Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1025: : Space dimension cut, strike!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1025: : Space dimension cut, strike!

"Brother Crying Soul..."

Yato was roaring, roaring, body and mind, man and riding together, showing his most domineering posture.

"So strong!"

Even Qin Luosheng was shocked by the aura of ACTO at this moment!

Look up.

I saw it.

ACTO\'s whole person is shining, not a gilded little golden figure, but a real golden figure whose whole body has turned into gold at this moment, full of domineering aura!

The crushing charge seemed to draw people into his rhythm and blocked all foreign objects. It seemed like the sky and the ground, there was only him, and the only way to face him.

"So strong!"

After experiencing so many and encountering so many bosses with various abilities, Qin Luosheng is also very knowledgeable.

The current ACTO gives him this kind of feeling, naturally, it will not be the kind of transmission, locked in space and time, which is too exaggerated, and ACTO can\'t do this kind of level.

This is potential!

Take advantage of the situation!

The aura of ACTO was firmly locked, and Qin Luosheng looked at ACTO with full attention!

Two conditions are one!

As a result, Qin Luosheng was brought in and brought into the unique atmosphere formed by the power of Yato!

What atmosphere?

Qin Luosheng mistakenly believed that Yato was the only one, and the only one between the world and the earth. He could only look for Yato, could not escape, could not escape, he could only fight hard, or take the blow hard!

In fact.

For someone else, 99.99% will be recruited!

But Qin Luosheng will not.

He is sober!

In addition to his understanding of the inducing effect of this thing, it is also because, in the consciousness of others, it is an invulnerable cut. In his eyes, that\'s it!

How could the grandmaster returning to the innocence be stunned by the aura of the little accomplished boy?

"As a friend, then I will give you a grand and gorgeous curtain call!"

Qin Luosheng originally wanted to take this sword forcibly!

It\'s like facing Spike!

Use a shield and use [Absolute Parry], then this blow is bound to MISS!

If you don\'t need a shield, you can use your body to connect it, and you will lose 10% of your health at most!

after all.

His overall crushing attribute is not for nothing, and even with a small shield battle, even with the damage blessing of the skill, how strong can it be?


Qin Luosheng thought for a while, but still didn\'t do that!

ACTO is not like a wolf fang!

In the end, ACTO can be regarded as a friend, there is no need to do so!

The reason why Langya had this encounter was that he was too mad and needed to give him a clear understanding, which was also what he asked for, so naturally he had to give him a face!

As for.

Whether or not he can accept the consequences, whether he will suffer a blow and be devastated, that is not what Qin Luosheng can care about!


When the sun is in the sky, the golden Buddha shines on the world!

At the moment, ACTO is really interesting.

The golden mansions all over his body, like a shining sun, and just like a golden Buddha!

The unicorn Pegasus under his hips has a vigorous posture, and the unicorn on his forehead shines with a surly magical atmosphere, full of destructive power!

The golden holy sword in his hand is shining with brilliance and endless cold light, full of violent killing intent and sharp force to kill everything!

"Triple Eagle Step!"

A loud cry of the eagle shattered the sky.

Qin Luosheng\'s body was imaginary, just like an arrow from the string, he slammed up from the ground, and in a posture that the Newtonian coffin could not be held down, he stepped on the air three times in a row, just like walking in the air, changing directions continuously three times, violently Appeared at the top of ACTO!

ACTO:? ? ?


What about one person?

Lao Tzu has targeted and deployed everything, what about the people who are just waiting for the harvest?


Mentality collapsed!

"Don\'t try to escape!"

With a violent roar, Yatu gave the golden holy sword that was about to be chopped off, and suddenly changed it into a slap. In an instant, the bursting golden sword aura spurted out and slashed towards Qin Luo who was high in the sky.

at the same time.

The Unicorn Pegasus under Yato\'s crotch was also after a long period of energy accumulation. The unicorn released a thunderbolt arc, carrying a terrifying force of destruction, and together with the golden sword energy, they attacked Qin Luosheng together.

"Oh, why bother!"

See here.

Qin Luosheng sighed softly.


He can do everything on the ground.

But why do you have to do this too much, use the triple eagle to change the position, and suddenly madly turn from the ground to the air, to a higher altitude than Yato?

Avoid sight?

Dodge attack?


in order.

I just want to prevent Yato from suffering the situation of Spike, even if he does not want to use a shield to use [Absolute Parry] to let Yato attack MISS, but even if it is hard resistance, the damage number will also cause Yato to be injured!

If Yato is not a friend, why should Qin Luosheng be so kind?

This is a great father\'s love! (Acto:???)


ACTO is self-destructive, giving up this intention!

That\'s it.

Naturally, Qin Luosheng would not continue to avoid it, otherwise, others thought he was afraid!

"If you want to die by yourself, then you will be fulfilled!"

Facing the golden sword qi slash and the thunderbolt arc, Qin Luosheng didn\'t raise his eyelids, but raised his hand indifferently, raising the Sacred Dragon Sword.

"I just hope that your mentality is good enough, don\'t collapse!"

Said it was a grand curtain call for ACTO, then it must be given.

In this regard, Qin Luosheng will never break his promise!


On the Sacred Dragon Sword, a seemingly invisible but hazy aura emerged!

Even though the sense of existence is very low and almost transparent, it is tangible and qualitative after all. With so many people staring at it, how can they hide it?

"This is the first time you use it after you get it? Brother Yatu, you will be enough to **** if you die with this trick!"

Qin Luosheng started to speculate wildly, no matter the outside world was staring at the energy emerging from his holy dragon divine sword, all kinds of brain supplements.

This skill.

Even if others know it, he is not afraid.


No one can hide!

Will be in!

That\'s right!

This skill is--

"Space-Dimensional Slash!"

Along with Qin Luosheng\'s inaudible whisper, the dim energy that had already gathered on the Sacred Dragon Divine Sword was gently pushed out by him.

In an instant.

A flat half-moon sword gas cut, gushing out.

"Are you going to collide?"

Countless people stared at the collision in the air, and the needle-pointed two kinds of attacks on the Maimang, staring firmly, without blinking their eyes.



The imaginary confrontation scene did not appear.

The golden sword aura of Yatu and the thunderbolt of Unicorn Pegasus, at the moment of contact with Qin Luosheng\'s translucent sword aura, they passed through easily as if the two did not exist and a dimension.


ACTO was taken aback.

Originally thought that his strongest offensive force forced the Weeping Soul, who has always been regarded as a celestial man, to counterattack. No matter what the consequences, he is enough to have an explanation. Master father, and to the people of the world!


He still wanted to go wrong.

How can this be a counterattack for fear of his attack!


Still ignoring him!

The so-called counterattack attack was just to kill him!