Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1066: : The words of Xuanwu are shocking
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1066: : The words of Xuanwu are shocking

Not only Qin Luosheng, but basically 99.99% of the players in Destiny World.


Strictly speaking, it can be regarded as there!

That\'s a career transfer mentor, or a scroll to hide the career scroll!

Ordinary players, transfer jobs and learn skills from the transfer mentor!

Hidden professional players, from the hidden profession scroll to comprehend the unique ability of hidden professions!

After all.

Most of the time, I\'m exploring on my own!

It just gives you the ability and the direction to move forward. It won\'t teach you hand-in-hand, and will not plan carefully for you!

in this way.

Players can only learn from their own continuous battles and strengthen themselves with equipment skills and props, and become stronger in this way!

"Thinking that I am a dignified traverser, there is no system, nor grandfather, it is really sad enough! If it weren\'t for God\'s eyes opened, three birthmarks still exist, the awakening of the battle awakens the Lord of the stars, and it is considered to be open. Otherwise, I really don\'t know how to mix!"

Qin Luosheng was very helpless.

In his previous life, he was just an otaku. He really didn\'t have any abilities!


The otaku also has the advantage of the otaku. At least, I have read a lot of books, especially those fantasy novels that can only be used for fun on the earth but other useless fantasy novels. Here in Blue Star, in the world of Destiny, that can be unpredictable. It\'s fickle.

Can be regarded as hidden and opened a small hang!

The most intuitive is the Nine Secrets in "One Hand Covers the Sky"!

After reading the Dao Zang in the world of destiny, I realized it!

If you haven\'t read the novel "A Hand Covers the Sky", it would be strange to understand it!


Comprehension is comprehension, but it is too superficial, it is impossible to master it at all!

other aspects.

The same is true.

Qin Luosheng is not without the guidance of "Grandpa"!

This "grandfather" is the little one!



Not to mention it!

Xiaoxiao has this qualification and ability, but this Nizi is simply lazy to the extreme.

Perhaps it is because of the characteristics of the dragon clan that they like to sleep like a damn, and sleep in units of "years".

If it weren\'t for the fact that I often clamored her to come out to eat, have fun, fight, ... completely as a person instead of looking at it as a dragon, it is estimated that Xiao Xiao can sleep in the pet space until the sky is dark!

after all.

Xiao Xiao not only has the characteristics of dragons, but is now in a mature stage. There are still many inheritance memories that have not been digested. Sleeping is the practice method of the dragon clan!

For the special training method in the Land of Remains, Xiaoxiao just mentioned a few words casually. As for the main program and the like, there is nothing!

Damn it!

"You already know the origin of the Land of Remains! In addition to the Land of the Five Elements, there is another place here, and that\'s where the real sacred land of salvation lies."

Xuanwu said: "Only by passing the test of the Land of the Five Elements and being recognized by our five guardians, can we open the door to there with the imprint of the Five Elements as the key!"

Qin Luosheng\'s breathing suddenly became short.

So to say.

The only reward for the copy he was thinking of was in that place!

"Then, what should I do?"

Qin Luosheng asked expectantly.

"No, you are not qualified yet!"

Xuanwu\'s words caused Qin Luosheng\'s face to collapse in an instant.


Not qualified yet!

I was so excited just now that I forgot this moment.

It wasn\'t that Xuanwu was humiliating him, but it was indeed not qualified.


This is a copy of the nightmare mode, not the abyss mode!

Only through the abyss mode can the only hidden reward of the dungeon be taken away!


"Nightmare mode is so terrifying, how abnormal is the abyss mode?"

Qin Luosheng couldn\'t even think about it.

Needless to say.

The most terrifying factor of the real battlefield is eliminated first. Other aspects alone are enough for Qin Luosheng to drink a pot!

For example, the flames in the land of fire are stronger and the temperature is higher;

For example, the weak water is heavier and the glacier is colder;

For example, the Thunder in the Land of Thunder is more violent and falls faster;

For example, the wind is stronger in the land of wind, and the strangulation intensity of tornado is higher;

As well as the land where it is now, its gravity is even more abnormal.

Can\'t think about it at all.

I shudder when I think about it!

"You don\'t have to be discouraged!"

Xuanwu looked at Qin Luosheng, who was sinking for an instant, and comforted: "For the past and present, you can achieve yours, pass through the land of the five elements, and be recognized by our five guardians, only the number of hands! And the final test, even more. From ancient times to the present, there is no one!"

"You are very young, and having such an achievement shows that you have great potential! Moreover, even if the mixed energy in you has a great influence on your future path, it is undeniable that you can have them at the same time and control them. , It is blessed by the heavens!"

"The Land of the Relics is once a holy land of salvation, bathing the blessings of all souls in the world. Even if it is for all living creatures and treats them equally, only those with great luck can have the opportunity to enter here! In other words, ordinary creatures, even if they arrive. The entrance to the Land of the Remains, you can\'t step into it either."

"You can come to the Land of the Relict, which proves that you are predestined here, and that you are also a person who contains great fortune and is blessed by the sky. The prerequisite is already there. Next, the test is your character, perseverance, will, etc Wait!"

Some words made Qin Luosheng fully understand!

What do you understand?


Having said so much, one word is highlighted-dishes!

The translation of Xuanwus words is: Although the land of the legacy is for any creature, not everyone can enter. Everyone who enters is not the life of the protagonist. However, when you enter, you only get a key. As for whether you can rely on it. Open the key to the treasure, it depends on your own ability, and now you are too barren and weak, you should go back to practice and start again!


"Thank you, senior, for your doubts!"

Even though his heart is full of grooves, Qin Luosheng still salutes respectfully.

Isnt it worth thanking someone for answering your questions?

Cooking is your own business. This is a fact. Is there any nonsense or humiliation to you? Why can\'t you accept it?

"Good temperament!" Seeing that Qin Luosheng didn\'t mean to be dissatisfied at all, Xuanwu smiled, "With your talent, maybe we will meet again soon. At that time, I hope you can truly pass the trial and stay here. Take away the baby who has flooded the endless years!"

"Although it has been separated from the body for too long and has not been connected, I can feel the power of evil is recovering. This is still the case in this remote legacy. It is conceivable to what extent the situation at the frontier of the universe will be."

"The catastrophe is coming, and every time a robbery comes, there will always be a catastrophe. I don\'t know if you are a catastrophe, but I hope you are. Take away the treasures in the Land of Remains and deal with them sooner. The evil forces have one more chance of winning!"

I fuck.

What a big melon.

How did this involve the cosmic catastrophe again?

My **** thing is just a cute new person, such an exaggerated thing, I have nothing to do with the rain, don\'t find me!


Without waiting for Qin Luo to change his appearance and inquire about one or two detailed information, the next moment, his vision turned, and he had already returned to where he started.

"Ding, congratulations on passing the trial of Xuanwu, the Guardian of the Earth and Ze, and gaining experience points: 5000W+ and 10,000 reputation points!"