Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1099: : The National Tool Xuanyuan, Humanitarian Warriors (Part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1099: : The National Tool Xuanyuan, Humanitarian Warriors (Part 2)

"In disguised form into permanent authority?"

Hearing Qin Luosheng\'s speech from Versailles, all the girls suddenly fell silent.


What should I do if I really want to kill him?

This is too pretending!


Whether it is the little pepper Mu Mu or the proud woman like Scarlet Rose, they are just not used to hearing such pretending remarks, but they have no intention of questioning!

In other words.

All the girls fully recognized what Qin Luosheng said.

This is not why Qin Luosheng is their leader or friend.

all of these.

Based entirely on Qin Luosheng\'s invincible strength, they have completely convinced them, thinking in their hearts that no one can **** this medal that belongs only to the champion of the martial arts conference from the hands of the crying soul!

"Okay, stop Versailles, look at Xuanyuan Sword!"

The one who can talk to Qin Luosheng like this, except for the little pepper Mumu who is not afraid of the sky, is the **** rose of Bingshan Yujie who has been in contact with the negative distance, and

The relationship with Qin Luosheng is very good, yes, it is Qin Luosheng, not the crying soul, and the relationship is still ambiguous. It is more than friendship, and the lover is not full, only to pierce the last layer of paper Su Yulan!

"Do you have such a soft spot for Xuanyuanjian?"

Qin Luosheng glanced at Su Yulan helplessly, very speechless!

"You don\'t understand!" Su Yulan said: "This is my Chinese artifact! The **** weapon of the former Emperor Xuanyuan was known as the **** weapon of humanity, the sword of the holy way, and even more representative than the jade seal and clan of the country. Chinese Orthodox!"

"Moreover, Xuanyuan Sword has a lot of mythological colors! If in reality, myths are just legends, but in this world of destiny, that\'s incredible!"

"Furthermore, not to mention that Xuanyuan Sword represents the strongest power. How powerful is the energy contained in it. Just because it is the national weapon of the Huaxia War Zone, as a Chinese, why are you not curious?" (Xuanyuan here) Sword, with the help of the settings in the stand-alone game "Xuanyuan Sword", you can Baidu if you are curious)

Qin Luosheng suddenly defeated Su Yulan, who looked like a fan!

This girl.

It\'s a bit tiger!

This hobby is no one!

Could it be.

Is she studying archaeology or history?

Are you so interested?

"Okay, well, let\'s take a look. Actually, I am also quite curious about Xuanyuanjian, so I put it on the back finale!"

Qin Luosheng put on the world\'s number one medal, and it was immediately tied with the Medal of Courage and the Medal of Honor. The three major medals were in the shape of "product", shining brightly on the chest!


Qin Luosheng didn\'t just eat alone, so he could see it first, but directly shared the attributes of Xuanyuan Sword to the channel of the mercenary group.


In the box that was still in full swing the previous second, there was silence, and the needle drop was audible.

Xuanyuan Sword (National Instruments of China War Zone)

Type: One-handed sword

grade:? ? ?

need:? ? ?

lasting:? ? ?

Effect: Attack +999999, Strength +9999

Special effects: [strongest strength] 100% attack power increase, 100% critical strike, 100% armor piercing, 80% chance of tearing, 50% chance of crippling, 40% chance of breaking, 20% chance of instant kill!

Special effects: [Holy Path] The sword of the holy path has strong restraint against all demons, monsters, and demons, and it damages the dark element by +1000%!

Special effects: [Humanity] Sword of Human Sovereign, Humane Warrior, immune to all weakening effects, invaded by all methods, ghosts and charms are difficult to approach, when the human race holds, the effect of all skills doubles!

Special effects: [Xuanyuan Sword Intent] Special effects: Xuanyuan Sword contains a special sword intent, which is the insight of Emperor Xuanyuan and the emperors of later generations, and can be understood by the holder. Normal effect: Normal attack contains a unique sword intent, the damage is doubled, and it has an attack distance of X meters! (X is the holder level/10*the current number of job transfers)

Incidental skill: [Sky-Splitting Strike] is activated with the power of the Holy Dao, instantly stimulating the powerful power of Xuanyuan Sword. The power level is 5000%, with a destructive effect! Only use once a day!

Incidental skills: [Zhu Demon Sword Array] is activated by the power of the Holy Dao, instantly inspires the powerful power of Xuanyuan Sword, swaying Xuanyuan Sword Qi or calling other weapons to form a powerful sword formation, and destroy everything! The range of sword formation is level * number of job transfers! The specific damage is unknown, the minimum damage is 1000%, and the duration: 3 minutes! Cooling time: three days!

Incidental skills: [Broken Star Wuhen] Activated by the power of the Holy Dao, it instantly stimulates the powerful power of Xuanyuan Sword. It needs to be activated by comprehending Xuanyuan Sword Intent! Cooling time: 7 days!

