Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1114: : Ancient Missin, a small amazing identity?
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1114: : Ancient Missin, a small amazing identity?

A spoonful.

A spoonful.

Another spoonful.

Qin Luosheng feeds carefully!

Little gentle and peaceful cooperation!

The whole picture.

Quite harmonious and very loving!


Qin Luosheng also cares but chaos.

or it could be.

Too guilty.

Ashamed of his incompetence and negligence, Xiaoxiao did not eat for three days, quietly saved his own food, and handed it to him on the last day. He has not found it yet!

For his sake, it caused little suffering.

Therefore, he now only wants to compensate Xiao Xiao well, and everything else is indifferent!


After all, care is messy!

Xiao Xiao is a real dragon. It has only been a long time since he has not eaten, which has led to emptiness and weakness. He Qin Luosheng has the strength to grab a bowl after he has eaten a few spoonfuls of broth. How can Xiao Xiao be worse than him?


For some reason, the little princess with a poisonous tongue and arrogant tongue is at this moment quiet and quiet. She leaned in Qin Luoshengs arms and sipped the broth after Qin Luoshengs blows. God\'s eyes seemed to be covered with mist.

After a bowl of broth went down, Xiao Xiao, who had recovered a long time ago, noticed the indifferent gaze of the stranger (Qinglong) next to him, and the curiously blinking gaze of the familiar white-haired little Lori (Bingbing), and she couldn\'t hold it anymore.

"I, I recovered, let me do it myself!"

Getting up hurriedly from Qin Luoshengs arms, with a hint of good fortune on his white jade cheeks, Xiao Xiao quickly reached out and took over the second bowl full of stew that Qin Luosheng gave him. He didnt know if it was to cover up, or he was really hungry. Immediately raised his head, he began to eat horribly.

"What a strong energy!"

Xiaoxiao is not Qin Luoshengs buns. He has little knowledge. He was aware of it when he drank the soup just now, but he was not sure. At that time, he was guilty and confused for some reason, and his expression was lost. The belly, turned into that majestic and pure energy, suddenly surprised her!

"Is it delicious? Eat more if it is delicious!"

Qinglong had a smile on his face, like that, as if the elders saw the gluttonous younger generation, they did not accuse them, but were relieved and rejoiced, as if wishing her to eat more and grow up quickly!

"This is, what meat?"

Even though Xiao Xiao didn\'t know who the Tsing Yi man in front of him was, but there seemed to be some throbbing and hooking in his bloodline, plus the boundary of this endless glacier, there was no way to guess that he was Qinglong.

"It\'s not a big deal, it\'s just the flesh of a stupid ice lion!"

Qin Luosheng:...



A certain ice lion turned into meat: Are you polite?


Is this the big brother\'s world?

So Versailles!

It\'s a role model for my pretenders!

Qin Luosheng dared to pack a ticket, the so-called stupid ice lion in Qinglong\'s mouth, the lowest and lowest grade is also a 100-level myth, and it may even be stronger!


The previous encounters in the middle area of ??the endless glacier were all 100-level mythical BOSSs. It can be seen that these kinds of chicken (??) stuff are only worth staying there.

And the guy who dared to go deep into the endless glacier and provoke the Azure Dragon, needless to say, must be above the level of the 100-level myth!

Why is it provoking Qinglong?


How could Qinglong exist, and how could he take the initiative to set off for that stupid ice lion (funny)? Does he have that qualification?


No grievances and no enmity, Qinglong has no need to kill it at all!

It\'s like an elephant and an ant. As long as you don\'t show up in front of me, as long as you don\'t feel uncomfortable, who the **** will take care of you?

"Knowing that we are going to die of starvation, it is so great to behave like this, and it is so great! It is a good person, no, a good lion!"

Qin Luosheng sighed.

Suddenly, Xiao Xiao who was still eating meat was full of black lines.

This guy.

Not serious again!

"Your bloodline is very pure and noble." Qinglong looked at Xiaoxiao, speaking in a mild manner, like an uncle next door, "Moreover, you are a natural elemental body with extremely high talents, and any element can do anything. What you use can be driven by you, you are a natural dragon of elements!"

"Also please seniors to teach me."

Xiao Xiao is not stupid, naturally knowing that Qinglong is going to mention her, he bowed down and asked for advice.

"In ancient times, the dragons belonged to water, the phoenix belonged to fire, and the unicorn belonged to soil! That was the initial form of birth. With the development of the ethnic group, after intermarriage with foreign races and intermarriage with other races, generations of different generations were born. Different attributes, so the ethnic group is no longer single!"

Qinglong said: "For example, the fire dragon who is good at fire spells, the black dragon who is good at physical training, etc.! The phoenix clan also appears in the ice phoenix and other alien species! The unicorn is even more amazing. The five elements have the attributes, thunder, wind, water, fire, Soil, there are all!"

"However, the attributes are determined by nature. Even if the initial talent of the dragon is water, all the descendants of the dragon will know water, but like the fire dragon, although it is not restricted by water, it will still be restrained by the strong water! Phoenix, Qilin, and even All other races are like this, and they cannot escape their attributes!"

"For countless years, there have been countless people who have been born. Among them, there are undoubtedly some aliens, or geniuses. They are born with two element attributes, or even three! It is just that they are the only ones with the five elements and can handle light and darkness. Yes, there is only one!"

Qin Luosheng was shocked.

He knows who Qinglong is talking about!

Back then.

At the Dragon Temple on Long Island, I was attracted by the Dragon God Catalog to the memory void world recorded in the murals, and saw the dragon god\'s deity!

that time.

He saw all the elements controlled by the Dragon God\'s deity. Open eyes are light, light up the universe, closed eyes are dark, the universe is silent, control the thunder and frighten all souls, and at the same time have the ability to repeat the earth and water and reopen the world. !

Really, the divine power is endless!

The creation and destruction of the world are only in one thought!

"That is my elder brother, the eldest son of the ancestor dragon of the ancestor of the dragon clan!" Qinglong threw a blockbuster, "In the past, the ancestral dragon, Yuanfeng, and Qilin were the three innate tribes, the place where the heavens opened up, and the most powerful. But the dragons are the supreme in the water, the phoenixes are the kings of the sky, and the unicorns are the kings of the beasts, so they are inherently incompatible with each other!"

"In the beginning, it was just a small friction, but over time, the conflict became irreconcilable, and the friction became a war. The three tribes fought, and the lives were overwhelmed. The three tribes of dragon, phoenix and unicorn were killed and injured, and because the war involved too many innocent creatures, they had long been boundless. Killing evil, thus being punished by heaven."

"The ancestral dragon fell on Kunlun Mountain, the primordial spirit was sealed in Longquan Cave, and the body was transformed into the dragon veins under the sky, nourishing the earth veins, repaying the destroyed earth, blessing all souls, and the dragon clan also travels clouds and rains to ensure that the weather is smooth in the world. Atonement for his sins;"

"Yuanfeng fell on Luofengpo. In order to repay the sins, the Feng clan kept the immortal volcano. The first Qilin fell on the top of Buzhou Mountain and turned into Qilin Cliff. In order to repay the sins, the Qilin clan swore that he would be born as auspicious."