Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1052: : The Origin of the Land of Remains
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1052: : The Origin of the Land of Remains

"Thanks for the praise, I am not ashamed of it!"

Qin Luosheng\'s posture is very low. The big man gives you face, speaks mildly, and is not hostile. This is good, you have to take it.

It\'s a good thing to be proud!

But there is no necessary arrogance, it will only harm others and self.

in other words.

In front of such a big boss, you are still holding a shelf with B. Who will watch it? Can\'t find death?

"Dare to ask, what is the test of the Land of Lei Ze?"

"Don\'t be busy now!" Leilong said: "You know, why is this place called the Land of Yize?"

Qin Luosheng said: "Unknown. Senior please give me your advice?"

"Yize, who\'s the ze of the survivor? It is the zeal of the Yitian and the Earth!" Lei Long said: "If we want to start from the beginning, this has to be traced back to ancient times. At that time, the congenital gods, the ancient gods, the acquired sacredness, are countless. Even if the heaven and the earth are first opened, the spirit is abundant, there are countless geniuses and treasures, inexhaustible, inexhaustible!"

"But. Really good treasures are extremely limited. At first, they were to **** magic weapons, caves, and spiritual roots... Fighting endlessly! Later, magic weapons gradually became a masterpiece, and the dojo caves gradually became qualitative, so calm and quiet. For a while."

"It\'s just that, soon, a new round of fighting has begun again. This time, for the race! After countless years of fighting, between races and races, tribes and tribes, and even races and races. It is impossible to mediate the endless blood feud."

"At that time, there was a tribe who believed in fire, and its deity was the **** of fire, called Zhurong. There was a tribe who believed in water, and its deity was called the **** of water, which was called Gonggong. Water and fire were originally mutual restraint, so Zhurong and working together were inherently inconsistent. ."

"This is the case for the gods of worship, and their tribes are naturally hostile. Therefore, the Zhurong tribe and the Gonggong tribe have entered a protracted war."

"In the beginning, it was just a small-scale weapon fight. However, the bloodshed and sacrifices, the conflicts accumulated over time, will eventually erupt. In the end, the two tribes were dying, with a population of ten. Finally, Zhu Rong, the **** of fire, worked together with the **** of water, personally. It\'s over."

"The battle of the gods was fought without the sun and the moon, and the landslides fell. In the end, Zhu Rong, the **** of fire, was slightly better. Under the resentment of Gonggong, he became a sacred mountain. This sacred mountain is called the Buzhou Mountain!"

Qin Luosheng:? ? ?

I fuck!

This, the myth of Gu Huaxia?

"Buzhou Mountain is the sacred mountain that supports the heavens and the earth. Under Gonggong\'s anger, the anger touches the mountain, causing the mountain to fall, causing the water of the galaxy in the sky to pour down, flooding the earth, and the lives of many beings facing the crisis of extinction. ."

"At this time, a goddess appeared, refining the five-color stone to make up the sky, folding the feet of the **** turtle to support the four poles, calming the flood and killing the beasts, and clearing the yin and yang to eliminate the rebellious energy, and all spirits can live in peace.

"All the five-color stones fill the holes in the sky, but there is only one remaining, which is missing. However, the place where the goddess refines the five-color stone, because it has the merits of replenishing the sky, and can withstand the sincere gratitude of countless creatures, plus the refinement of the five-color stone. The five-color aura that was left behind at the time became the supreme sacred land."

"Times have changed, and the past holy land of salvation will inevitably be reduced to legends in various tribes due to the passage of time. Without the belief of living beings, the merits are slowly absorbed, so the five-color energy has grown and gradually formed the five-spirit holy land!"

"Also called-the land of the legacy!"

Qin Luosheng:...


What a long experience.


Is this level 70 dungeon [Land of Remains] so powerful?

Isn\'t it too rigid?

However, the level 70 dungeon has been linked to the mythology, and what about the subsequent dungeons, it is simply unimaginable!

"Perhaps young people like you don\'t know how terrifying the combination of the merits of replenishing the sky, the beliefs of the world\'s creatures, and the countless five-color stones that are full of spiritual aura!"

"Holy! This word was indescribable in ancient times, and most living beings dare not even say it. However, the land of Yize is called a holy land. This shows that its status is high!"

"Because the five elements of the Five Spirits Holy Land are extremely rich and pure, they have attracted the attention of countless people. Even though this is a place of faith that gathers all the creatures in the world, it should have opened the door to convenience and treated them equally."

"However, there are a lot of people who are inspired by profit, cunning and evil, not only coveting the energy of the five spirits, but also wanting to take the five spirits holy land as their own and realize their disgusting ambitions. In order to avoid the original salvation of the five spirits holy land. The holy land has been reduced to a tool for those with ulterior motives, and it has been defiled and desecrated, and only then have we waited to guard it."

"The Five Spirits Holy Land does not reject any creatures. As long as they are found here, they are eligible for trials. Once they pass and are approved by our guardians, they will be able to obtain the ultimate secret of the Five Spirits Holy Land!"

"Unfortunately, for countless years, no one has been able to succeed. Even if there are any more talented generations, they either fall on the road or are not recognized by our guardians. Therefore, the ultimate secret of the Five Spirits Holy Land has been continuous. To this day, I still sleep here!"

What a magnificent background story!

Qin Luosheng didn\'t know whether this was the brain hole of the game planner or the task background formed by the mastermind compilation!


I have to say, this self-justified story is really awesome!

Combining the stories of Chinese myths and legends into the copy, it really makes the Chinese people feel very substituting!

of course.

This difficulty is really fucking, making people cry!

The nightmare mode is so awesome, let alone the abyss mode, it is not something that humans can pass!

This is not.

The Thunder Dragon in front of me has admitted it!

Throughout the ages.

How many years are there?

In these years, how many geniuses and capable people are there?

Maybe that number is indescribable like a crucian carp crossing the river?


This is still for the entire world, for all creature races, not just the human race!

Under such circumstances, none of them can pass the Five Spirits Holy Land and get the treasures that have been sleeping in the Five Spirits Holy Land for thousands of years. The difficulty of this trial can be imagined.

The land of fire, no, it should be called the land of fire, the central area in the nightmare mode, the temperature starting point is 2000 degrees, after the winged fire snake appeared, it is still soaring, this is difficult enough, but in the abyss Qin Luosheng felt that the temperature should reach five digits!

This is the temperature that humans can withstand?

Even the temperature of the sun\'s surface is only 6000 degrees!

This is the case in the land of Huze.

The land of Mizusawa is no exception!

The thick fog that can\'t be seen by the fingers, and it is highly toxic!

Full of extremely high-temperature steam!

Endless glacial land under extreme low temperature!

There is also the extremely heavy weak pool!

I\'m afraid it will be doubled several times!

too difficult!