Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1094: : Absolutely crushed, the perfect resistance of the shield
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1094: : Absolutely crushed, the perfect resistance of the shield

"Good to say!"

The instant change of the Eastern Emperor, Qin Luosheng, who had a strong spiritual sense, naturally noticed it for the first time.

In fact, there is no need to deliberately feel it at all. The vigorous fighting spirit exuded by the Eastern Emperor at this moment can be felt by even dull people.

"Over Limit: Gift from the God of Elements!"

Donghuang used a trick.

An enchanting Guanghua suddenly rose up from him.

next moment.

His body shape changed and he became a small-sized **** of the elements!

"So plentiful of magic power!"

Qin Luosheng\'s eyes narrowed slightly, his expression condensed slightly, the Donghuang at this moment finally made him feel a little pressure, and he could no longer be as casual as before.


It\'s just a trace of pressure, and a little emphasis on it doesn\'t prove anything.

No matter how strong the ant is, it will not overturn the elephant in the face of absolute strength!

"It seems that you are going to be serious!"

Qin Luosheng asked.

"Also please... enlighten me!"

Donghuang looked serious, and didn\'t care how much stormy seas would be if he said this.

who is he?


One of the god-level masters entrenched in China, divides north and south with Emperor Wu, and fights against each other!

In the international arena, he is so famous, such a veteran strong, actually said the two words "enlightenment", that is to say, he lowered his head than the crying soul, this is incredible!

"Is that so?" Qin Luosheng thought for a moment, then took out the spare shield from his backpack, "So, that\'s okay! I\'ll just be a little more serious!"

Even the incomplete elemental **** enough to summon the Eastern Emperor, and the incomplete reckless martial **** summoned by Emperor Wu to directly hammer and explode the giant spirit **** projection, Qin Luosheng also has several ways to solve it.


The Eastern Emperor only relied on some of the power of the God of Elements, instead of summoning the God of Elements directly in the semifinals when fighting with Emperor Wu. Qin Luosheng only needed regular battles, and didnt need to be serious at all, let alone use his trump cards. Big move!

"Finally let you offer your shield?" Looking at the big shield that suddenly appeared in Qin Luosheng\'s hand, Donghuang\'s face was solemn, "As the shield of the sky, you have always been fighting with a sword. A shield battle, but using a frenzied battle, swept through the crowds, invincible, really scared people beyond words."

"Well, don\'t say that!" Qin Luosheng touched his nose, and said, "This is just an accident. Compared to the shield war that focuses on defense and beating, I still like the frenzied war that can kill people with a sword!"


Live audience:

The crowd in the live broadcast room:...

I fuck!

What the **** is this explanation?

This is the reason why you don\'t take a shield in a shield battle?

God tm likes to cut people with swords!

Since you like mad warfare, then you are a transfer mad warfare, let out the Sky Shield that you don\'t need, we need it, we like it!


Qin Luosheng didn\'t know that he was speaking sincerely, but was misunderstood as Versailles by countless people.


This is also a situation where other people don\'t know the inside story.

They didn\'t know that one player could have two or even more than two professions, coexisting at the same time!

If Qin Luosheng had no Demon Swordsman, no King of Fighters, and no Gorefiend, the other three hidden professions, even if the Great Shield was placed in front of him, he would not change his job!

The reason is as he just said, he likes to use the sword to cut people!


Many of the powerful skills Qin Luosheng obtained also require lethal weapons to trigger. After being transferred to the Sky\'s Shield, those skills will be abandoned!

But as a shield battle, why can Qin Luosheng use his sword without any obstacles?

Countless players expressed their incomprehension!


Even if the Destiny World is an extremely open world, it also has legal restrictions.

In layman\'s terms.

No matter what occupation you are, any weapon can be used, just like in the real world, you can hold a sword without knowing sword skills, and you can hold a gun without knowing how to shoot.

In the game, the same is true.

The magician can hold the shield and sword of the warrior, and the archer can also equip the magic wand that the magician can use!


These are just superficial phenomena.

You can equip other professional equipment that does not belong to your class, but it is only a surface, such as equipment effects and special effects, and incidental skills, etc., all cannot be triggered, that is, you can equip them, but only have viewing effects, except for that Besides, there is no other egg use!

And Qin Luosheng.

As a shield warrior of the Great Shield, the reason why he can use a sword to cut people is not restricted. One is that the special skill "proficient in both hands" gives him the ability to hold a shield in one hand and a sword in the other to attack and defend. One!


There is another reason, that is the influence of other professions!

What other professions?

Swordsman and Gorefiend!

Demon Swordsman is a demon and martial arts double break, naturally can take a sword, and blood demon, blood demon sword to understand!

It is precisely because of the abilities of these two professions that Qin Luosheng naturally does not have a shield war and can only use a shield as a weapon!

"Shoo, hoo..."

Donghuang acted.

One after another, the high-level magic that ordinary magicians cannot learn at this stage, only after the success of the 80th rank four, they have the opportunity to contact, in the hands of the Eastern Emperor, they can be used as if they dont need money. Not only is the scope huge, but also the five major ones. The elements cooperate with each other, the power is multiplied, and it is still instant!

"It\'s worthy of being the Five Elements Elementalist, worthy of being a magic fort!"

Qin Luo raised the shield, walked forward in the leisurely courtyard, and opened up the maximal spiritual awareness, allowing him to perceive all the magic of the Eastern Emperor for the first time, no matter what element, what path, what power... everything, All in control.


Constantly changing the position of the shield, easily and freely use the superpower of the Great Shield-perfect resistance, all magical attacks are blocked, the endless MISS, without the slightest damage!


This is only for a single magic attack, such as a range magic attack. Perfect resistance will not take effect. However, Qin Luosheng\'s three blessed [Sacred Body] skills are still there, and this damage is enough to make up for with his own recovery ability!

"Do you have any other tricks?"

Step by step, Qin Luosheng always keeps advancing at a constant speed. Under his control, the power of the Sky Shield is fully displayed. No matter how the Donghuang bombards, it will always have a single skill, all MISS!

And the effective group attack skill, the damage is like scraping, just like itching, it can\'t cause fatal damage at all!

As a magician, the biggest advantage is the output of the explosion. If you can\'t even hit the damage, or the damage is not enough to kill the target, then everything is meaningless.

"Perhaps this is beyond my ability, but I am unwilling to admit defeat at this point!"

The Eastern Emperor looked at the man who had walked in, only five meters away from him, who could attack him at any time, gritted his teeth and said: "...Even if I lose, I will fight to death in an upright manner, instead of surrendering! The body of the five spirits, the body of the elements, fusion!"