he still couldn\'t let go, but he didn\'t have the resentment and fierceness at the beginning.

"Due to years of battle, there have been too many killings created. It is just a matter of cloud and rain, I don\'t know how many years will be repaid, and how many future generations will be affected."

"In order to pay off the killing debt as soon as possible, I am the same as my father. He used his body to transform into the dragon veins under the sky, giving back to the earth and nourishing all spirits. Land, has always been!"

The short story had a great impact on Qin Luosheng, Xiaoxiao and Bingbing!

Especially Xiao Xiao, his expression is extremely complicated.

She bit her lip, a little scared, but finally mustered up the courage and asked: "Then, do I have something to do with... him?"

"I don\'t know!" Qinglong was stunned, and immediately understood the "he" in the little mouth, who was referring to him, shook his head, and Qinglong said honestly: "No one knows about this except him! It\'s a pity that until now, I don\'t know whether he is alive or dead!"

Xiao Xiao lowered her head and was completely silent.

"Regardless of whether you are related to him or not, but your blood and talents cannot be faked. It is really the luck of my dragon clan!"

After so many years, Qinglong may not be able to let go of his obsession, but he is no longer as impulsive as he used to be. He has a lot of indifferent xinxing. He did not study too much. , One day, he will know the truth.

"I have a natural talent for both water and wood. However, as the son of Ancestral Dragon, I have been in contact with the secret storehouse in the clan, and know all the methods of elemental cultivation!"

Qinglong stretched out his finger and gently tapped his small eyebrows, "Now, I will teach you this! Whether you are related to him or not, you are the dragon of my dragon clan. After so many years, finally There is another peerless genius with all elemental talents. Perhaps you are the lord of the Dragon Clan Zhongxing. I entrust all hope to you!"

Xiao Xiao still wanted to talk, but, following the huge inheritance given by Qinglong, the huge amount of memory of the exercises merged into her mind, and she couldn\'t accept it for a while, and she fainted.

"Don\'t worry, it\'s just that your brain isn\'t enough for a while, let\'s sleep for a while, just digest it!"

Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s worried look, Qinglong said indifferently, and then he waved to Bingbing again, and his indifferent expression instantly became more pleasant, "Little Qilin, come here!"

Qin Luosheng:...

Knock your mother!

Did you hear the knock?

Is it necessary for the distinction to be so obvious?

It\'s a Sima face to me!

Treating Xiaoxiao and Bingbing is just like a **** spring breeze, with a gentle voice!


Improperly herringbone!

"Sleep now!"

The same action, the same formula.

When Qinglong\'s finger touched Bingbing\'s forehead, Bingbing also followed Xiaoxiao, temporarily in muddy water.

Qin Luosheng hugged Bingbing, let her lie down with Xiaoxiao, and then looked at Qinglong.

he knows.

There are three of them in a line, and Qinglong will definitely respond to each one!

Xiaoxiao and Bingbing are inheritance!

One is the ultimate inheritance of the descendants of this race!

One is the joy of seeing the hunt, the support for outstanding geniuses!

And he!


It is estimated that it is the same as the attitude, I am afraid that I will dismiss the matter casually!

"Extend your hand!"

Qinglong\'s eyes flashed with complexity, but they quickly converged, and they were deeply hidden. Qin Luosheng was thinking about other things and didn\'t concentrate, so he didn\'t see it.


Even though he was daunted by Qinglong\'s weird requirements, Qin Luosheng still held out his hands honestly.

"flip over!"

Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s spread hands, he looked like my **** good, Rao Yi Qinglong\'s mind was also full of black lines, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and he said angrily.


Qin Luosheng was speechless. He originally thought that Qinglong was going to give some treasure. After all, the power in his body was drawn away by the body, and he couldn\'t do it, but as a sacred beast, his background was bound to be profound.

See you no one.

A piece of its own dragon scale, injected with a little energy, will form a magical blue dragon seal?

This is simply an artifact wholesaler!

It\'s exactly the legendary "The big man is richer than you if he pulls a hair off his leg"!

"Sure enough!"

Turning his hand over, looking at the sun birthmark and moon birthmark on Qin Luosheng\'s hand, Qinglong exhaled a suffocating breath, his expression was very complicated.

"Qinglong Holy God, do you recognize my birthmark?"

Qin Luosheng\'s heart trembled and asked quickly.

All the time.

He was very concerned about the left and right hands, as well as the seven-star birthmark under his feet, and wanted to explore the secrets very much, but he was completely unable to start, and there was no trace at all.


Qinglong\'s expression, as well as the actions he specifically wanted to see, all proved that he knew these two birthmarks, and most likely knew the Mixin contained in them!

"I know, I also know their secrets, and your identity!"

A shocking sentence caused Qin Luosheng\'s brain to crash.

"My identity? What identity do I have? Is it true that, as the blind fortune-telling man said on the earth in the past, my palms of the sun and the moon, the feet of the seven stars, really have the emperor\'s fate?"

Qin Luosheng thought in a daze, "This is too outrageous. It is completely related to the so-called emperor\'s fate, who wears a yellow mantle and is accompanied by big fish and meat every day, but it is actually a scam of the takeaway brother. It\'s just that, even crossing. It all happened, and even the virtual and the reality have merged. Is the outrageous statement of fortune-telling still outrageous?"

PS: On weekends and at the end of the month, the twelfth month broke out. It was past 11 o\'clock and disappeared, and the **** did not eat dinner.