Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1071: : War of the Old Enemy: Elemental God VS Arakawa God
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1071: : War of the Old Enemy: Elemental God VS Arakawa God

"what is this?"

The players who watched the game immersively on the scene were going crazy.

Even though they are in a state of blurring and are not in any way harmed, in order for them to get the most extreme experience, the system has no sensory adjustments at all.

This time.

That\'s so sour!

Facing this moment, Emperor Wu, who called the spirits and descended from the gods, transformed into a fierce and fierce form of fifty meters, surrounded by an indescribable terrifying aura, and descended into the world like a god.

That monstrous power swept the world, overwhelming the world, and mortals should not be violated. For a while, I dont know how many players could not bear it and showed horror. On the ground, unable to move.

"Is this your trump card? As expected, you deserve to be a Martial God, you deserve to be Emperor Wu!"

The imprisonment of the Five Elements was broken, and the Donghuang was also not comfortable.

Even though this prison of the five elements is not the kind of special ability that is connected to his blood and mind, he will be damaged if he is broken by brute force, but in order to build this magic array, he has used a lot of magic power.

The holy spirit and safety of a magician lies in magic power. Once the magic power is exhausted, it is a lamb to be slaughtered. It is not like a physical occupation. Relying on a powerful physical attack to level A, isn\'t it?

Change to a magician.

If you ask him to try to level A, I am afraid that he is not even qualified for scraping!

In the old days.

An existence like Donghuang doesn\'t worry too much at all. With his financial resources, he is afraid of being like ordinary poor players, not willing to drink potions?


There are so many professional life players in the East Emperor Pavilion. They have already piled up their proficiency under the investment regardless of cost. At this moment, the refined potions are better than those sold in the system store, except for Qin Luosheng from Longdao. The purchased potion can perfectly suppress one side, and no one can beat it anymore.


The martial arts conference is not allowed to take drugs. In this way, apart from your own recovery ability and skill recovery, whether it is health or mana, once it runs out, it will be completely GG!

The five elements are indeed powerful, but everything has pros and cons. The price of a powerful profession is that it consumes extremely high!

The five element magic can be used, and the power is more powerful than the magic of ordinary magicians. Therefore, the consumption of any magic is much greater than that of other magicians!

Don\'t look at Donghuang from beginning to end and didn\'t use much magic, but the tricks he used were all magic that consumes extremely high range!

"You know you also have a hole card that is definitely not weaker than me!"

With the move of Emperor Wu\'s huge body, the flow of clouds was broken, and the heavens and the earth changed. It was really like the same god, with great power in every gesture!

"Use it, otherwise, die!"

The dull voice is just like thunder trembling, the heart of Emperor Wu\'s arrogant Valkyrie is exactly the same as his personality, disdainful of sneak attacks, and disdainful of taking advantage of others.

Even though he had the upper hand now, he did not take advantage of this opportunity to attack the Eastern Emperor and kill him!


It is not really possible to use this period of poor skills to destroy the Eastern Emperor, but it is undeniable that the Emperor Wu at this moment has indeed grasped the situation of the battle!

"Is it a quick fight?" Donghuang squinted his eyes at the fifty-meter-high Emperor Wu, with a calm smile on his mouth, "Alright, let\'s make a quick fight!"

In the game of masters, the outcome is only within one thought, within one move, or even within half of it!


That would also have to be a well-matched opponent!

If you really let the Donghuang and Emperor Wu let go and fight without restrictions, you can sip the potion at will, and you can summon pets, then you don\'t know how long it will take to determine the outcome.


Between this victory and defeat, it is not because of their own reasons. The high probability is a tie. The key to success or failure lies in other factors, such as props, scrolls, pets, and so on!

after all.

This is a game, data first, props are king!

"The body of the five spirits, the body of the elements, fusion!"

At the top of the Eastern Emperors scepter, the radiant five-color gems released five rich brilliance, namely the light of pure white thunder, the light of blue wind, the light of crimson fire, and the blue water. The light, the light of bright yellow earth!

at the same time.

The body of the Donghuang himself was also shining, like a black hole, the crazy whale swallowing the five-color light that represents the power of the five elements!

"Is it here again?"

The two hangers are forced to fight, which is a bitter for a group of spectators next to them.

Having just adapted to the breath of Emperor Wu, this product has also been uncontrollable during the transformation period. At this moment, the breath is restrained and controlled, without excessively spreading out, thus allowing the newly embarrassed crowd to breathe.

But now.

Donghuang is here again fucking!

Wearing a cloak of enveloping energy, the whole person looks gleaming, with five element magic **** representing the five elements lingering behind him, holding a scepter, looking like a god.

Even though the size is only about five meters, it is far inferior to Emperor Wu, and it is ten times different, but this momentum is not weak at all, and it will fight against Emperor Wu and not let the wind fall!

The **** of elements transformed by the Eastern Emperor, with mysterious and noble aura, unfathomable!

The savage **** of war transformed by Emperor Wu, has a savage and violent aura, and is rampant!

These two different types of scores seem to be completely opposite, completely opposite!

No wonder.

No wonder Donghuang and Emperor Wu are old enemies!

It is not due to the region where they are located. One north and one south are kings of each other. If they want to be unified, they will be emperors, achieving uniqueness!

It is not that the forces behind it are hostile to each other!


It should be because of the Eastern Emperor and Emperor Wu himself!

The fate is different, and it is hostile!

Is there any way?

This is inherently wrong!

"Come on, fight!"

Seeing Donghuang also lifted his hole card, he never expected that it was a similar existence to his own hole card, and also transformed. Emperor Wu suddenly became excited, his eyes were bloodshot, like a reckless man who had been abstained for thousands of years, he was directly reckless. Come here.

"Lei\'s Power: Ten Thousand Laotian Yin!"

"The power of the wind: the wind will kill you!"

"The power of fire: the sky burns the world!"

"The power of water: the raging sea screams!"

"The power of the earth: the stars sink and the earth moves!"

Facing the violent invincibility, the Eastern Emperor didn\'t dare to hide his clumsy power as if a sword could open the sky, and made five magic spells. (Five~Lian~fa is also a sensitive word?)

The Donghuang in this state is simply a magical machine running away!

Five high-level and high-level magics, vaguely showing signs of forbidden spells, were thrown out by him, five in a row, and all of them were instantaneous, making the scalp numb!

There are five thunderstorms in the sky, and the damage is super!

There is sharp wind cutting, flame burning, and flooding water!

The ground shakes the mountain and restricts movement!

This is not a fusion magic, but a combo skill!

According to the characteristics of different attacks, a complementary situation is formed, resulting in an effect of 1+1>2, which is a combination technique!

"Give me - get out!"

The sword light suddenly rose, and the sound was thunderous.

Facing the moves of the Eastern Emperor, Emperor Wu moved, raised the sword in his hand, a horrible reckless aura, shaking out!