Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1064: : Steel Will, Unyielding Heart
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1064: : Steel Will, Unyielding Heart

Qin Luosheng gasped.

With palms on his knees, he stood half-bent and rested on the spot.

His unwillingness!

His anger!

His strong desire to climb to the top of the mountain is no, to be precise, it is will, or ambition!

I feel it!

Really feel it!


She looked at Qin Luosheng and said nothing.


In that beautiful dragon pupil, the distressed color inadvertently revealed, but completely betrayed her thoughts at the moment!

If it is possible, Xiao Xiao really wants to fly over, pick up Qin Luosheng, and fly to the top of the mountain!

But she can\'t!


This is the hardship a man must go through!

It is also the temper that a strong man must go through!

The only thing she can do now, besides silent support, is company!

In the absence of Bingbing, Da Mo Lone Smoke has not been summoned since he stepped into the land of the earth and ze. Now she is the only one who can accompany Qin Luosheng!

"Little...little, long will...time?"

As if affected by Xiaoxiao\'s scorching gaze, Qin Luosheng tilted his head slightly, breathing heavily, and asked intermittently.

"Don\'t worry about time, I won\'t let you miss the martial arts conference!"

A little replied.

"Is it...? Then...good!!"

Qin Luosheng smiled hard, then looked resolutely at the top of the mountain, "I, today, will conquer...this mountain, high...the head top of the mountain!"

With super strong belief and will, Qin Luosheng didn\'t know where the power came from, and his trembling legs, like lead, started to move again.

He is human!

A normal person! (Other players: ??? Hanging to force Laozi to roll)

Compared to the dragons who are not only blessed by the heavens and are extremely strong, they are also the real dragons with extremely strong bloodlines, and they control the power of the earth elements.

But people!

That\'s it.

Congenital defects can be remedied with the day after tomorrow!

Weak is the strongest in a sense!

Because it is weak, I want to become strong, and I want to become strong desperately!

I want to become stronger!

The heart that wants to win!

Such a huge ambition!

It is the strongest catalyst for the weak human race to reach the highest realm, and it is also the most fundamental reason for the human race to defeat many innate clans and become the lord of all spirits!


Twenty times?

So what?

Xiao Xiao is so heeled and powerful, but she is not ignoring gravity. She is also affected by gravity, but due to various factors, the impact is far less serious!

at this point.

Qin Luosheng saw it thoroughly.

Even though Xiaoxiao is still graceful, she is still floating in the air, without being forced by gravity, pressed to the ground, but the height of her floating body is far lower than that of the other four elements. , It can be seen!

"Even Xiaoxiao\'s talent is still suppressed. A weak layman like me, just an ordinary human being, what\'s wrong with what I have encountered now?"

Qin Luoshengs heart was filled with wild violent violent snarling, and he roared and roared: "I am like this today, but it doesnt mean that I will still be like this in the future. Xiaoxiao can lift heavy weights under twenty times the gravity with graceful posture, why cant I do it? At this point, even stronger?"

Special training in the land of Lei Ze, special training in the land of wind and the mind, and now special training in the physical body in the land of Tuze!

Suffered a lot.

Isn\'t it just for this? Isn\'t it just to become stronger?

In time.

Not only can I walk on the ground and walk smartly under twenty times the gravity, but I can even play a **** small CASE!

"Move up!"

Like the idea of ??self-hypnosis, Qin Luosheng once again burst out of potential.


The interlinked little, immediately noticed Qin Luosheng\'s inner thoughts.

Seeing Qin Luosheng who was bowed down by gravity, like a hunched old man, she subconsciously wanted to help.


This thought just came up, and then it was extinguished by her!

Now intervene, everything that Qin Luosheng did before has all turned into useless work!

"Come on!"

Xiao Xiao suddenly fell from the air, changing from a dragon shape to a human shape.

She followed Qin Luosheng, following each step, looking at the embarrassed figure with beautiful eyes, a heart, unconsciously concerned, trembling about it!

"I can, can\'t, here, fall down!"

Qin Luosheng clenched his teeth tightly, and the huge force shook his gums out of blood, and blood had long been spilled from the corner of his mouth. It was caused by the tip of his tongue that he bit!

Pain is not the fundamental solution to the problem!

But I have to say.

Pain is the simplest and most effective and rude, and the effect is extremely fast, anyone can do it!

It is one thing for Qin Luosheng to be strong-willed, and one thing to be firm-minded, but it does not prevent him from using the same method that ordinary people often use!

This land of soil and zephyr, that really made him suffer!

Especially the short distance below this mountain peak, just like the sky, every step is like crossing the long march!

It\'s deadly!


Qin Luosheng also knew.

This pass.

Perhaps the simplest and the least tested level!


Because there is no monster to stop it from beginning to end, the tester will not suffer any harm. The only test is the gravity factor, nothing else!


Is gravity alone enough?


Not right!

Gravity really caused Qin Luosheng to suffer, and was extremely embarrassed. It took twice or even three times the time of other elemental land!


Forgot a factor-


Little particularity, it is destined that as long as she wants, she can easily take Qin Luosheng to complete the trial and bring him to the top of the mountain, without Qin Luosheng\'s hard climbing step by step!

in other words.

If it is for the purpose of clearing customs, not for practicing, then Xiao Xiao goes out, Qin Luosheng, under Xiao Xiao, can fly to the top of the mountain in at most ten minutes!

This is why this land of soil is the easiest level!

Want to pass.

It\'s easy, anytime you can!


This is a special practice and a unique test.

Qin Luosheng chose to accept special training and awaken special abilities like the Land of Lei Ze and the Land of Wind and Zee!

This is not abuse, but the right choice as a man!


Now there is Xiaoxiao, who can let her take the flight, what about the future? It is impossible for Xiaoxiao to come forward to solve the problem every time. What if he encounters a force majeure enemy? Who else can you rely on?

Only when you are hard and strong enough can you guarantee the beauty of the world, at least, to ensure that your beauty will not be destroyed!

In the past, there was no way to want such an opportunity, and I couldn\'t ask for it. Now, it can be said to be a godsend!