Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1013: : Twilight VS Emperor Wu, forcing the king to come
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1013: : Twilight VS Emperor Wu, forcing the king to come

"Shadow ghost, liberation!"

Seeing the abnormal state of the ghost car, the old flame smoke gun suddenly felt bad, and immediately urged the formation, wanting to attack more quickly, however, it was too late!

The body of the ghost car was suddenly enveloped by a burst of black smoke. When the roaring and exploding flame column washed over, the black smoke was washed away, revealing the body of the ghost car.


The ghost car now has become extremely weird!


Hollow Man!


The old flames smoker was stunned, watching his own burning sky pillar of fire bombarding it, but it was as if hitting the air, not even a single hair of the ghost car could be touched, and his brows suddenly frowned.

"Now, it\'s me!"

The ghost car sneered, and moved its body, as if thunderous, it effortlessly penetrated the barrier of the extremely high temperature of the burning sky and appeared in front of the old flames.

"I am now in the form of a shadow ghost. I don\'t eat magic damage or physical damage. President Blaze, what else do you have, let it be!"

The flames of the old smoker suddenly twitched!

Can this **** play?

I\'ve been completely defeated!

As a fire magician who outputs super explosives, he can even destroy a city with maximum power output.


What can you do if people don\'t eat your attack?


Countless instant flame bombs covered half of their firepower, covering all the surroundings of the ghost car. However, they all penetrated and bombed the surrounding snow, smashing large pits one after another, melting the ice and snow, but it was impossible to touch. A hair on a ghost car.


The ghost car also didn\'t care about it. It didn\'t even look at the high-temperature flame bomb with great lethality. It just rushed forward, the dagger in his hand was glowing with cold light, and the old smoke was heavily moved toward the flames. The gun was chopped off.

"Hey!" The old flames smoke gun subconsciously wanted to move, but instantly dropped his hand again, "That\'s it! It\'s not a crime of war! I was completely defeated, and I didn\'t even have the ability to fight back!"

"Ding, the ghost car won, and promoted to the quarterfinals!"

The system\'s prompt sound oscillated, announcing the victory or defeat of this battle!

"This is really unlucky!"

Qin Luosheng also sympathized with the old flames.


As a magician who outputs explosions, even if he encounters Tianke\'s own assassin, he can rely on his own ability and wisdom to gain the upper hand, and even victory is in sight.

But how did you know that the tmd mentality collapsed when the opponent came out like this!

Do not eat physical attacks, do not eat magic attacks, what do you let a magician do?

Besides surrendering, what else?

As the old flame smoker said, it is not a crime of war!

Unlucky home!

"In the second round, Emperor Wu VS Shimmer!"

[ID: Emperor Wu (Originally, this guys ID was Ba Tian, ??and Emperor Wu was just a nickname, so lets change it to Emperor Wu to avoid confusion)

Grade: LV62

Occupation: Valkyrie

Power: Deceptive Union]

ID: Shimmer

Grade: LV60

Occupation: Storm Marksman

Power: Twilight Union]


The highlight is coming!

Seeing the two players who were randomly shaken in the second game, Qin Luosheng suddenly became energetic!

The Emperor Wu of the South, who is as famous as the East Emperor of the North, is the two myths of the China Internet World!

right now.

Is it finally going to be played?

Occupation: Valkyrie!

How domineering!

Worthy of being Emperor Wu of the Tyrant Trade Union, homophonic: Invincible!

And his opponent is not a weak chicken!

The fifth-ranked leader of the China Trade Union, the leader of the Twilight Trade Union, is also a hidden occupation. It is a kind of archer, named Storm Archer. It is related to the wind element. What does the wind represent? It represents rapidness. Tear!

A storm-like attack, with strong penetrating and tearing effects, should be the characteristic of this storm archer!

"Ding, the system randomly selects the real battlefield-the forest!"


This system is messing up!

Isn\'t the **** forest helping Shimmering?

This is the best fighting environment for archers, none of them!


Twilight is also a real master. However, this gentle and elegant face is always calm and calm. At this moment, he is full of seriousness. After being teleported to the real battlefield, he did not stop for a second, and instantly displayed his due speed. , A few jumps, going back and forth on the huge tree trunk, quickly disappeared into the forest maze.

in contrast.

However, Emperor Wu stood still and didn\'t even lift his eyelids. He seemed to be unaware that Glimmer had already started to move. He pulled a distance, looked for cover, and was ready to launch an offensive against him!

"Shoo, hoo..."

One escaped into the forest without a trace, and the other stayed in place like a puppet. This embarrassing deadlock was broken after nearly a minute!

"Clang clang..."

Arrows with cyan rays surging out of the dark unknown realm in the forest, and shot at Emperor Wu\'s body accurately and unmistakably.







The arrow that seemed to have a tearing effect caused the damage to Emperor Wu


Only 2 points!

This is five in a row!

Five arrows down, three MISS, two forcibly cause 1 injury?

Not only the ordinary audience was shocked, but even a group of pretentious masters were at this moment full of horror, eyes full of surprise, and faces full of disbelief!


How can it be!

"It\'s interesting!" At the same time, Qin Luosheng\'s expression became solemn. Through the live broadcast screen, he watched Emperor Wu\'s still indifferent and calm appearance, and took a deep breath, "These are the two major online myths of China. One of the Emperor Wu, but he is qualified to be called invincible!"


Glimmer launched an attack, and Emperor Wu finally started to move.

Holding a big knife and walking steadily, he walked towards the forest in front of him step by step. He stepped on the fallen leaves, stepped on the grass, and made a slight noise.


Take a stroll in the garden!

It feels like shopping!

"So proud!"

Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but said: "This B pretend, I will give you 82 points, and the rest will be split into 666 for you!"

Facing a master like Shimmer, he responded with such a posture!

If it\'s not an idiot, then it is with absolute certainty, Yigao is bold, and has the ability to despise the glimmer!


Arrows were densely packed again, and it fell down.

This time.

It\'s no longer five consecutive arrows, but a rain of arrows!

Continuously, the first round was more than 20 arrows, and there was a steady stream of raises later, crazy burst shots!

This posture seems to be shooting Emperor Wu into a hornet\'s nest!

It is clear.

A gentle and handsome guy like Shimmer was also set off by Emperor Wu\'s impolite contempt.


In the face of such a continuous rain of arrows, Emperor Wu still took that posture, wandering forward, dragging a knife and wandering forward, neither defense nor evasion, nor did he use weapons to block and shoot down arrows,...