Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1027: : Yanyu Jiangnan West Lake
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1027: : Yanyu Jiangnan West Lake

"Ding, the player Yatu died and the battle is over. Congratulations to the player Cry Soul for winning and reaching the semifinals!"

Accompanied by the prompt sound determined by the system.

The beautiful city in the sky began to collapse.

When Qin Luosheng opened his eyes again, he had already returned to the open arena!

"Ah...Weeping Soul, Weeping Soul, Weeping Soul..."

"Big guy look at me, big guy here, big guy knows me well!"

"Woo... Brother Crying Soul, so handsome~~~~~"

"Sisters, I said Crying Soul is my husband, will I be beaten?"

"Go away, little bitch, weeping soul is my husband!"

"MD! A group of ZZ! Female fans get out of the way! The crying soul boss belongs to all of us, belongs to the entire China War Zone! Talk about your M\'s love and love?"

"Too fierce! Too fierce! Too awesome! The crying soul boss is invincible!"

"I thought that Emperor Wu was the ceiling of the pretending world. I was wrong. On pretending to be forced, I only pay for the crying soul!"


All kinds of explosive sounds came from all directions.

Qin Luosheng was instantly stunned by the shock!

What followed was--


Not only was the noisy sound causing pain in the brain, but also the brain pain caused by the trembling of countless wolf-like eyes, and even the brain pain because of not being good at dealing with such things,...

and so.

Qin Luosheng, slipped away!


Many people who were screaming, screaming, and screaming frantically, blinked and realized that the person who was supposed to be worshipping them had disappeared without a trace, and instantly went dumb.

this is--

what happened?


Where am I so big as a sobbing soul?


Is this the boss?

Don\'t be surprised!



Our pattern is getting smaller!

What is this victory?

In the eyes of the crying souls, isn\'t it easy to do?

What is there to be happy about?

Normal operation only!

What are you cheering for?

Lost shares!


Noisy sound, no more!

Not everyone closed their mouths.


Because the game is over and the time is up, they are forcibly teleported out.

of course.

The seats that can accommodate a million people are naturally not empty.

The fourth game of the quarterfinals is about to begin.

And the lucky one who grabbed the ticket has already sent in at this moment, waiting for the last wonderful showdown!



Two figures appeared in the ring one after another!

One, a young man wearing Tsing Yi and holding a simple and simple Qingfeng, unrestrained and unrestrained, with a vertical and horizontal attitude, with sword eyebrows and stars, and unrestrained temperament, just like the ancient Pian Pian son, the young knight!


The former third in China, and now the fourth gang leader of the Xiaoxiang Association-Xiaoxiao Yu Xie! (PS: The third place is ACTO Court)

And the other side!

A hair and beard are white, but the complexion is ruddy, just like the legendary old man with a crane hair and a childlike face, standing there.

He is wearing a Taoist robe and holding a whisk in his hand. His eyes are not turbid like old people, but are clear and bright and extremely deep. If you look carefully, you can see the natural nature of Taoism and the birth and death of the universe!


Chinese folk masters, who have never revealed mountains and dews, were born in this martial arts conference, and easily made it into the quarterfinals of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

"Let\'s rest in the rain, senior, please enlighten me!"

Xiaoxiaoyu handed over and looked at his opponent, who looked like an old man and was looked down upon by others. He thought he was the weakest eight-strong one, and his heart was full of vigilance and no contempt for it!

"Easy to say, easy to say!"

With one gasification and three cleansing, he flicked the dust, stroking his gray beard, and was very satisfied with Xiaoxiaoyuxie, who was very polite, and smiled.

"Ding, the players from both sides are in place, and the system randomly selects the real scene-Yanyu Jiangnan Xizihu!"

The picture turns.

Xiaoxiao Yu Xie and Yi Qi Hua San Qing were in a twist in the arena, and the audiences watching the game on the spot also turned their minds together!

next moment.

The scene shifted to the side of West Lake in Jiangnan in ancient times!

The sky is hazy and slightly gloomy, with light white mist around it, and willows are hanging down, reflecting in the clear and soft West Lake water. With the breeze, the willow shoots clear the water surface, ripples and spring is full.


It\'s March.

In the youth season, misty rains continue.

This mountain, this water, this willow, this bridge, this wind, this cloud, this day, this boat,...

It\'s like a beautiful landscape ink painting, which makes people intoxicated!

Misty rain Jiangnan!

Well-deserved reputation!

The only pity is that because it is a virtual battle scene, there are no pedestrians, lack of popularity, and a touch of charm, which makes people feel embarrassed!

[ID: Xiaoxiao rain break

Grade: LV61

Occupation: Xiaoxiang Swordsman

Power: Xiaoxiang Association]

ID: One gasification and three clearing

Grade: LV60

Occupation: Taoist

Power: None]

Basic information emerges.

Not only allows the players who are watching the game to intuitively understand both sides of the game, but also both sides of the game know the basic information of their opponents at the same time!

"That\'s kind of interesting!"

Qin Luosheng, who was in Luoshenju, watched the live broadcast, with an unspeakable smile on his face.


Words with great Chinese style!

Xiaoxiang swordsman.

Needless to say.

The knight of ancient China is the kind of Dengping crossing the water, flying with a sword!

And one gas turns three clears.

ID is like a Taoist person!

As expected.

This "Taoist" profession is enough to explain everything!

Never imagined.

The final match of the quarter-finals was actually a battle between two representatives of ancient China.

A romantic and handsome young knight on behalf of a rash!

An elderly Taoist who represents religion, heavy and vicissitudes of life!

"Jian Gang!"

By the misty and rainy West Lake, the duel between the old and the young is very poetic.

This was the last round of the quarterfinals, and with this superb fighting point of Chinese style, it instantly attracted a lot of attention.

Xiaoxiaoyu rests the youth\'s disposition, naturally act first!

Even if you shoot one by one!

This horse is practicing.

It\'s Jian Gang!

It is the common saying of Jian Qi!

If it is said that the other berserkers are focusing on strength, they will break through a thousand troops with one strength!


The Xiaoxiang swordsman who rests in the rain, the most important thing is the skill, the skill of the skill, the skill of the skill!

in other words.

The Xiaoxiang swordsman, just like the swordsman of Gu Huaxia, pays attention to sword moves and sword skills!

On the earth of the previous life, the swordsman in the true legend was not so godless, but in the martial arts novels, it was so god!

The pinnacle of sword strokes should belong to the flying immortal outside the sky, causing the clouds to change, like a fairy in the dust, almost like Tao!

The pinnacle of swordsmanship must be the Dugu Nine Swords, encompassing the domain, all-encompassing, and able to break all moves. It must be that you have reached the extreme, and you can achieve this point!


The abilities displayed by Xiaoxiaoyu Xie are a combination of sword moves and sword skills!

His methods are extremely clever, with both sword moves and sword skills, combining the two into one, and the combat effectiveness is extremely strong!

The endless sword force was so crushed that Sanqing was unable to fight back, and could only be exhausted to dodge and fight back and forth!