Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1026: : Invisible brain supplement, the most deadly
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1026: : Invisible brain supplement, the most deadly

"Golden Guardian!"

Hold a shield and defend!

No one is indifferent and indifferent in the face of Weeping Soul\'s attack.



also can not!


He immediately changed his form, from offensive to defensive, and once again became a "tortoise shell"!

"This is impossible!"

The light and translucent sword aura, with a very low sense of existence and just without the slightest lethal sword aura, grew bigger and bigger in Yato\'s pupils.


Sword Qi easily swept across Yato\'s neck, splashing a **** flower!

Yato\'s eyes opened wide. He looked at the golden holy shield that didn\'t work at all. The translucent sword aura really looked like invisible and innocuous. It passed through all the protections and hit him accurately. Neck.

That\'s right.

Just go through all the protection.

Not only the golden shield, but also the armor he was wearing was useless!

just like.

Everything is not fortified!

Under this semi-transparent sword aura, he was like a naked man, except to carry it with his own body, without any means of defense!

"Is this your hidden hole card?"

Blood splattered and the corpse separated!

This lore strike.

Bloody violence!


Cut off Yato\'s head directly.

One hit kill!

This is not an instant kill effect trigger, but a breaking effect!

Without the head, it is natural death!


After the head soared into the sky, the belated damage numbers became apparent.

With a seven-digit number and over a million damage, the audience who was screaming because of the cruel and **** picture of Xiaoshou swallowed the screams in an instant.

One hit, the damage broke a million?


This damage is still obtained from a shield warrior who is known for his defense and is still a hidden class!

Is that man really a god?

With all kinds of complicated and difficult thoughts, everyone turned their eyes to the winner in the field.

Under the beautiful scenery of the Sky City, floating and in the air, spread the gorgeous wings of Yinglong, wearing a dragon-carved sacred dragon suit with a cloak flying behind him,...

Like a god!

It\'s like a devil again!


at this time.

The belated golden sword aura and thunderbolt arc fell on Qin Luosheng\'s body.



A four-digit damage, a three-digit damage, fluttered from the top of Qin Luosheng\'s head at the same time.

Everyone is silent!

Looking at the thick blood bar that can\'t be seen clearly, and after being injured, it clears the gap that can\'t even be seen, just if it is still the peak blood bar, the whole world is silent!

For a 50-level three-turn full-spirited magician, even if he wears an enhanced +10 epic suit of the same level, excluding those jewelry that increase health, his health is almost five or six thousand!

Two thousand points of damage are equivalent to one-third of its total health!


On the man of the crying soul, with two thousand health points, even the full blood bar can\'t reveal a trace!

How thick is this life value?

one million?

Two million?

so horrible!


For a long time, Soul Cry has given others the impression of a tyrannical image holding a sword and a violent berserker!


Now he, his profession is the Great Shield!

The hidden professional shield warrior!

Its just a hang, basically rounding up the official dungeon team rewards and personal rewards behind, and all kinds of crazy on TV,...

With so many extra rewards, how can it be treated with common sense?

The attack is fierce, and now with the defense and health of the shield warrior, it is almost ascendant!

A space dimension cut!


The inadvertent reveal of the blood bar!

Not only has the whole world been silent, but also the strong people who want to fight with it, become disillusioned!

among them.

Including Emperor Wu, including Donghuang, including other masters from other countries\' theaters who are paying attention in real time!


too strong!

It\'s so desperate!

Is ACTO weak?

Not weak!

Even if it is the only one who is completely inferior to the Emperor Wu of the East, it can be called an international master, a world-class powerhouse, but it is not much worse. It can be defeated, but it cannot be crushed by weight!

Weeping Soul did it.

And it is easy to do.

From beginning to end.

The clouds are light and the wind is light, just like walking in the garden!

As usual fighting, he didn\'t even force his serious attitude!


One more translucent and unprepared sword aura!

What\'s the use of this?

People just took out a card casually. God knows how many such cards are there? How terrifying is a hole card stronger than this one?

What is the most powerful?

The unknown is the most powerful!

If the Weeping Soul is still the same as before, and nothing is exposed, it might be better.

after all.

Everyone can also use this to deceive themselves and others, and that\'s nothing more than weeping souls, and the strength is just like this, this is already his full posture.

But today weeping soul is so troubled, that sword aura, self-deception dreams, instantly shattered!

Even if you want self-paralysis and self-hypnosis, it won\'t work, because there is a benchmark!

That sword spirit is the benchmark!

When you subconsciously hypnotize yourself and deny crying soul, this sword aura will emerge in your mind, frantically reminding you to face reality!

One thought is born, all thoughts bloom!

A sword gas has destroyed countless beliefs!

Because people are thinking creatures and associative creatures, a sword qi plus the reputation and legend of the crying soul will make people endlessly brain-filled!

in this way.

The Weeping Soul Devil, in their minds, was born!

Originally, Spatial Dimension Slash was one of Qin Luosheng\'s trump cards, and could at least rank in the top three of Qin Luosheng\'s skills.

But under various conditions and factors, these delicate and flexible masters will make various speculations and simulations.


Believing that Space Dimension Slash was just the tip of the iceberg of the strength of the Weeping Soul, therefore, exerted self-pressure.

that\'s all.

The more I think, the more I think.

As a result, his mentality collapses, and no matter how bad he is, he will plant the seeds of self-doubt, the seeds of fear and cowardice to the weeping soul.

in this way.

Once they encounter the Weeping Soul, these seeds will burst out instantly and turn into bombs, exploding them completely.

Be timid before fighting!


Lose without a fight!

This is an alternative Dihua, which can also be called:

Invisible brain supplement, the most deadly!

"It turns out that I was wrong!"

At this time, after seeing the damage done to Qin Luosheng by his own attack, Yatu finally woke up and understood the meaning of what Qin Luosheng had done just now.


Too late!

"Challenge God? I really am too stupid!"

Yatu, whose heads were flying, reflected in his pupils the man standing in the air, both like a **** of war and god, slowly closing his eyes, and his thinking stopped at this moment.

"The act of killing the gods, after all, is just a legend!"