Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1111: : Despair in a desperate situation, miracle or illusion
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1111: : Despair in a desperate situation, miracle or illusion

"I went back to rest, and then it\'s up to you!"

Xiao Xiao couldnt stand Qin Luoshengs softer heart and gentle and pitiful eyes. His face was reddish, and his eyes were erratic. After leaving a sentence, he plunged into Qin Luoshengs body and returned to the pet space. .

"The meat has all been roasted, put it in the backpack, and then it\'s up to you, I\'m sleeping, don\'t disturb me!"

Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help laughing when he heard this proud speech.

"Bingbing, come on!"

Eating the strange-smelling roasted snake meat, for the first time, Qin Luosheng didn\'t feel nauseated, but was contented. He touched the equally moving Bingbing, and handed the steaming barbecue to her mouth to make her full.

Bingbing did not refuse, feasting, eating the spicy chicken barbecue that he didn\'t even look at in the past.

This is the food that Xiaoxiao saved for her to continue her life!

In order to walk through this endless glacier, she is the most important thing, and she must keep strong enough to continue running forward!

Eating these meats is the greatest respect and gratitude for the little sacrifices. On the contrary, hypocrisy is a waste of little sacrifices and sacrifices!

After eating.

Without a break, Bingbing directly urged Qin Luo to rise to his back, and then stepped forward to continue running fast!

This time!

Only Bingbing and Qin Luosheng were there, and Xiaoxiao was missing.

But Qin Luosheng and Bingbing\'s disposition and consciousness are more determined than before!

Another day has passed!

This is already the sixth day after setting foot on the endless glacier!

Qin Luosheng is really exhausted!

"Isn\'t there yet?"

Lying on Bingbing\'s back, feeling that his physical strength was greatly attenuated at this moment, but he was still holding on to Bingbing, whose speed was not as fast as before. Qin Luosheng wanted to speak for Bingbing to stop for countless times, but he didn\'t know how to speak.

If she speaks, it will be an insult to Bingbing\'s persistence and hard work, and a blasphemy of her faith and spirit!

"I\'m such a waste."

Qin Luosheng\'s psychological defense has some signs of collapse.

First, Xiao Xiao saved his own rations and provided it to him!

Now Bingbing dragged his exhausted and hungry body to carry him, and kept running forward!

What about him?

What did he do?

Besides being a human-shaped manure machine and a stall, what else can you do?

Not only did it not work at all, but it dragged Xiaoxiao and Bingbing!

"No... let go... abandon, Lord... people!"

Just as Qin Luosheng felt self-pity and fell into self-denial and pain, a crisp and soft voice suddenly came from his ear.

This voice is very immature and intermittent, like a baby who is just learning to speak, can\'t understand it, it\'s a bit difficult to express, and it\'s not very clear, but the sound is clear and bright, fresh and natural.

"Bingbing, is that you?"

The entire endless glacier is now in this area, except for the Azure Dragon who does not know where, but also Qin Luosheng, Xiaoxiao and Bingbing.

Little is sleeping!

Qin Luosheng was even more impossible.


The only explanation is Bingbing!

"Can you speak?"

Qin Luosheng was pleasantly surprised.

Think of it at the beginning.

In the ice and snow temple, as a mixed-blood water unicorn who fights side by side with the ice and snow goddess, the beautiful ice crystal charm, spit out human speech, and sound like a girl!


Since the goddess of ice and snow liberated her divine power, she turned the ice crystal charm into a pet egg to get rebirth, and entrusted him to hatch a new ice crystal charm, with the name "ice ice", opening Another life.

But after all, time is short!

Along the way, Qin Luosheng was also considered smooth, and successfully made Bingbing reach the maturity stage, soon to be level 80, entering the metamorphosis stage, and approaching the peak of his previous life.


The Kirin clan is not as blessed as the dragon clan, let alone Bingbing is just a half-blooded crying soul with the blood of the unicorn!

Xiaoxiao is a legacy of the Dragon God, with a mysterious origin. His bloodline is not as good as that of the Dragon King. He has different talents. And because the Dragon Race and the Human Race are allies and share luck, the Dragon Race can be transformed into a human form earlier than other races. Word.

Qin Luosheng originally thought that Bingbing would have to be at least in the metamorphosis stage to speak. If there is no special adventure or change, basically the detachment stage of the 100-level peak can be transformed into a human form just like Xiao Xiao!

Never thought about it.

There was such a change unexpectedly.

It is worthy of being the auspicious beast unicorn, the former king of beasts, tied with the dragon clan, indeed has extraordinary potential, far stronger than other races!

Now that he can speak, he may be transformed into a human form in the transformation period of Rank 80 and Rank 4!

"do not give up!"

Bingbing repeated the words just now.

"I\'m sorry!" Qin Luosheng heard the determination and encouragement in these naive words, and was immediately full of guilt. He gently stroked Bingbing\'s head and apologized: "I won\'t do it!"


Bingbing responded happily, and then did not speak any more, but saved energy and ran away!

I don\'t know how long it will take!

Qin Luosheng\'s hunger level dropped below 10%. At this stage, he was already in a very dangerous situation, and all his attributes were declining.

When the hunger level is 0, Qin Luosheng will die directly, but before that, without food supplement, he will have many negative effects, such as weakness, dizziness, confusion, hallucinations,...

"Is it the limit?"

Qin Luo raised his eyes and stared at Venus, already a little bit unable to see the way ahead.

The same is true of Bingbing.

Its hard to walk and cant run at all. At this moment, its just moving forward with obsession, but the obsession returns to obsession. The reality is cruel. In the past, the ice and ice of 100 meters per second can only be walked tremblingly, and it can only be crossed in a few seconds. Take a step!

"It seems that it is time to use the hole cards!"

Qin Luosheng stretched out his hand weakly, opened his backpack, and prepared to move.

It\'s not that he doesn\'t want to use this hole card early!

It\'s just this method, it\'s just a guess, a conjecture, whether it will work, no one knows!

When you are not on the brink of desperation, you should not bet!


It\'s time!

If the line does not move, then the task will fail. Here is the explanation!


Just as Qin Luosheng started to make trouble with the last hope, suddenly, the green dragon seal in his hand burst into light, and a vigorous cyan energy gushed out from it, turned into a blanket of light, and fell under Bingbing\'s feet.


The huge vibration of energy caused Bingbing, who had already reached the limit, to faint first. Qin Luosheng did the same. However, before fainting, he put his last effort into his head and raised his head. In the vague eyes, it seemed to look. There was an extremely stunning cyan figure, right in front!

"Is this an illusion? Or is it a reflection of a strong desire before death?"

Led by the cyan energy flying carpet, Qin Luosheng and Bingbing swiftly galloped toward the front. The moment before they fell, Qin Luosheng\'s confused thoughts were still thinking, "Or, see you pitifully, I finally am, and ran to it. In the final area of ??Endless Glacier, the Azure Dragon was found!???"

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