Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1057: : Blessed by the stars, smooth customs clearance
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1057: : Blessed by the stars, smooth customs clearance


Thunder bursts, hanging but not falling!

With continuous accumulation and continuous strengthening, the power of the red thundercloud has reached an extremely terrifying level, at least Qin Luosheng below, has long been shivering.

"Success or failure depends on this move!"

Qin Luosheng stood up from the top of the Thunder Dragon\'s head, stood up against the wind, looked up at the sky, and faced the red thundercloud, ready to resist the thunder of God\'s punishment!

"Blessed by the Stars!"

"Guardian of the Dark Night!"

"There are many ghosts!"

With the fall of a stout thunder with a diameter of at least 100 meters, Qin Luosheng did not hesitate to activate three skills in a row, plus a passive breastplate, and the miracle of resurrecting the goddess of life!

Five insurances!

"It\'s me... who won!"

Qin Luosheng laughed wildly.

Thunder fell into the world and hit him directly.


Absolute dodge, no use!

Absolute defense, no use!

The power of blessing is not used!

The power of resurrection is not used!

Just the skill immunity of the Star\'s Blessing directly makes this mighty thunder of Heaven\'s Punishment disappear into the invisible!

"Thunder Dragon, I have broken the world with your biggest trick, you who are so poor, please appoint it obediently!"

After using the thunder of Heaven\'s Punishment, Thunder Dragon\'s depleted source, and lost most of its energy, no longer has the power to fight Qin Luosheng.

Less than ten seconds.

Thunder Dragon was killed on the spot under Qin Luosheng\'s violent attack!

"Ding, congratulations on successfully killing the level 79 enhanced epic BOSS Thunder Dragon, gaining experience points: 5000W+ and 10,000 reputation points!"

As expected.

It is still the same as the Winged Fire Snake and the Kep Water Leopard, 5000W experience and 10000 prestige points are really not added or reduced at all!


Qin Luosheng at this moment doesn\'t care about this either!

Win the battle, this is the most important thing!

As for the other.

It\'s all trivial, not worth mentioning!

"Very good!" The Thunder Dragon was wiped out, and the unknown dragon that made him issued a recognized voice: "Your potential is unlimited, and you have the protection of a treasure. This is the manifestation of your luck. You have to receive God\'s grace. Being blessed by fate is even more important than talent. I look forward to your follow-up performance!"

Did not wait for Qin Luosheng to reply.

next moment.

Field of view conversion.

When Qin Luosheng returned to his mind again, he found that he was already at the starting point!

"Gan, has it been forcibly transmitted again?"

Qin Luosheng was slightly upset.


For the unknown dragon, the fear in my heart is deepened!

Winged Fire Snake and Kep Water Leopard both end the test in person. Although they are all clicked until the end, after using some of their abilities, as long as they reach the standard, they will not do it again, but they will end in person after all!

On compelling!

Already lagging behind the unknown dragon!


In one word, the unknown dragon created a thunder dragon that was no less than the winged fire snake and the sea leopard. These methods were simply appalling.

With this one hand, it is enough to see that he should be a stronger existence than the winged fire snake and the keel water leopard!


Qin Luosheng couldn\'t guess who this unknown dragon was!

According to reason.

All manifestations in the land of the remains are related to ancient Chinese myths and legends!


The dragon that controls the Thunder really couldn\'t find a prototype!

Even if there are similar legends, it doesn\'t quite fit that person\'s situation.


Is the thunder dragon that can crush the winged fire snake and the sea leopard, how is it ordinary?

"time is limited!"

Qin Luosheng retracted his thoughts and glanced at the time. It was actually eight o\'clock in the evening, and he unknowingly stayed in this copy for nearly eight hours.

"Go ahead! Try to clear the remaining two doors today!"

Three hours of cultivating in the Wasteland of Thunder, this is considered to be a part of the time. For tomorrow\'s martial arts conference, starting at ten o\'clock in the morning, there are still a full 14 hours before now. Don\'t panic.

