Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1036: : In the 1000-degree area, the fire spirit appears
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1036: : In the 1000-degree area, the fire spirit appears

Twenty minutes later.

The third area.

As the last fire spirit fell to the ground, Qin Luosheng was finally relieved.

"Little, the temperature is getting higher and higher, is there any way?"

Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help asking when he saw that he had been forcibly deducted from his health at this moment.

This is wherever it is. Now they are deducting health. The deeper it will be, the more deductions will be. It may even directly affect the combat effectiveness, which is really bad!

"There is no way!" Xiao Xiao shook his head and said: "Fire resistance equipment is only fire resistance equipment after all, and it is really effective for temperature resistance!"

Qin Luosheng was dumbfounded: "What do you mean?"

"It means that fire resistance equipment is more only for the weakening and reduction of fire damage, and the effect on temperature is not obvious!"

Xiaoxiao explained: "The most intuitive thing is the ice resistance. At 80% of your limit, you may not have a fur coat that is effective in protecting against the cold!"

"Then, the fire resistance equipment and fire resistance pill that I just paid a lot of money to buy, isn\'t it in vain?"

Qin Luosheng almost vomited blood!

Isn\'t it cheating?

If it\'s useless, say it earlier!

Up to now, the road has come here, and I have been forced to deduct my health. What\'s the use at this time?

"I just said that the effect was not great, but I didn\'t say it was invalid!"

Little speechlessly gave Qin Luosheng a glance, and said, "Do you have other better ways?"

Qin Luosheng:...

do not talk!

Can\'t I make a mistake?


There is indeed no other better way.

you said.

If it\'s the ice system, you can think of a way. After all, if it\'s cold, you can wear more clothes to keep out the cold.

What can I do with heat swelling?

Even if you take off your whole body naked, it should be hot!

What should I do if the underwear is still hot after the underwear is taken off?

Is it possible to peel off the skin?

In the real world, there are fans, air conditioning,...

But here?

There are things that are more powerful than fans and air conditioners, such as the Water Vein Spirit Orb, but the point is, this **** thing is not good!

You are in the big furnace of Fireland, the temperature is as high as several hundred degrees Celsius, that is, all kinds of props and equipment are worn, and it is a virtual data world, otherwise, people will be baked directly!

"Little, can you feel how far we are from the final place?"

Qin Luosheng once again poured clean water madly, and at the same time, drew a hundred bottles of whales and cows in one breath while absorbing water in the same direction.

"I don\'t know." The small trail: "I can only feel that not far ahead, the temperature has risen to a thousand degrees, but this is not a traditional volcano. A thousand degrees is only the lowest limit inside the volcano, the limit of the land of fire. There is no way to know where it is!"

"No matter that much!" Qin Luosheng gritted his teeth: "Since they are all here, they must be taken down here! If the nightmare mode is not good, let alone the abyss mode! Even if it is really not done, at least you have to do your best Explore the way, collect more information and prepare for the next time!"

500 degrees!

600 degrees!

800 degrees!

1000 degrees!

When Qin Luosheng stepped into the crimson zone, the temperature had already reached four digits, which was the minimum temperature inside an ordinary volcano!




At this time.

Qin Luosheng\'s deducted health reached 5,000 points per second!

Even though this is nothing, it is harmless, it can be offset by its own recovery, but the most important thing is that this is not the final place, there is a road ahead, and there is a road with no end in sight!


Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help gnawing his teeth!

The situation is already bad enough, but the dog thing in the system has to add fuel to the fire, and a bunch of guardian monsters have formed in this ghost place!

[Fire Spirit (Enhanced Golden BOSS)]

Level: 78

Health value: 5000000

Magic value: 12000000

Physical attack: 10000

Magic attack: 350000

Physical defense: 0

Magic defense: 500000

Speed: 10000

Skills: [Fire Spirit Body] [Scorching Hell] [Sky Fire Meteor]

Weakness: water

Introduction: The spirit body gathered from countless years of fire element essence, possesses the purest flame power, and is even the king of fire spirits!


Qin Luosheng was shocked immediately.

This monster.

What an extreme attribute!

Properly super magical BOSS!

in the past.

Qin Luosheng likes this type of BOSS the most, and it\'s very enjoyable to cut!


Huo Ling didn\'t make him like it!

Physical defense


Even if this **** thing is a chicken, it won\'t just hang a duck egg, right?

Except for super special monsters, there is really no physical defense at all, so it is-physical immunity!

"Solitary smoke in the desert, recycle!"

With such a scene and such a battle, Da Mo Guyan was completely useless, and Qin Luosheng directly recovered him, so as not to be drawn into the battle circle and injured by mistake later in the fight.

After recovering the lone smoke in the desert, Qin Luosheng also liberated the Abyssal Hand in disguise. At this moment, he was lying in his backpack, ready to requisition!

That\'s right.

Crying Soul is also the King of Fighters!

Even though the hand of the abyss is entrusted to the desert solitary smoke, the soul of crying also has the occupation of the king of fighters, as long as the gloves are equipped, the abilities of the king of fighters can be activated!

The reason why it is not used in normal times is because the abilities of the king of fighters are still not good, far inferior to the combat effectiveness of the berserkers while holding the sword!

Why is the desert solitary smoke so powerful?

It\'s all because of the hand of the abyss!

Without the Hand of the Abyss, the King of Fighters profession will directly abolish most of it!

"One, two, three, four, five..."

As far as Qin Luosheng could see, there were 16 fire spirits.

"Little, are there fire spirits in other places?"

Standing on the ground, with a view far from Xiaoxiao who was flying in the air, Qin Luosheng asked Xiaoxiao quickly, "If it\'s just this bunch, then, in order to save time and avoid long nights and dreams, I can only use a wave of them. !"

"There should be only this pile!" The little trail said: "At least, within 500 meters, there are no other fire spirits!"

"Is that so?" Qin Luosheng took a deep breath, his eyes became cold, "Then let\'s crush these guys in one wave!"


Qin Luosheng took out the Water Vein Spirit Orb that had not been used, and at the same time activated the BUG ability of the Star Lord

"Start, Starlight Blessing!"

"Starlight Blessing started successfully, please choose the target that needs blessing!"

"Blessing target-[Water Pulse]!"

"The selection is successful, please select one of the abilities in [Water Pulse]!"

"Choose lethality!"

"If the choice is successful, the lethality of the Water Vein Spirit Orb is sublimated to the ultimate perfection!"