Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1028: : Confirmation of the top four, "version answer"?
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1028: : Confirmation of the top four, "version answer"?

Trick, gorgeous, like flying immortals outside the sky, for surgery!

Skill, simplicity, such as Dugu Nine Swords, for art!

If you want to be true, then you must have better skills!

The so-called superior skills, that\'s it!

Returning to the basics is a great accomplishment!


Xiaoxiaoyuxie\'s sword skills have not yet reached the peak, and are far from reaching the point of a master. They can only rely more on sword moves and use gorgeous sword moves to conceal the lack of sword skills!

If it were an ordinary opponent, he would have fallen into that deceptively gorgeous sword trick long ago, and was cut under the sword!


It is a pity that he is not a fledgling brat who is now facing the transformation into three cleansings. This kind of more confusing move is not difficult for him!

Dao robe is floating, please shake the whisk!

One gas turns into three clear mans shoes and walks lightly, the figure is as smart as a woman, and he is free and easy to avoid the endless sword intent of Xiaoxiao rain break!

A masculine!

One feminine!

Yin and Yang showdown, attracting people\'s eyes!

Xiaoxiaoyuxie\'s domineering sword intent, violent and unparalleled, even though these were all avoided by the one-qi Sanqing, but they did not dissipate, but fell into the quiet and soft surrounding environment.

In an instant.

The willow branches are broken and flying, the blue water of Xizi Lake is rolling again and again, the green lawn looks like it has been plowed, and even the ancient bridge is full of all kinds of crooked sword marks,...


The mood of the audience is very unbeautiful in an instant!

Such destruction is simply exhaustive!


This is just a virtual world. If these two guys are not arrested and killed in reality, they will have to eat more than ten or twenty years in prison!

"Lightning Talisman!"

"Wind Talisman!"

"Weak Water Talisman!"

"Wind Talisman!"

"Li Huo Talisman!"

The battle situation of chasing and hiding did not last long. Even though Xiaoxiaoyuxia\'s physical strength was extremely astonishing, after all, as the main attacker, it was very expensive!

But one gas turns three clears, waits for work with ease, saves strength, and immediately used the housekeeping skills when the offensive of Xiaoxiao Yuxi decayed!

What is the mastery of Taoist priests?

There are many!

One of them is the charm!

When all kinds of violent spells appear, Xiaoxiaoyuxia is destined to lose!

How can an ordinary swordsman be able to fight not a liar, but a warlock with real talent?

After struggling to resist for a while, Yiqihua Sanqing resorted to a trick, and after drawing a talisman in the air, he rested in the rain, and there was no resistance to resist, and he was defeated!


As the systems cold reminder sounded, the last person in the semifinals was confirmed!

Weeping soul!


Emperor Wu!

One gasification three cleansing!

These four.

I dont know if its the four strongest people in China, but at least at this moment, they are!

Donghuang and Emperor Wu have long been famous, and now they are nominated in the top four. As expected, they deserve their name!

Weeping Soul and One Qi Transforming Sanqing, they have never appeared before, but only emerged after the "Dimension of Destiny"!

among them.

Since the beginning of the game\'s opening, Soul Cry has been very domineering and has been on TV with all kinds of things, so that people all over the world can hear it!


The reputation of Weeping Soul is even more exaggerated than Donghuang and Emperor Wu!

after all.

The former Donghuang and Wudi were only famous in the circle, even if they were out of the circle, they would not be known to everyone!

The crying soul is different!

Needless to say, the popularity of "Fate Dimension".

A game for all people all over the world!

As the first person in the destiny world recognized by most people at the moment, Soul Cry has his reputation, no need to think about it!

It was originally a person in the game circle, so naturally recognized!


Those who entered the circle because of "The Dimension of Destiny" have never known this circle before, and are not familiar with the strong people in the past. They only know the crying soul who has been constantly brushing their existence, and they can understand it!

As for the last one gasification three clear!

Indeed, the reputation is the weakest and the presence is the lowest!


It is also the least favored one.

Even if he defeated Xiaoxiao Yuxie with a relaxed attitude!

Everyone recognizes that he is a master, but it also depends on who is compared!

The overbearing Emperor Wu?

The kingly king of the East?

as well as.

The same crying soul?

forget it!

Even though they all know that these four people have never come up with true strength, everyone is still biased towards the forward three.

What are these three?

Two of them are once myths, and they still continue to be the most powerful people with the godhead still!

And the other one!

Just two words--

Hang on!


Better than Jill?

"The semi-finals will be..."

No matter how the outside world argues, it\'s just a matter of fact.

Really how.

That can only be known after playing!

Following the hosts words, the audience was sent off the scene one after another. Even though the live broadcast room had a black screen because of the end of the game, it quickly lit up. Needless to say, it was a replay!

Rao is so.

The enthusiasm in the live broadcast room is also terrifying, and the benchmark has not dropped much in the live broadcast just now!

The first is a duel between the strong. It is hard to see how famous it is over and over again, especially for ordinary players with relatively low vision, it is more research and research to gain something!

Second, the barrage has already begun at this moment. For their favorite players, the fans of the top four seats are arguing, each arguing with each other, quoting scriptures, yin and yang weirdness, and each other\'s rhythm,...

"Take a rest? Or go to the level 70 dungeon?"

It was a battle anyway, and it was still the kind of completely unsatisfactory, Qin Luosheng didn\'t feel tired!

The game starts at ten in the morning, including the rest time for the next game, the time for the host\'s commentary, etc., now it is only early twelve o\'clock, it\'s just time for dinner!

"Forget it, wasting time is not a waste of time!"

Qin Luosheng shook his head and said, "Although it is decided to take a good rest during the martial arts conference, this kind of nearly wasting a whole day is still too much!"

Focusing on the Huaxia War Zone, whether it is the Eastern Emperor or the Emperor Wu, or the mysteriously transforming the three clears at one go, Qin Luosheng dare not say that he is completely indifferent, but it really doesn\'t take much of it!


Looking at the whole world, that\'s different!

It\'s not that the world-class powerhouses in other war zones are stronger than Emperor Wudi, but that everyone belongs to a different culture. Without knowing the basics, it is easy to overturn.

such as.

One gasification three cleansing, professional Taoist priests, other countries\' war zones, who has it?

If Yiqihuasanqing is allowed to fight, don\'t mention its hidden ability. The spells alone are enough to cause headaches for those masters!

The same is true.

Qin Luosheng is the same!

Different cultures represent different differences, there will be great uncertainty and variability, as well as unknowns!


The weird ability makes it easy for the strong to overturn!

Have to guard!

right now.

What Qin Luosheng can do is to improve himself as much as possible, and have more life-saving abilities when it comes to the World Martial Arts Conference!


Without a clue, there is no goal at all, so you can only turn your gaze on--



It is the only hidden reward for the official copy!


Perhaps it is the "version answer" of the current martial arts conference!