Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1062: :The land of soil and zephyr, the practice of gravity
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1062: :The land of soil and zephyr, the practice of gravity

The thread of death!

Kill all enemies by cutting it off!

Gods and demons are no exception!


It\'s horrible!


This trick is indeed very strong, however, it is not very practical!


The limitations are surprisingly big!

Only when dealing with dead things, like this trial stone monument, can it be effective!

What\'s the use of this?

When encountering an enemy, who will give you so much time for you to enter the state?


If you really want this trick to show off your power and want to use this ability to be fierce in actual combat, you must either enter the state of selflessness at any time and open your mind at any time, or turn it into a skill through countless trainings or special adventures!

As long as it is skill.

Then it can be started at any time and used at any time!

"Forget it, don\'t tm daydream, it\'s better to be down-to-earth. Now this is just a rudiment in a rudimentary form, there is no memory, only the instinct imprinted in the body, it is not easy to wake up again, let alone let it Become a skill, just use it if you want!"

Shook his head.

Qin Luosheng threw the distracting thoughts behind his head.

Unrealistic fantasy is just a useless drag.

There are indeed everything in the dream, everything is fine, but who can live in the dream?


After all, we still have to face reality!

"Ding, congratulations on passing the test of guarding the boss Kunpeng in the land of wind and ze, and gaining experience: 5000W+, 10000 reputation!"

Unchanging reward routines, do not add a single bit, nor reduce a single point!

"Is the dog system so intelligent? In the land of wind and ze, after knowing the identity of Kunpeng, the system announcement gave the information generously. And in the land of leaze, the identity of the unknown dragon has not been exposed, you His mother will not give information?"

This is too realistic!


Blame the unknown dragon hiding so tightly!

Being in a thundercloud that was ten thousand meters high, only one dragon head was exposed, nothing else was exposed, and because that height was beyond the range of skill use, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t use his heavenly eyes to search for information at all.

in this way.

Apart from knowing that he is a dragon, he knows nothing else!

"Forget it, it doesn\'t matter if you know your identity, it\'s just to satisfy that little curiosity, it doesn\'t matter!"

Qin Luosheng secretly said: "Perhaps, if you visit again in the abyss mode, he will take the initiative to identify himself. From the words, he belongs to the same level as Kunpeng, and he seems to know some of my secrets that I don\'t even know. !"

Through the mystery!

The alternation of virtual and reality!

The origin of the three birthmarks!

What is the Lord of the Stars!


These secrets.

Qin Luosheng explored for a long time, but still didn\'t know the slightest.

As for the unknown dragon and Kunpeng, not to mention that they all know, but for sure, they also know a lot!


I don\'t know if they will tell these secrets!

This is too much involved, even if it is the abyss mode, the real scene, at that moment, they can be regarded as real existence, have self-thinking, and they may not dare to expose the secret!

after all.

Involved in the alternation of reality and virtual world, this is enough to cause chaos in the world!

It\'s too heavy!

It\'s too serious!


Take a deep breath.

Qin Luosheng hadn\'t adjusted his mentality, his vision was distorted, and he was directly sent back to the place where he started without being greeted by Kunpeng!

"Four hours have passed, and it\'s already early in the morning! Now, there is one last door left. I just hope that you don\'t waste too much time, otherwise, the martial arts conference will not be able to catch up!"

Qin Luosheng has no expectations for the rest at this moment!

Originally wanted to solve it quickly. Before the martial arts conference started, take a good rest. Not to mention replenishing energy, at least you can\'t go there with fatigue, right?

This is too disrespectful to the opponent!


This **** thing is too arrogant!

Don\'t you want face?

Anyhow, it is also the semi-finals!

At any rate, it is also a world-class master who is famous for Huaxia, and even well-known overseas!


That\'s it?

"There are nearly nine hours left, it should be enough!"

Glancing at the time, Qin Luosheng knew in his heart immediately, and he did not delay the moment. He glanced at the patterns on the four door doors that had dimmed, took a deep breath, and pushed open the last door, the earth door door with a rock pattern!

"High mountain...?"

There is a hint of spoilers in the official concept map of the copy.

Qin Luosheng knew the final place of the Tuze Land.


Qin Luosheng still did not expect that the world behind the door of the earth would be so vast, which is not comparable to the single mountain top in the concept map!

This is a vast mountainous land, with a high mountain at the end of the mountain. The height of the mountain is at least five kilometers upwards!

Five kilometers?

This is not even comparable to many mountains on the earth, not high at all!

To know.

This is a fantasy world. A dragon can reach hundreds of meters. Under such an environment, the five-kilometer mountain is considered a high mountain in the eyes of the people of the earth, which is really not enough to see!


This mountain is not ordinary, but extremely unusual!

It is indeed not high, but this is a special land boundary, should it be used for high dry birds?

What is special here?


The gravity in the soil is completely different from the outside world!

Even if Qin Luosheng is in the position at the moment, the gravity at the beginning of the starting line is twice that of normal times!

A piece of mountain, plus a five-kilometer high mountain!

Qin Luosheng was a little desperate for a moment.

This tmd can\'t walk to death? Climbing to fainting?

Even if there are no other unnecessary tests in this land of earth and zeal, this gravitational environment alone is enough to lift Qin Luo into the pit!

It\'s not easy to walk in this land where gravity will definitely increase, let alone fight!

The most important thing is that the flat ground is okay, but if you climb a mountain, Emmmmm...

My tm mentality collapsed!

"Little, what can I do?"

With twice the gravity, Qin Luosheng is still comfortable, but, this is just an appetizer. Later, God knows that this gravity will be blessed several times, especially the high mountain, which must be far greater than the gravity of this slightly gentle mountain!

"This is also practice!"

Xiaoxiao said indifferently: "Just as you train in the land of thunder and ze to realize your spiritual consciousness, and in the land of wind and ze, you must train your physical strength and so on. Keep your feet on the ground, and never sneak and rape. This is also for your own good!"

Qin Luosheng:...

Big sister.

I understand too!


He doesn\'t allow it at this time!

If you delay too much time here, my martial arts conference will be ruined!

Are you really ready to let me be exhausted by the gravitation that does not know how many times it is superimposed, and then go to the martial arts conference?

Even though I am confident that I can defeat Donghuang, Emperor Wu, and Yiqihuasanqing, I can\'t be too forceful. In the training and battle just now, I used some 24 hours of boosting skills, and the hole cards were a lot less.

If this continues, if someone really comes up with enough hole cards, and my hole cards are in the CD, and the ship is overturned in the gutter due to this, it would be vomiting blood and death!