Incidental skills: [XuanyuanThe strongest strength]:? ? ? , Uniqueness, irreplaceable, the combination of the power of the holy path and the power of humanity can be opened, gather all the essence, qi, and gods, thoroughly stimulate the strongest power of Xuanyuan Sword, gather the mountains, rivers, trees, sun, moon and stars gathered on its body The power of absorbing the power of faith gained from the art of farming and animal husbandry and the strategy of unifying the world, the blow out of the sky, the specific damage: unknown! Specific effect: unknown! Cooling time: unknown! Demand: unknown!

Introduction: The artifact, the sword of the holy path, and the **** of humanity, has the title of the strongest power. According to legend, it was made by collecting copper from the first mountain for the gods. In ancient times, Emperor Xuanyuan once defeated the leader of the Jiuli tribe and the demon **** Chiyou who held a tiger soul sword, thus establishing the current Chinese civilization. The holy way, the way of the saints, the way of the saints, the way of the sages. Xuanyuan Sword has evolved from a magic weapon to the sword of the Holy Way because of absorbing the breath and aura of the Yellow Emperor of Xuanyuan. It symbolizes not only the supreme authority, the unparalleled strongest power, but also the wisdom, courage, love, and justice. Waiting for character. A person who can be qualified to hold the Xuanyuan Sword, in addition to having the potential of an emperor, must also possess the power and character that conforms to it to be able to control it.

(PS: In a wave of commercials, the setting of this Xuanyuan Sword is based on the world view of the game "Xuanyuan Sword" produced by Daewoo, and the attributes and skills, etc., refer to my previous novel "Online Game: Shadow Thief", Those who are interested can go take a look)

Qin Luosheng:...

Su Yulan: o((ѩn))o

All girls:?(o).zZ?

I fuck.

Is this the national device?

Is this the magic weapon?

Isn\'t it too BUG? ! ! !

Qin Luosheng couldn\'t believe his eyes!

What the **** is this **** thing?

Is there such awesome equipment in this game?

No wonder it is called a national weapon, where a country\'s beliefs are, the country\'s heaviest weapon, the hole card in the hole card, the foundation in the background!

It\'s no wonder that only one month\'s usage rights are given, not longer, let alone permanent possession!

This kind of existence falls into the hands of players, so other players can still play?

Lao Tzu puts on a naked dress, so he just lifts a Xuanyuan sword. Who can stop me?

Additional million points of attack, 10,000 points of strength, opening lightning strikes, directly burst!


Four unprecedented special effects, all of which are so strong that they are perverted!

The strongest battle boost!

The dark restraint of the holy way!

Humane skills increase!

Xuanyuan Jianyi\'s sword intent comprehension and attack range increase!

Both are super practical and extremely powerful!

Four additional skills:

A single group, all forbidden curses are more powerful!

The remaining two are unknown for the time being, but they can be ranked behind, and looking at their introduction, they are definitely more terrifying than the previous two skills!

"You are invincible!"

Scarlet Rose\'s ruddy lips opened, and Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but think of some lewd scenes, which can make Bingshan Yujie, who has always been calm and calm, show such an expression, it can be seen how huge the impact of Xuanyuanjian is!

"At least for this month, you will be God!"

What a beautiful Chinese language.

Such a compliment is simply awesome!

Especially after speaking from the woman\'s mouth, Scarlet Rose, Qin Luosheng felt that his male psychology had been indescribably satisfied!

"This is great!"

In front of so many girls, Qin Luosheng didn\'t dare to go too far, even though he was itchy, he could only hold back and wait until he would go offline before eating meat.

"Now that I have Xuanyuan Sword, it may be of great help to my next mission!"

How many sacred beasts exist, Qin Luosheng has never had the idea of ??fighting them, even now he holds the Xuanyuan Sword!


There must be a lot of trouble in the search for the Four Holy Beasts!

Being able to survive in the realm of the Four Saint Beasts is definitely not a good stubborn problem. How to break through the barriers when I was still having a headache, now that Xuanyuan Sword is in hand, it is much easier.

Blocking the way?

I cut it all the way!

See who dares to stop!

"My task is very urgent, and now I have reached level 79. Once I exceed level 80, I will lose the qualification to continue to get rewards in the land of the 70th level. Therefore, I have to change the level within a month. mission completed!"

Qin Luosheng said: "The World Martial Arts Conference will be held in half a month. In a disguised way, I only have half a month. After all, I cannot give up the World Martial Arts Conference. Whether the mission is completed or not, I will be Must let go!"

"come on!"

"Come on, captain!"

"Big Brother Crying Soul, I believe you!"

"Relax! You have Xuanyuan Sword in your hands now, what mission can\'t be accomplished?"


At the critical moment, the gentle encouragement and cheer of the soft girl can warm people\'s hearts even more.

Under the eyes of a group of girls full of trust and encouragement, Qin Luosheng instantly burst into confidence and swept away his depression!

"Thanks to your auspicious words!" Qin Luosheng smiled, and his eyes swept over Yingyingyanyan\'s sisters one by one, and said seriously: "Then let\'s work hard together! After half a month, I hope to see you too. In the land of the legacy, reborn!"

PS: Too much introduction. Nearly 1,000 words count as additional compensation!