Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1035: : The Unsolvable Game, the Abyss of Despair
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1035: : The Unsolvable Game, the Abyss of Despair


The earth is shaking.

The violent bolide descended from the sky and poured crazily on the earth. The scorching high temperature and destructive power smashed the ground out of big pits after another, but also caused the temperature to soar sharply.

"MD, is this guy crazy?"

Qin Luosheng, who had fled away in embarrassment a long time ago, looked at the messy battlefield, especially when he felt the horror at this moment and dare to ask, his face was extremely ugly!

Originally, this place had a high temperature of nearly five hundred degrees. After the fire spirit\'s [Meteor Meteorite], the temperature soared by at least two hundred degrees, reaching about seven hundred degrees, like a scorching hell!


The water polo technique was not aimed at the fire elf, but at oneself, and poured his head and face all over the body!

"This is totally useless!"

In the world of flames, the water element is extremely lacking, that is, dragons like the little ones are inherently water and uniquely endowed with water. In addition, there is a lot of water in the dragon\'s body, so that large-scale water magic can be performed in this place.

But Qin Luosheng is different!

The awakening of the water system of the magic swordsman is indeed very fierce. This is the original version of the authentic, but the element that relies on the awakening of foreign objects, which belongs to the half-hearted.

Rao is so.

In the Ordinary Realm, that is no problem at all. The ability to play is far stronger than ordinary water magicians, and not weaker than hidden jobs!

But the constraints of the environment made him blind in an instant.

Even if the water magic can be successfully used, it is greatly weakened, because where the water element is scarce, it is impossible to absorb enough water element, and the magic power will naturally be greatly reduced!

"Little, kill him!"

Qin Luosheng didn\'t dare to approach the scorching **** of Qi Baidu. He couldn\'t do melee combat. The long range was restricted. He could only hope Xiaoxiao, and he was a spring water commander!


Xiao Xiaobai gave Qin Luosheng a look, but he was still obedient. A big water flow appeared, like a Tianhe River bursting and flooding the world. Not only did the water elves who had run out of oil and the lamp died out, the water flow contacted the ground, and the water and fire merged, and it issued " The sound of "zizizi", in a moment, the steam boiled, white smoke curled up, and the temperature dropped at this moment!

"This place is simply too shameless!"

Qin Luosheng frowned deeply.

The nightmare mode is ready to be disgusting, and the real battlefield in the abyss mode is not going to go to heaven?

"Now I adjusted the sensory system to the minimum, and I still couldn\'t resist it. Then I went inside the volcano in the core area. I think the temperature there would be even more refreshing!"

Qin Luosheng looked helpless, "Nightmare mode still has a little confidence, but the abyss mode, the real battlefield, all system adjustments are invalidated, and they become 100% real effects. Who the **** can withstand?"

Yes it is!

The reason why Qin Luosheng is still so comfortable nowadays is that in addition to being able to resist the fire, plus the effect of the water vein spirit orb, there is actually another effect that supports him

System adjustment!

The system can be adjusted. After all, this is a virtual game. People\'s physique and spirit are different, and the choices are naturally different!

Especially the sensory system, that is, the five sense system!

And the pain system!

These two.

It is the most frequently adjusted by players!


The virtual world is too dangerous, slashing with swords, slashing with fire and lightning, ... why not?

And the real human beings, who can bear this kind of harm?

The physical aspect is nothing, but the pain caused by magical damage is simply terrifying!


The main brain gives a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 20% of the pain effect adjustment area!

Qin Luosheng\'s current senses and pain are the lowest 5%!

Rao is so.

It is also very uncomfortable in this hot place!

Once you enter the abyss mode, the real battlefield, the system rules are broken and cannot be blocked, everything is based on the real effect!


Sorry, goodbye!

What a joke about Nima der!

A big living person enters the volcano and dances with the magma, his brain is pretty funny?


If you want to do this step, it\'s **** unqualified, you have already fallen on the way to the inside of the volcano!

"It seems that the test of this copy is not combat power!"

Qin Luosheng finally understood, and understood why the monsters in [Land of Relic] are so rare.

Of the past dungeons, which one is not a bunch of monsters, there are hundreds of them at every level, and groups of people scare to death?


In the three major areas of the Fire Land, there are only a dozen or twenty guardian monsters in each area, not even thirty!

The attributes are also quite satisfactory, a little bit stronger and a little bit too weak. This is also a blessing obtained under a special environment and region, and it is not too special in itself!

That\'s it.

It does not meet the difficulty of X0 level dungeon at all!

It is impossible for the official to make such a low-level mistake. If such a simple copy is set up, even if the official brain is drawn, the main brain will definitely not!

Look at it this way.

The test must not be on the monster, but something else!

And what\'s here?

Apart from the terrible environment, what else?

No more!

and so.

This real test must be an environmental test!

The land of fire is high temperature!

The land of the four elements behind the other four doors is bound to be a test that fits the attributes of the elements. It is impossible to guess what it is, but with Qin Luosheng\'s understanding of the system, it is absolutely necessary to do something to spend!

"This is disgusting, right?"

After some reasonable associations, Qin Luosheng almost didn\'t get nauseated!

This copy.

Did you deliberately not let people pass through customs?

Is this a **** thing that humans can do?

Even if there are players with unusual talents and get incredible talents or props, they can only go through one gate and pass through one level after all!


Five elements!

Want to fart!

It is estimated that even the Five Elements Elemental Envoy of the Eastern Emperor who can control the elements of the Five Elements would have to be deflated!

after all.

The test of the cruel real environment, even if the resistance of the five elements reaches the limit of 80%, it is completely useless!

"Forget it, what do you want to do so much, the conduction will take the lead naturally, instead of blaming yourself here, it is better to fight hard!"

Qin Luosheng shook his head, throwing distracting thoughts behind his head, "Now it\'s a nightmare mode, I can still afford it, but I want to see what a cruel test is behind these five doors!"

Taking a deep breath, looking at the meteor fire rain realm that was summoned by the fire elves before he died, feeling the high temperature created by it slowly descending and returning to normal, Qin Luosheng stepped forward and moved on!

"If it really doesn\'t work, and the Abyss Mode can\'t be passed, then plan ahead and find another way! Anyway, now at level 70, I am the only one who is qualified to come to [Land of Remains]. Fight with me, I still have time!"