Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1077: : Destruction: One sword hurts 3 million
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1077: : Destruction: One sword hurts 3 million

"Forget it, let\'s do it step by step, clean up the miscellaneous soldiers first, and look for their masters to be unlucky!"

Qin Luosheng made a decision in an instant, and fixed his eyes on the zombies who had received the instructions of the three clearings, and were jumping towards him, "Quick battle, quick decision!"

The light on the body began to flicker!

Dealing with thirty 65-level enhanced silver BOSS in one fell swoop, and want to clean up quickly, and you can do it in an ordinary state, but for efficiency, it is undoubtedly better to increase the skill!

The Medal of Courage shines!

Sirius phantom appeared!

Scorching Holy Flame Blessing!

Qin Luo held up the golden sword, and instead of retreating, he rushed towards the thirty zombies.

Sword Qi rushes, holy flame burns!


The yellow seven-digit damage instantly exploded on the head of the front zombie!


The whole world was in an uproar!

That\'s right.

It\'s the whole world!

The Destiny First Mans Weeping Soul, truly openly fighting the strong, naturally attracted the attention of the world. Many players in the war zone even gave up watching the master showdown in their own theater, and went straight to Huaxia to watch the Weeping Soul\'s top four. Showdown!

Is it a truly unique powerhouse, or a straw bag with a silver-like pewter tip?

But in just over ten seconds, everyone is sure!

With one sword, more than three million damages were cut off. Is this the kind of damage that the current player can deal with?

Regardless of the 74th level of the Soul Cry, the level is absolutely suppressed, but due to system limitations and the decision of the Soul Cry itself, the level is suppressed to the same level as the player in the game, which means that it does not take advantage of it!

This means that everything has nothing to do with level suppression. This is the ability of the Weeping Soul Self that can be played out-normal damage! ? ? ?

The most powerful weapon of a zombie is undoubtedly its claws and teeth. There is corpse poison on the claws, and the fangs also have corpse poison, but the bigger one is the ability to draw blood, which can forcibly draw the blood clean, thus forming a lore!

This is a spear!

There is a spear and a shield!

The zombies shield is its body, as rigid as steel, invulnerable to swords, guns, water and fire. The ordinary way is nothing at all. Regardless of the Taoist priests ability to control the envoys and damage them greatly, the power of the envoys is a special secret method, which is extremely harmful. Big, that\'s because of special energy.

Take Fu Zhuan, for example, the characters who wrote Fu Zhuan are chicken blood with special ingredients, full of Yang Qi!

For example, the gossip mirror, which absorbs the sun\'s light from the first yang, is naturally a zombie nemesis from the most evil!

Qin Luosheng also learned how to make talisman seals. It was traded with Zhang Daoming, the little celestial master of Longhushan. However, the talisman seal technique records not the seal talisman for controlling the corpse, but the attacking talisman, such as falling thunder talisman, and auxiliary talisman. The seal is like a gust of wind, etc.!

But it doesn\'t matter.

I can\'t control it, just kill it!

Zombies belong to the existence of the dark system, and they hate the light and life, and of course, they are the most afraid!

Shengyan, it happens to be its absolute nemesis!

Five times the damage directly caused Qin Luosheng, who had only blessed three amplification skills, to cut more than three million health points with a single sword. Most of the credit was Sheng Yan!

One sword, one sword, another sword!

Qin Luosheng rushed all the way, the fierce zombie on the road didn\'t even have the qualifications to stop him. Wherever he went, the corpses were everywhere, there was no enemy of one, just like a **** of war!

"call out"

See this situation.

One Qi Hua Sanqing is also a little bit unable to sit still.

Thirty 65-level silver-level zombies can be regarded as stiff in the zombie level, even if they are not mature enough, they have reached this state.

It was originally summoned to increase the winning rate, but I didn\'t think about it, but I was chopping melons and vegetables like this, and it didn\'t even work at all. In addition to anger, there is also distress!

To know.

This hand is stronger than the Summoner Pluto of the hidden profession of the eight classics. After all, the Pluto only summons ten summoning pets, but he has summoned thirty of them!

War pets are not for nothing, and so are zombies!

If you want to cultivate a zombie, but also to such an extent, the effort and resources consumed are not ordinary!

Although being hacked now is not a real death, it can be resurrected at a certain price, but the summoning is just to show up, and it does not bring the slightest influence to the crying soul, which makes it very uncomfortable for the one-qi to three-qing.

Summoners greatest combat power is to rely on battle pets, one gasification and three cleansing is not, but the Taoist corpse chasing line is the same as the summoner, most of the combat power comes from the control of zombies!

and so.

All tactics revolve around zombies, and naturally there are Dao skills to enhance the abilities of zombies!

This is not.

A piece of talisman burned, turned into a clear light and flew toward the sky with a "shoo" sound, then burst open, turned into a rain of green light, and fell on the zombies!

next moment.

The zombies bathed in the light and rain seemed to be knocked out of medicine, and their bodies swelled up, from the original two meters up and down to about five meters!

Not only that.

His whole body has surged, and his physique is comparable to alloy!


Another sword fell.


This sword actually only chopped off more than one million health points, which is a huge difference from the original damage of more than three million!

Eye of the sky, open it again!


Has it evolved into a golden boss?

This hand.

Have a good time!

"One gas turns three clears, is this guy so comprehensive?"

Although the abilities of Taoist priests are extremely strong and comprehensive, it is undeniable that there are many branches of Taoism, and it is too outrageous to learn all the strengths of Taoism like one Qi and Sanqing, and to master them like an arm!

"That\'s the case, then I\'m not polite!-the holy dragon descends!"

The sacred dragon suit on his body exudes a rich golden brilliance, and the patterns on all the parts are combined to form a majestic golden dragon. At this moment, the golden dragons pupils release scorching brilliance, as if alive, wanting to rush out. , To cleanse demons.

This is the set skill of the holy dragon set!

In addition to the 150% increase in all attributes, and the +10 meter attack range that Qin Luosheng values ??extremely, as for the additional 10,000 points of flame burning damage, it is a little insignificant with millions of damage at every turn.

"It\'s a pity, it\'s a pity that this is a group of zombies, just a bunch of corpses, no pain, otherwise, with my [Five Poison Demon Orbs] [Five Poisons] effect, it is enough to make them cry for their fathers and mothers, and they will not want to live!"

With a 10-meter increase in attack range, Qin Luosheng\'s sword beam can be swung farther, and now, the chance of being surrounded is greatly reduced, because the zombies can\'t get close at all, they have been hacked to death by him!

Less than a minute!

Thirty zombies, all killed, fell under Qin Luosheng\'s sword!

"A good layman!"

Yi Qi Hua San Qing sighed and dropped his hands!

Thirty zombies, if all of them are resurrected, how many resources will they have to eat?


What is the solution?

I didnt let those stupid zombies fight by instinct just now, but he was controlling it in secret. In other words, he and the Weeping Soul were fighting in the air, except that the Weeping Soul ended up in person, and he let the zombies take the place. I\'m fighting!

"The strength gap, is it so big?"