Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1073: : Yin and Yang Five Elements Gods VS Kaitian Yidao
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1073: : Yin and Yang Five Elements Gods VS Kaitian Yidao

"Emperor Wu, you lost this battle!"

While gathering his tricks, the Eastern Emperor was also secretly observing.

When seeing Emperor Wu\'s chest, the wound that was pierced by his own Five Elements Divine Punishment bullet, which was still bleeding at the moment, the corners of Dong Huang\'s mouth slightly aroused.

details make a difference!

Powerful people like him and Emperor Wu, evenly matched powerhouses, want to win and win against each other, only to see who is more detailed, or environmental and other factors, the influence of climate factors, see who God helps, stand On which side!

Todays battle, if not unexpected, he should have won!


Emperor Wu is injured!

How can a wounded Emperor Wu be able to fight against him who is intact, but only consumes a little bit more, this last move?

If it\'s an ordinary minor injury, it\'s fine, but unfortunately, this injury is not a minor injury!

No one knows better than him, how terrifying the Five Elements Zhu Shenbang is!

The penetrating power that pierces the body is just one of the small characteristics!

The biggest effect of the Five Elements Punishment Bullet is that the negative effects attached to the Five Elements element

The paralysis of thunder, the bleeding of wind, the burning of fire, the corrosion of water, the gravity of earth!

This taste is not so pleasant!

If it is an ordinary person, no, even in this virtual world, such an injury that the body has been pierced, plus five major negative effects, even if there is no instant death, the distance to death has entered a countdown.

But Emperor Wu is Emperor Wu after all, how could his old enemy fall so simply?

Not only can I hold it out now, it seems that it hasn\'t been affected much yet, and the fighting power still exists, let alone death?

"YinFive Elements Punishment Bullet!"

"YangFive Elements Punish God Bullet!"

Donghuang, one left and one right, both hands burst into energy at the same time, forming a golden five-element god-punishing bullet, a silver five-element god-punishing bullet, even though it is the same five-element god-killing bullet, but compared to the previous one, this Two of them are injected with yin and yang power respectively, which are obviously much stronger!

The five elements are gold, wood, water, fire, and earth!

And the elements!

It is wind, thunder, water, fire, and earth!

The essence of the world that was originally constructed was just the earth, the water and the fire, and the existence of thunder was aloof, not among the basic elements of construction!

Gold and wood were born after the formation of the world. Gold is the general term for all metals, and wood is the symbol of the birth of life!

The five elements have formed a new basic framework for stabilizing the world!


Wind, thunder, yin, yang, space, time, etc. are calculated separately!

in other words.

Earth wind, water and fire are the foundation of the formation of the world!

The five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth are the foundation of world stability and development!

Other elements.

It doesn\'t matter if it is missing.

At most, there is no concept of space and time, but yin and yang, no life will be born, but the world without life is already a formed world, and it really exists!

The current Eastern Emperor.

Two shots of the Five Elements Divine Punishment Bullets strengthened with the help of the power of Yin and Yang are almost like reshaping the earth, wind, water and fire, replaying the world, making the world tremble, seeming to be afraid of this blow that seems to be enough to destroy the world. !

"I have a knife that can kill demons, kill demons, punish gods, kill Buddhas,..."

Facing the Eastern Emperor\'s attack that could smash even the world, Emperor Wu\'s expression was calm, the ancient well was waveless, and he was holding a broad sword. His whole body was condensed to the extreme with evil aura and murderous aura, entwining him like two wild dragons.

"Open! God!"

The simple and heavy sword absorbed all the spirit and spirit of Emperor Wu, and even the Qi Manlong manifested by his fighting spirit was wrapped around the sword.


Just like the roar of the gods, heaven and earth trembled!

next moment.

Accompanied by Emperor Wu\'s violent waving, that indescribable knife was slashed out.

This knife is not like the one just now. The knife cut open the five elements of the Eastern Emperor\'s combination of magic, just like opening a heavenly gate!

Opening the gate of heaven, just cut open the gate of heaven, nothing more!

But now.

This knife, but it is open to the sky!

What opens the sky?

Open the sky!

Just like Donghuangs yin and yang, five elements, punishing the magic bullet, powerful, surging energy, as if to repeat the earth and water and reshape the world!

The sword of Emperor Wu slashed the sky and the earth, possessing the ultimate destructive power, as if he was about to smash a whole world into pieces!

A creation!

One to destroy the world!


These two guys are natural enemies!

"This talent is at least SS level, right?"

Qin Luosheng was also astonished and horrified!

Even though he has never underestimated the Eastern Emperor and Emperor Wu, after all, the name of the human shadow tree, the two great mythical powers of China, is a unique existence that is one grade higher than other masters, how can it be lost? Relying on hype?


The performance of the confrontation between the two did not shame their reputation!


The sky is trembling, the situation changes!

The magic bullet formed by two ultimate elements, and the violent sword energy that represents the ultimate strength, "golden wind and jade dew meet in joy", and the most beautiful and gorgeous "flower" blooms in an instant!

"Who\'s winning?"

The live screen was completely submerged under the endless turbulence of energy, especially the yin-yang and five-element divine bullets that burst open, turning into colorful energy elements, overflowing, occupying most of the space, letting the East Emperor and the Emperor Wu. It was completely submerged, and it was completely invisible at the moment.

The roar and blast continued for three minutes before slowly stopping.

What was originally a clear sky, between the wispy clouds, is now in a mess, and the scene has long since disappeared from the Eastern Emperor and Emperor Wu!

"Does this all die?"

Qin Luosheng was dumbfounded.

This is not unexpected.

In the horrible collision just now, the superpowers erupted by the two unique tricks are almost like a battle of gods. The Eastern Emperor and Emperor Wu, who are in the center of the battlefield, have already drained them out. Can also resist such bombing.

It might be able to hold on for a while, but for three full minutes of bombardment, even if Qin Luosheng\'s sobbing soul went up, it might only be wiped out!

"Ding, the first game of the semifinals, Donghuang won!"

The cold voice of the system finally came to an end.


There was an uproar in the entire Huaxia Theater, plus countless sneaky spectators from all over the world.

"No, it\'s impossible, how could the gang leader lose?"

Players from the Tyrant Guild were the first to express dissatisfaction!


Questions of various colors followed one after another, endless.

This battle.

Countless people are fascinated and completely fanned.

Even if it is not for idols, but for the doubts in my heart, I also want to know why Donghuang wins and Wudi loses!


The system did not have a final word, overbearing and dictatorial, but revealed the scene just now on the screen.

The turbulence of energy formed by the explosion was removed, and the bodies of the Eastern Emperor and Emperor Wu, who were originally blocked, were revealed.

"What? It is so! Alas, what a pity!"