Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1034: : Pure fire spirit, strong of elemental restraint
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1034: : Pure fire spirit, strong of elemental restraint

"Fuck, is it so fierce?"

Qin Luosheng did two things with one heart and two purposes, and he was holding the lonely smoke in the desert. He naturally made the punch just now. He felt the thrill of a punch, which was so refreshing!

"The idol, it\'s so fierce!"

Even though this is a battle of virtualization, the data aspect is a big factor. The most intuitive point is the probability of being eaten. [Domineering], the probability of knocking into the air is 10%, which is not low!


This 10% chance depends on who you play against!

For ordinary people, that is no problem. 10% is 10%. If it is affected by Qin Luosheng\'s three-digit lucky value, 10% may be 20%, 30 RMB, or even more!

But the same thing!

When facing a ten-meter-tall giant, what do you want to do, a 2-meter-tall brother?


You can take a step back with your strength, even if you are awesome!

of course.

This is not about height!

But it is undeniable.

The bigger the body, the stronger the physique, and the greater the power that comes with it!

in other words.

Whether it is knocking back, knocking down, or flying, it all depends on strength!


Blessing power!

in this way.

Only then will the avatar of Da Mo Guyan knock the ten-meter-high fire giant into the air!

Everything is brought about by the terror accumulation of idols!

"It deserves to be the awakening skill of LV3\'s [Qiwu], it is indeed stronger than Sirius!"

Qin Luosheng praised it fiercely.

Sirius is just a wolf. The wolf is fierce, so the increase is only the attack power. At the same time, the wolf is cruel, and it also adds 100% absolute crit, which is very awesome!

The idol is an elephant, which is honest and a symbol of power, and is usually synonymous with infinite power. Therefore, the increase is pure power, but power and attack are interlinked, that is, when the power is strong, the attack increases accordingly!

Strictly count.

Sirius and idols have their own advantages.

Even in terms of increase, Sirius is not as good as the idol, but Sirius has a 100% absolute crit, pulling it back a little bit!

"Comfortable, it\'s still a magical type of boss to cut it hard!"

Under the triple fierce attack, the fire giant lost the protective flame coat again, and was unable to fight back. He was quickly submerged under Qin Luosheng, the desert lonely smoke and the small offensive, and died!

"Gan, really poor!"

After picking up the spoils and collecting them at the same time, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help spitting out after receiving a reminder that he could not collect them.

Ten minutes!

Encountered nearly twenty fire giants, easily win them, and enter the next level!

"Xiao Xiao, how high is the temperature in this place?"

Qin Luosheng asked.

He can only feel hotter, but he can\'t accurately know the temperature. In this regard, he has to rely on a small child!

"About 440 degrees!"

The small answer made Qin Luosheng remain silent for a long time.

"This is the third area!"

This land of fire, as expected, must be like the official concept map, the core area in the center is the interior of the volcano.

That is.

The temperature is at least 1000 degrees!

Qin Luosheng was also ready, but boiling the frog in warm water was disgusting!

It\'s directly inside the volcano, isn\'t it fragrant?

But if you want to engage in these moths, you have to go in on foot, from the outside to the center!

The road ahead, even though it is not as high as the inside of a volcano, but is involved little by little, but the temperature is not low, which makes people uncomfortable.


Qin Luosheng sighed, very upset, but there was no way.

"Gulong Gulong..."

Qin Luosheng\'s mouth twitched as Xiao Xiao dried fifty bottles of water in one breath.


Xiao Xiaoqiang is strong, but this consumption is really scary!

At least one million gold coins have to be eaten by Qin Luosheng for daily food expenses.

of course.

It just doesn\'t take so much to fill his stomach, but Qin Luosheng is willing to let Xiaoxiao eat only steamed buns every day?

Not to mention that the flesh of the spirit beast is full, but the ordinary big fish and meat are always indispensable.


You let her not eat meat?

"You just let me worry!"

Qin Luosheng glanced at the solitary smoke in the desert, which was shaped like a puppet, and his heart was immediately relieved.

This clone is not like a pet like Xiaoxiao, nor is it like an external avatar like Mo Bing and Qingtian. It has no sense of self, and it is not a flesh and blood body. Because of the starlight blessing of BUG-level energy, it has become an entity!

in other words.

It\'s more robot than a robot, and the robot has to charge something, and the desert solitary smoke is completely unnecessary!

The easy-to-use one B, and the worry-free one B!

"Go, let\'s continue, and strive to clear this horrible place as soon as possible!"

Buying a batch of clean water from the virtual trading platform at a high price to replenish the exhausted materials, Qin Luo raised the sword and took the lead and stepped into this third area!

[Fire Spirit (Enhanced Silver BOSS)]

Level: 75

Health value: 10000000

Magic value: 6500000

Physical attack: 180000

Magic attack: 250,000

Physical defense: 120000

Magic defense: 150000

Speed: 40000

Skills: [Flame Burst] [Meteor Meteorite] [Flame Array]

Weakness: water

Introduction: Fire spirit, a heterogeneous creature formed by combining fire element and aura, can easily control fire element. Due to the affinity of fire element, the flame magic it casts is more powerful. It only exists in places with rich fire element and is very afraid of water. !

Good guys.

This **** even the fire elves have come out?

Qin Luosheng looked at the special creature formed by flame in front of him, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Qin Luosheng is no stranger to fire elves.

of course.

It was indeed the first time he saw him in the world of Destiny, but in previous novels, film and television dramas and games, especially games, the existence and appearance of the fire elves are full of tricks and see too many!

"Ten million health points, combined with both demon and martial arts, is really strong!"

Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but marvel at the information returned by Skyeye, "Fortunately, this defense is quite satisfactory, not as good as the stone giant with a pure meat shield, it is a flaw!"

"Moreover, this guy\'s hesitation is pure fire element, not like a fire giant. The body is a stone, but it\'s just a half-hanger contaminated with fire element."

"This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is to be able to exert greater strength in this unique environment, but what comes from it is that you are more afraid of the water element of Xiangke!"


There is no need for Qin Luo to raise the bar, Xiaoxiao is already one step ahead.


A huge wave of water suddenly appeared, and poured surgingly towards the fire spirit in a way of pouring a basin and covering the top.


Huge damage figures emerged.

A small intermediate water magic, even if it has a small dragon talent bonus, this damage is low, and it is usually only used as a marginal magic to control the field. It can actually play up to one million, and infinitely close to two million of health points?

It just burst!

"Hahaha...Is this attribute mutual restraint?"

Qin Luosheng laughed frantically.

Instantly took back the Holy Dragon Sword in his hand and replaced it with a legendary +7 water magic wand!

Special places, special monsters, naturally have to use special methods!

Great Shield?

Climb for the Lord!


It\'s when my magic swordsman rises!