Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1097: : The National Tool Xuanyuan, Humanitarian Warriors (Part 1)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1097: : The National Tool Xuanyuan, Humanitarian Warriors (Part 1)

Qin Luosheng suddenly opened the ranking list!

Look at it at a glance.


The ranking list has changed drastically!


The ones in front are the sisters of the Qingtian mercenary group.

no way.

The level rewards for the hidden missions were really too strong at the beginning. Everyone has been upgraded by 10 levels, which is not so easy to chase!


In the end, it is only between the super first-line and the first-line strength, and among them, only the woman of Scarlet Rose can sit on the super first-line, and ranks in the front of the super first-line.

Even though they were congenitally dominant, they were chased by a group of strong men due to their inability to succeed.

Especially the Eastern Emperor and Emperor Wu!

This level is overtaken all at once!

Donghuang, runner-up, +3 level!

Emperor Wu He Yi Qi Hua San Qing, third and third place, +2 level!

Fifth to eighth, level +1!

This is just a level reward. As for whether there are other rewards, Qin Luosheng doesn\'t know.


The sisters of the Qingtian Mercenary Group sent messages one after another, and Qin Luosheng also got a general idea!

Top 100, only a small amount of experience rewards, about 20% of this level!

Thirty-two strong, 40% experience of this level, and choose one of the professional equipment or skill books!

The top sixteen, 80% experience of this level, and this professional equipment and skill book combo!

Don\'t even look at even a level reward, in fact, this is already very good!

A certain percentage of high-level experience, if it is displayed in numbers, can be in units of tens of millions or even billions. Such a huge amount of experience, if it is not for special circumstances, it would take at least several days for ordinary leveling!


In addition to experience, there are also suitable equipment and skill books!

Although I don\'t know what it is, it seems like opening a blind box, but it depends on luck!

But as a reward for the martial arts conference, and it is the first martial arts conference, no matter what, the official dare not make it too shabby, even if it is bad, it will not be too bad to bear to witness!

"Champion, champion, champion,..."

"Weeping Soul, Weeping Soul, Weeping Soul,..."


After being teleported back to the ring, Qin Luosheng immediately felt the wild screams like a mountain whistling and a tsunami, especially those girls who didnt know where they were. All pierced!

After winning the championship and with amazing rewards, Qin Luosheng was also in a good mood. Even though he remained cold, did not speak or make any movements, he stayed in the ring for a while!

Teleport away!

Qin Luosheng returned to Luoshenju!

"Congratulations Master!"

"Congratulations Master!"


As soon as he got home, Qin Luosheng received Mengmeng and Qiluo\'s blessings, but Luo Li, who was blushing on the side, did not speak.

Even the heroic and brave leader of the Rose Knights, when faced with the major events of his life, he was still shy and a little girl.

"By the way, I have to congratulate Sister Luo Li, hehe!"

Mengmeng also noticed the situation, and immediately pointed the finger at Luo Li, and said jokingly.

"Well, sister Luo Li, congratulations!"

Qi Luo also nodded, and set the fire together with Mengmeng.


Luo Li, who was originally a bit shy, was now stabbed back like this by two good sisters, and suddenly couldn\'t stand it. He glanced at Qin Luosheng angrily, and then ran away in a hurry.

"Hey, the champion is handed, and the gift of marriage is a foregone conclusion. The imperial edict will come down soon, Xiao Luoli, you can\'t get away!"

Qin Luosheng did not chase.

He knows Luo Li very well. If he catches up at this time, it will only make her more embarrassed, more shy, and completely at a loss. It\'s better to let her cool down by herself!

He Mengmeng and Qiluo cultivated feelings for a while, and Qin Luosheng walked out of Luoshenju with great satisfaction.

After a long time getting along, I finally lived up to expectations and pulled the two girls\' favorability to 95 points, that is, I can talk to them!

However, Qin Luosheng was not so beastly yet. Even in the feudal period, three wives and four concubines were not too normal for titles and official titles like him, but his thoughts were different in the end.


As a man, especially a handsome man, he must be very fond of beautiful women, but there must be principles!

95 points of favor is just the basis of the basics, if it is the other thing, but Mengmeng and Qiluo are both beautiful women, proper helpers, such women, naturally can\'t treat them with the attitude of treating vases.

The slow strategy is that everything will happen naturally!

Food is immortal.

Tianzi box that is not open to the public.

Qin Luosheng and the sisters of the Qingtian Mercenary Corps greeted the wine!

This is a dinner for the members of the mercenary group, and it is also a celebration of his friends for this new champion of the martial arts conference!

"You have to upgrade to level 70 as soon as possible. The level 70 dungeon is very special and has a very powerful training effect!"

During the banquet, Qin Luosheng did not conceal it, telling all the benefits of the Land of Remains, and handing out a copy of the secretly recorded video.

"Well, this is too scary, right?"

Seeing the five different trial points in the video, the girls were amazed.

"This is just a nightmare mode, the real big head even I dare not enter now!"

Qin Luosheng sighed helplessly: "Don\'t underestimate this copy. Even though there are few monsters, the real difficulty lies in the extremely terrifying environment!"

"I have given you the standard of the nightmare mode. If you can\'t stand the difficulty, then put the goal below, choose a simpler mode, and after adapting, challenge the higher difficulty!"

The women speak for themselves.

Among them, one of them counts as one, and they can\'t hold it!

Not to mention, it was the temperature of the core area of ??the Land of Fire, which was as high as 1,000 degrees. Even Mu Mu, as a fire magician, would be unable to withstand such high temperatures, let alone other things.

"By the way, I first recommend the Land of Thunder Zee and the Land of Earth Zee!" Qin Luosheng said again: "The test of the land of Thunder Zee is thunder. It can exercise spiritual sense, speed, and physical reaction power, etc. There are many benefits."

"And in the land of the earth and zeal, the test is gravity. In the nightmare mode, the initial gravity at the entrance is about three times the normal gravity we are used to, and there is no monster intrusion, so you can rest assured and boldly practice."

"You are definitely not used to it at the beginning, but it doesn\'t matter. You can adjust according to your own situation. If you can hold it, move forward. The gravity will become stronger and stronger, and you will always find the most appropriate point!"

The girls nodded.

"how about you?"

Qing Si, who had been silent for a long time, asked suddenly.

"Me?" Qin Luosheng said: "I have a very important task to do, and it is also about the Land of the Remains. If this task is successful, then it is possible to complete the Land of the Remains of the Abyss Mode and get a dungeon reward!"