But Qin Luosheng could not spend all of his time on the clearance dungeon.

The semifinals!

Facing the Donghuang, Emperor Wu and Yiqihua Sanqing, one of these three big brothers, no matter how you say it, you have to show some face!

Even if you don\'t prepare, you can\'t drag the tired body after the copy to fight, right? These three guys are not good-for-nothing. What if they pull out some ridiculous hole card and cause the ship to be overturned in the gutter?

This is the champion of the Chinese Budo Contest, which is about the major rewards and the marriage of Luo Li, and the qualification to join the World Budo Contest!


It\'s also about the "God" of Weeping Soul!

If this is really lost, it will be a fatal blow. His prestige of weeping soul will be severely provoked. Those fans who come here because of his strength will definitely get rid of fans for the first time, which is uncomfortable!


He Qin Luosheng will never give up victory!

No one can do it!

Land of Wind!

Nothing to say.

The wind is whistling, flying sand and rocks!

"What should I do with this stuff?"

Wind resistance?

Have an egg!

It can be said that wind resistance is the least useful of all element resistances!

What can it do?

It can only weaken part of the wind magic damage, nothing more!

As for the strength brought by the gust of wind, the strength that makes people feel unstable, even the terrible tornado, the tornado that makes people shattered, has no effect at all!

"You still need to be hard by yourself!"

In addition to strength, the wind is cutting. The biggest feature of the wind system is sharpness. It is small enough to cut your body, and large enough to cut you directly in the waist!

Face this.

There is no way, except for the ability of the wind to be amicable, to control the elements of the wind and make it gentle, then there is only the most stupid and most effective way


"It\'s a pity that the Great Sky Shield and the Great Sky suit are in Qing Tian\'s hands. At this time, he and Mo Bing are on the way to find the treasure land of the Dragon Abyss. They can\'t be recalled!"

Qin Luosheng thought of Great Sky for the first time. To be precise, he thought of the professional suit of Great Sky Shield!

As the exclusive professional equipment of the mercenary king, the Qingtian suit is undoubtedly extremely powerful, especially after Qin Luosheng performed the starlight miracle and evolved into a legendary suit, only slightly inferior to the holy dragon suit! (The Sacred Dragon suit is also a legendary suit, but because it is an original product, that is, it is not sublimated by the starlight miracle, so it should be stronger)

"There is no shield war suit. The Sacred Dragon suit on my body is also a Berserker suit. It\'s not much worse, but it\'s not much worse. This is just the nightmare mode, it should be enough!"

Qin Luosheng made a silent estimate, and then bought a lot of wind-resistant pills on the virtual trading platform, and began the trial in the land of wind and zeal!

first round!

The second level!

The third level!


Relying on the strong defense of the Sacred Dragon suit, Qin Luosheng cleared the level with ease!

And to the fourth level.

The small tornado that appeared made Qin Luosheng\'s face turn green!

"Fuck, is this place of test crazy? Do you want me to go through these three steps and five steps, and there is a small tornado area?"

PS1: [Ghosting Heavy] Consumes 5000 mana points. After activating the skill, the body turns into a ghost, speed +100%, and the dodge rate is increased to 100% absolute dodge state, duration: 10 seconds! Cooling time: 1 hour!

PS2: [Dark Night Guardian] consumes 10,000 mana points. After activating the skill, the shadow cloak opens, envelops the whole person, activates a special energy shield, immune to all physical and magical damage, duration: 3 seconds! Cooling time: 1 hour!

PS3: [Star Blessing] Activate the starlight to cover the whole body, resist disasters, and immune to hardship. Effect: Every 1 minute, a special blessing buff will be formed on the surface of the body to resist any skill (the beneficial buff is not included in the list)! PS1: [Ghosting Heavy] Consumes 5000 mana points. After activating the skill, the body turns into a ghost, speed +100%, and the dodge rate is increased to 100% absolute dodge state, duration: 10 seconds! Cooling time: 1 hour!