Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1082: : One sword kills the soul, space exile (Part 1)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1082: : One sword kills the soul, space exile (Part 1)

"Boom boom boom..."

The special blood-colored magma began to erupt!

Under the violent hammer of the giant spirit god, the entire land was shattered, so that after the ground was not bound by the ground, the magma sea hidden underneath also instantly revealed its original face.

That\'s not counting.

Because the giant spirit god\'s attack was too outrageous and violent, and the shock was so powerful, the magma that was originally flowing quietly, under this force, a powerful riot rose up and turned into a column of magma soaring to the sky!

This is the place known as the Demon Sea of ??Purgatory. At this moment, this real side is completely revealed, it is really like a purgatory, and no creatures can exist!

"Xiao Xiao, are you sure you want me to go up and find trouble, fight melee, and accumulate combat experience?"

Qin Luosheng, who stayed in the shadows, looked at the outside with a silly look at the big change in an instant, like the doomsday environment, and asked dumbfoundedly.


"This is not of a magnitude at all!" Qin Luosheng whispered: "I thought I was a big gangster, but I never thought that a mountain is actually higher than a mountain. I don\'t know, it is a matter of one gasification and three cleanliness. Hanging B, or the profession of Taoist priest is a BUG!"

"Relax, the power of the giant spirit **** is originally power, this is just a normal performance!" The small trail: "The power has reached such a peak, otherwise, it is definitely impossible to be as strong as power. So, as long as you don\'t Stupid, know how to use strengths and avoid weaknesses, then, with your abilities, it is enough to fight!"

Qin Luosheng:? ? ?

Are you kidding me?

When is the time, are you blind, this, you still let me go out for singles, and it is a close singles that is restricted?

I fuck!

People just smashed this land with a hammer. Don\'t say I was hit by a hammer on the front. Even if I touch it, it will be a small life, okay?

"Why, I\'m afraid, dare not?"

There was a little sarcasm, and Qin Luosheng instantly exploded.

Even though he knew that this was a low-level radical technique, Qin Luosheng was on the set.

Young man!

The blood is strong, not to mention the god, the second, and my third are so mad, but at least, the newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, who can they counsel?


She is also a pretty young girl like a little girl, or a pretty girl of the dragon clan, who is so despised and despised, which man can stand it?

Men, absolutely will not admit counsel in front of women!

Especially beautiful women!


Qin Luosheng suddenly emerged from the shadows, with swift steps, and ran directly from the feet of the giant spirit god. Under the action of Yinglongs wings, it was similar to the action of stepping on water and climbing trees in a certain ninja game. For him, As if walking on the ground!

"Boom boom boom..."

While running, Qin Luosheng was still attacking.

Holding the hand of the abyss, he turned on the [dominant] effect. With each punch, he did not see how much health was taken away by the giant spirit god, but at least, 5% of all attributes must be gone!


Will suffice!

"Sure enough, Xiao Xiao was right!"

Five punches fell in a row, at this time, the attack of the giant spirit **** was slowly coming!

Qin Luosheng unfolded the wings of the dragon, should run to fly, and swiftly avoided the capture of the giant hand of the giant spirit god!

"The strength is strong enough, but the speed of action is too slow, especially in front of a swift player like me, like a turtle crawling!"

After turning over, Qin Luosheng drew a perfect arc in the air, and instantly went around behind the giant spirit god, and then, the hand of the abyss squeezed into a fist and fell abruptly again.

Five punches hit again!

Add up before and after, for a total of ten punches!

[Overbearing] The effect has soared to the extreme peak!

Giant Spirit God projection, -50% of all attributes except health and mana!

"Will, go!"

To achieve the goal, Qin Luosheng immediately changed its form, changing the hand of the abyss from the fist form to the claw form.

"Shadow Escape!"

Another ability of Shadow Dun was used again, the easy and free teleport to avoid the ensuing attacks of the giant spirit god, and then, the old technique was re-applied, and the attack was fierce again!

The extremely sharp mythical equipment has turned into a terrifying claw shadow. Even in the form of a giant spirit **** of more than three hundred meters, the claw marks of the hand of the abyss are so small that they have been stung by a mosquito. A bite.


Myth level is myth level after all, not to mention a mere projection, even if the real body is here, it may not be immune to the BUG level effects of Hand of the Abyss!


The claw-shaped trick effect is also directly full!

The health of the giant spirit **** has been forcibly reduced to 50%!


The attack damage alone may not achieve such an effect. However, the effect of [Will] is that each hit can reduce the target\'s life limit by 5%, and the maximum effect is 50%!

The damage of a single claw is not enough to kill 5% of the life of the giant spirit god, but due to the effect of the ability, the upper limit of life is reduced by 5%!

in this way.

Even if the damage is insufficient, you have reduced the upper limit of life by 50%, and you have also played a disguised reduction of 50% of the total health of the giant spirit god!

And because this is the upper limit of life, not damage in the traditional sense, the original 100% peak state of the giant spirit **** is now only half of the original!

in other words.

Even if the giant spirit **** has the ability to recover later, because the upper limit is reduced, his upper limit at the moment is no longer the 100% level of the peak period, but the original 50%!

Intuitively speaking!

The original 10,000 points of health are only 5,000 at this moment, or the upper limit is 5,000. Whether it is skill recovery, self-recovery, or drug use, the peak that can be recovered is only 5,000. As for the additional 5,000 points that have been cut, it has been Can\'t come back!

This is the bug of Hand of the Abyss, it\'s just abnormal!

"This is really dangerous!"

Qin Luosheng evaded the attack of the Giant Spirit God once again, with cold sweat on his forehead, and his aura also consumed a lot of mental and physical strength because of being too focused, and became a bit disordered.

no way.

With an existence like the Giant Spirit God, who can\'t stand up to 120,000 points to deal with it?

after all.

The giant spirit **** can make countless mistakes, but he can\'t do it once, because one mistake means GAMEOVER and death!

"Danger is danger, but because of this, you can make breakthrough mutations under extreme oppression and extreme crisis. Flowers in the greenhouse can never grow!"

Qin Luosheng nodded in agreement.

In just a short time, he felt his progress!

"However, it\'s time to end. Otherwise, after such a delay, I will run out of physical strength. At that time, I will not have the physical strength to use the skills, even if there is a way to overcome it, I can\'t use it, so it will be disgusting to roll over! "