Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1021: : The Five Elements Elementalist, the mighty Eastern Emperor
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1021: : The Five Elements Elementalist, the mighty Eastern Emperor

There were nearly 20 private masters who broke into the top 100, but only three broke into the top 16!

Long Yi, lost to the Scarlet Rose! (Blessed by the broken godhead of the ice goddess)

Langya was hung up and beaten by Qin Luosheng!


There is only one seedling and three clearings left!

"This guy is a little weird!"

Qin Luosheng tuned out a video of the game of the three clearings, and found that this old man wearing a Taoist robe, with a childlike look, had a dusty temperament, and was quite a fairy-like person.

More than appearance!

The same is true of fighting style.

Even if only the tip of the iceberg was revealed, Qin Luosheng was able to infer that this guy was definitely on the same level as Emperor Wudi.

"It seems that the country\'s trump card is not only the military!"

Qin Luosheng took a deep look and finally, with a palm~heart~thunder, he easily defeated the opponent with one energy, and then closed the video!

"No matter what I do, I have only one goal anyway, and that is to be a champion. In that case, no matter who it is, it is my enemy!"

Putting the tablet aside, Qin Luosheng picked up the Hei Bulin on the table, took a bite, the juice overflowed, and the sweetness entered his lungs, "Whether it is the Eastern Emperor or the Emperor Wu, or this one who does not know where it came from Sanqing, as long as it\'s right, it\'s a job! Those who block my way, die!"

The next day.

Qin Luosheng, who got up early, ran a little in the morning and had breakfast before entering the game Shi Shiran.

Ten o\'clock!

The quarterfinals, start on time!

After the hosts passionate opening remarks, enter the formal session!

First battle!

Scarlet Rose VS Donghuang!

In the beginning, it was a fierce battle between the tip of the needle and the Maimang!

[ID: Scarlet Rose

Grade: LV68

Occupation: Frost Messenger

Power: Rose Club]

[ID: Donghuang

Grade: LV62

Occupation: Five Elements Elementalist

Power: Donghuang Pavilion

[Random map: mountain top in the rain!

This is a battle between magicians!


This magician VS magician, both magicians are a little bit wrong!

Scarlet Rose is an Frost Messenger, an ordinary hidden class, but she has the broken goddess of the Snow Goddess and the scepter of the Snow Goddess, able to control a trace of the law of ice and snow!

And Donghuang!

Even more incredible!

This is your sister\'s Five Elements Elemental Envoy!

What do you mean?

A magician who can control the five elements!

Just like the final boss, Chaos Lord in [Chaos Land], he has the ability to control the five elements of wind, thunder, water, fire and earth!

This is completely Tianke Scarlet Rose!

Scarlet Rose is a branch of Water Magician, Ice Magician!

She only has this kind of elemental power!

The Eastern Emperor possesses the power of magical elements that exceed two digits with branching, and can easily use the elements of restraining ice elements to target!

Scarlet rose.

Lose half without fighting!

The fact is indeed the case.

The passion of the two pinnacle magicians blasted against each other, and the splendid magic made everyone watching the battle fascinated!

Even though Scarlet Rose possessed a broken godhead and a **** scepter, she was restrained after all. Moreover, the Eastern Emperor\'s equipment was not inferior to her, and she soon fell into a disadvantage!

"Extreme Ice Rose, in full bloom!"

In desperation.

Scarlet Rose finally revealed her real trump card.

This trick.

Qin Luosheng has seen it.

When I was in the Moon Temple, Scarlet Rose used this trick to hold the undead lich at the most critical moment.

The extremely splendid Ice Rose, full of anger and full of murder, poignant and murderous!

Make people unforgettable forever!

"Summon Clay Giant!"

Facing Scarlet Rose\'s trick, the Eastern Emperor waved his scepter gracefully without any rush.

In an instant.

A huge clay giant with a height of 20 meters appeared, opened his arms, and roared at the ice rose.

Among the five elements, Turk water!

Clay giant, belong to the earth!

The ice rose is water!


The violent and extremely cold ice rose, poignantly blooming, gorgeously blooming, however, being held tightly in the arms by the giant clay giant, it could not spread out.

"Worthy of the Donghuang! Worthy of the Five Elements Elemental Envoy!"

Even though the ice rose showed extremely strong destructive power, completely defeating the clay giant, but the energy that was exhausted was annihilated!

The trick of Scarlet Rose was so understated by the Eastern Emperor!

"It\'s not over yet!"

After one move, Scarlet Rose\'s face became extremely pale, which was caused by excessive consumption.

"Qianwei, give up!"

Donghuang shook his head and said: "You can\'t beat me! If it\'s other things, I can let you, but the martial arts conference is of great importance, even if I want you, those people will not agree!"

"Huh, who needs you to let it!"

At this moment, Scarlet Rose looked like a legendary ice beauty, an ice beauty in the true sense, covered in frost, suffocating the beauty and suffocating the cold.

"Also, my name is Du Qiangwei!"

The violent breath was revealed again.

A bunch of frosty wings formed by ice crystals suddenly stretched out behind the Scarlet Rose, spreading their wings!

"Blood Rose-Fury!"

The song of ice and blood resounded across the sky here.

A rose flower that is exactly the same as the ice rose just now, blooms again!

the difference is.

It was pure white mixed with sky blue roses!

And this one is pure white mixed with bright red, the kind of bright red of blood!

"Isn\'t this skill rewarded by the system when the Rose Club was established?"

Qin Luosheng narrowed his eyes and heard the name of the skill. He had been developed several times. At this moment, he had reached a level of 60% of his brain, and he found the information in a flash.

"Qiangwei, I said, you have no chance!"


Facing this poignant blow full of murderous intent, Donghuang still had no fluctuations on his face. In his eyes, the blood-colored rose flower looked like a real rose flower, a flower that could be picked at his fingertips.

"Fusion Magic: The Five Elements Shattered!"

Wind, cyan wind blade!

Thunder, white thunder!

Water, blue water bomb!

Fire, red fireball!

Earth, yellow soil thorns!

In the manner of a five-pointed star, each occupying a position, and then spinning frantically.

To the end.

Five elements, five colors, thoroughly merged into one!

The bursting shock wave soared into the sky, facing the blood-colored rose flower that exuded the breath of death head-on!


The roar that shook the sky and the earth exploded.

The terrifying five-system fusion magic, after a stalemate with the Scarlet Rose for a while, finally smashed it forcefully, and the remaining trace of energy was not exhausted, and continued to rush forward, wiping the Scarlet Roses hair, and ran. Toward the sky, self burst and open, and the clouds are scattered!


Scarlet Rose, who was waving wings of Frost, had dilated pupils, her eyes lost, and she looked up blankly, looking at the sun shining toward the earth in the blasted clouds, she didn\'t know what she was thinking.

"Ding, the player Scarlet Rose surrendered, Donghuang won this battle and successfully advanced to the semi-finals!"