Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1063: : Twenty times the gravity, go up to the top of the mountain
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1063: : Twenty times the gravity, go up to the top of the mountain

"You only need special training, leave the rest to me!"

With Qin Luosheng\'s mind connected, Xiaoxiao naturally noticed Qin Luosheng\'s scruples for the first time, and immediately made the same promise as in the land of Lei Ze.

"it is good!"

With a small promise, Qin Luosheng was temporarily relieved.

He only needs to focus on the special training, just like avoiding the thunder in the land of thunder, other external threats will be handled by Xiao Xiao, don\'t worry!

This is great!

Twice the gravity!

Triple gravity!

Four times the gravity!

Qin Luosheng worked so hard and spent a full two hours before he finally finished the mountain road that was less than five kilometers away!

Two hours, five kilometers!

For Qin Luosheng\'s speed, it\'s not like a turtle crawling, but it\'s almost the same!

"Next, the highlight is coming!"

The mountain road is just an appetizer.

The real test is mountain climbing!

The five-kilometer high mountain is just like a heavenly palace, high above the sky, and mortals cannot climb it!

"Just at the foot of this mountain, the gravity has reached four times, going up, I really don\'t know how much it will soar!"

While Qin Luosheng sighed, his face was a little ugly.

An opener player like him is still struggling. If he were to be another player, he would have fallen down a long time ago!

Ordinary people can withstand about three times the weight of gravity, while trained elites with strong physique can reach up to five times.

of course.

A special existence such as an astronaut will have a stronger endurance, and the limit may reach ten times the level. It is simply a superman!


This is the world of destiny, the world of fantasy, and it is natural that we cannot generalize with reality!

Qin Luosheng preliminarily estimated that normal players should be able to reach about five times the peak, which is equivalent to those high-strength physique elites in the real world!

There is basically no exact measurement standard!


This has nothing to do with strength, it has nothing to do with level!

And because of its particularity, the land of the soil is very friendly to fighters. After all, the stronger the body, that is, the stronger the physique and strength, the better the anti-gravity effect!

in this way.

Shield fighters have the most advantage, followed by Berserkers!

As for the magician, alas, go to sleep!

That\'s right.

It\'s so unfair!

It\'s all about occupational discrimination!


On the whole, the Land of Remains is fairly fair!


The land of Tusawa is not friendly to magician players!


Where are the previous waters and fires?

Is it friendly to shield warriors and berserkers?

Everyone is suffering!

If you want to clear the land of the legacy, every profession has its own advantages and disadvantages!


It is like a profession like the Eastern Emperor, the Five Elements Elementalist, who can control the five elements of wind, thunder, water, fire, and earth, will take advantage of it!

"Five times the gravity?"

Just stepping into the road up the mountain, the gravity changed in an instant, and Qin Luosheng was ready, and he couldn\'t help bending his body, staggering, so he didn\'t fall to the ground!

"This is too difficult, right?"

Qin Luosheng with five times the gravity is still able to hold it, not easy, but it is far from reaching the limit.


Be prepared for danger.

Now that it has five times the gravity, the guess that there is only ten times the gravity on the mountain is absolutely optimistic in optimism!

"Forget it, go one step at a time!"

Now, Qin Luosheng has no other way.

This is a test, and he has to do it down-to-earth.

not to mention.

He doesn\'t seem to be capable of sneaking and raping!

There are only two ways to change the ever-increasing gravity, one is to completely destroy this land, and the other is to let the guardian boss come forward to solve the problem.


He can\'t do either of the two methods!

Five times the gravity!

Six times the gravity!

Eight times the gravity!

Ten times the gravity!

After climbing for more than three hours, Qin Luosheng was able to walk halfway up the mountain!

And here.

Gravity is already ten times that of normal!


Qin Luosheng only had a thin novice cloth on his body, sweating all over, and panting like a cow. His face was rosy and pale, which was a sign of some loss of strength after strenuous exercise.

"I had overestimated it as much as possible. I didn\'t think about it. It was still too naive. Half a mountain is ten times the gravity. The mountain top has to be doubled the last time, reaching the level of twenty times the gravity!"

Ten times the gravity.

Qin Luosheng was completely able to accept it.

after all.

His current physique is much stronger than that of special talents like astronauts. Today, he is a man who can ignore even thermal weapons and low-end high-precision weapons!


People do have the ability to adapt to the environment, but that all requires a process of adaptation!

Like Qin Luosheng, now, for a few hours, wanting to completely lift his body from the normal condition that he has been used to for so many years to the level of ten times the gravity, how can it be done all at once?

It\'s like a person can only eat one steamed bun. Can you make him eat ten steamed buns in one go?

The goal can only be achieved after constant snacking and expanding the stomach little by little. The hardship and the absolutely not short time are not enough for outsiders.

Qin Luosheng\'s adaptability is much better than ordinary people. According to the truth, it has been four or five hours before and after, so he should have adapted long ago!

This is the wrong idea.

From beginning to end, Qin Luosheng has been adapting, never stopped!


Because gravity keeps changing!

I just adapted to twice the gravity, the next moment, I entered the area of ??three times the gravity, and I had to adapt again!

After finally getting used to three times the gravity, immediately stepped into the area of ??four times the gravity,...

So back and forth.

"carry on!"

After looking at the time, it was running out.

Qin Luosheng took a heavy breath, gritted his teeth, and continued climbing!

Eleven times the gravity!

Thirteen times the gravity!

Fifteen times the gravity!

Seventeen times the gravity!

Twenty times the gravity!

Lead in the legs, trembling!

Sweating all over, like fished out of the water!

The temple keeps beating, the pupils are congested and bloodshot!

The vision is even more vague, swaying, and the will is beginning to collapse, it seems that the next moment is about to faint!

There are numerous signs!

Qin Luosheng is already on the verge of his limit!


He hasn\'t reached the top of the mountain yet!


As if the heavy breathing sound of pulling a bellows continuously came out of Qin Luosheng\'s mouth, his feet became hydrated in this short period of time.

Sweat drips into the ground and mixes with the dust and soil. Because of the large amount, it is not just a simple wetting, but it can\'t die as if it is stirred and becomes thin mud.

"Is that the end?"

Qin Luosheng opened his somewhat vague eyes, looking at the mountain top that was close at hand but still as if far away in the sky, his heart was slightly depressed, but also full of strong unwillingness.

Twenty times the gravity has not reached the top of the mountain!

Come on!

It\'s just a short shot.

Victory is here, how can it fall in the darkness before dawn!


Who can be willing?

Who can be willing! ! !