Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1042: : Star God forbids power and reverses the situation
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1042: : Star God forbids power and reverses the situation

Question: What would you do if a star hits you?

Answer: Don\'t ask, wait for death, it\'s hopeless!


Qin Luosheng felt that way.

Even if my tm is on and off, it is not so outrageous!

What the **** is this copy?

It\'s purely disgusting, isn\'t it?

Set up in this pitted place, Lao Tzu recognizes that even in purgatory, the whole person will be cooked, steamed, and gritted teeth are moving forward!

This horrible place is simply not a place for people to stay!

Even if Lao Tzu is pregnant with a strange treasure, the fire resistance explosion reaches 80% of the limit (the fire resistance equipment of the desert solitary smoke is swept down), he can\'t help deducting nearly 70,000 points of health per second!

In this case, 99.99% of players will be eliminated, absolutely!

Even if someone resists this!


Enough to make you desperate!

Facing a winged fire snake that can summon the projection of stars, what should you do?

Don\'t talk about it, can you not hold back the previous trick "Swallow the sky and eclipse the sun", let me talk about it!

"Little, what can I do?"

Qin Luosheng thought of a way, which was to use "Starlight Backtracking" to empty the CD of "Shadow Escape", so as to perform the operation of evading the "Swallowing Eclipse Sun" again.


Shadow Dun\'s evasion is a routine operation, and now the stars are falling, which has triggered the divine power of Vermillion Bird. Together with the winged fire snake\'s life star, Qin Luosheng can\'t guarantee whether this shadow ability and skill avoidance are still effective!

"Are you stupid?"

Qin Luosheng, who was full of expectation, and Qin Luosheng, who was hoping to get a good word from a young age, was greeted not with an effective and practical solution, but with merciless anger!

Qin Luosheng:? ? ?

what happened?

What is going on with this inexplicable feeling of refreshment?

Could it be.

My **** hidden attribute is a trembling M?


"However, this voice is really similar to the quality of a nail in three consecutive times!"

Qin Luosheng thought so inwardly.



He had forgotten that he and Xiao Xiao were connected with each other. At this time, he recalled that the otaku\'s three-linked quality was irresistible, and Xiao Xiao felt it directly. In an instant, it was an angry gnashing of teeth, just like the roar of a Hedong lion. The roar sounded in the ear.

Qin Luosheng:...


It\'s over!

The title of abnormality, it is estimated that it will accompany it for a lifetime!


Is this wrong?

Like a house is a pervert?

I am not convinced!

"Let\'s talk about it after becoming unchanging!" Qin Luosheng sighed helplessly as if putting on a mask of pain: "We are now under the cover of stars. Once the Winged Fire Snake really casts the stars down, it\'s all over!"

"Idiot, can\'t it be enough to prevent the star projection from falling down?"

Xiaoxiao Tucao said.

"I know too!" Qin Luosheng was speechless for a moment, "the key is, what to do??"

"Since you can remember this scene you have seen, don\'t you remember how you dealt with it at that time?"

The little voice was full of unspeakable frustration. He had been struck by Qin Luosheng\'s stupidity. This was an elm bump, and it was not teachable!

Qin Luosheng was stunned for an instant!

"I don\'t know how to do this?"

When facing the star picker, it was similar to the current situation, except that at that time it was the Lord of the stars who echoed the stars in the galaxy, causing the stars to drop light, not only to settle the stars, but also to bathe him in the light of the stars. Let the four over-limit skills sublimate again.

Remember the point: Lord of the stars, take the initiative to respond!

all of these.

It has nothing to do with Qin Luosheng!

At that time, he was like a puppet, ignorant and completely ignorant of what happened!

"Stupid, if the Lord of the Stars doesn\'t take the initiative, you don\'t have a brain, can\'t you take the initiative?"

Little roared: "Could it be that the power of the Lord of the Stars is a decoration, so you can\'t use it?"

A word to wake up the dreamer!

Qin Luosheng finally understood!

The Lord of the Stars has a total of six abilities, and an awakening skillthree-color light!

The three-color light is definitely not the answer to the question, neither the offensive force nor the defensive shield is enough to solve the immediate crisis!

in this way.

The solution to the dilemma must be among the six abilities!

Among the six abilities:

Starlight miracle is the power of sublimation, effective for equipment props, scrolls, etc., PASS!

Protoss Empowerment is the power of empowerment, currently only effective for weapons and armors, directly excluded!

Starlight Retrospect is to clear the skill CD, the current situation should not be used!

The Starlight Blessing exists based on other skills, sublimating it to perfection, there is a high probability that it will be useful, temporarily put it away!

The starlight mirror is a reflection, but now it is a star projection. How big is a star, and how big a mirror is needed to reflect it back? Basically PASS!

At last.

The Star God\'s forbidden ability, the forbidden technique, and the silent technique!

It has an extremely overbearing effect

Legendary level and below, absolutely effective!

And the grade of the Winged Fire Serpent


To be precise, it is to strengthen the epic!

But undoubtedly, this did not exceed the scope of the effect of the Star God\'s forbidden energy!

"Hurry up and use it, idiot, what are you doing in a daze, the star projection will have to pass through the space barrier!"

Qin Luosheng\'s mind was detected by Xiaoxiao the first time. Seeing that he was still in a daze, he couldn\'t help but yelled.


Qin Luosheng just woke up from a dream, and didn\'t care about Xiaoxiao\'s wicked (feeling) and ruthless (dropping) and ruthless (dropping) tone. He waved the dragon\'s wings, and the whole person was like an arrow from the string, quickly moving towards the winged fire snake Speeding away.

The effect of the Star God\'s forbidden energy is very large, but the Fire Wing Serpent\'s body is even larger. If you want to fully play its role, you must get closer!

"The Starlight Blessing effect was used up before, and there is no need to use the Starlight Blessing. It means using the light of the brave. It is enough to expand the range twice!"

Qin Luosheng glanced at the opened space barrier. The star projection on the opposite side was about to pass through the barrier. Borrowing the power of space, he never knew how many light-years away the galaxy traveled and landed here.

Once you really pass it, it will be too late even if you use the Star God to forbid it!


No more delay.

Activate skills quickly!

"The light of the brave acts on the forbidden energy of the star god!"

"The Brave\'s Light has been activated successfully, and the Star God\'s forbidden effect has doubled!"

With starlight gleaming on his body, Qin Luosheng whizzed forward, and under the elusive gaze of Firewing Snake, he activated the BUG-level ability of the Lord of Stars!

"Star God banned, banned it for me!"

In an instant.

A wave of mysterious energy spread out, and at the other end of the space barrier, the stars in the bright galaxy seemed to sense something, and at this moment, it completely released a dazzling brilliance!

"this is,"

The Winged Fire Snake was shocked.

At this moment, he noticed that he seemed to be trapped in a huge pit. Not only was the energy transfer around him, but even the power that existed in him and belonged to him, and could be absolutely controlled, was like a pool of stagnant water!