Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1006: : Repair Panlong Lishui?
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1006: : Repair Panlong Lishui?

It\'s hard to imagine.

The Weeping Soul who has always been holding a sword and slashing, that **** and arrogant look will one day become a graceful posture, holding a magic wand, standing in the distance, calmly bombarding the enemy with magic!

no way.

Everything is market demand!

As the saying goes.

One generation version, one generation god!

The destiny dimension may not change, but people will change!

right now.

Physics is physics, and magic is magic.

not worse!

But the magic swordsman, the talent is extraordinary, the potential is boundless!

Although it is a dual cultivation of magic and martial arts, the dual cultivation is not a fixed five or five. There will always be a time when the deadlock is broken, and it will become high and low!

The physical aspect is indeed dominant now, one is Qin Luosheng\'s preference and the previous addition, and the second is that the magic is too weak.


This situation is constantly changing and reversing!


Physics is just pure physics, but magic has many elements!

The magic of different elements can not only be matched, but also mixed magic can be used, resulting in a sharp increase in power, and it is more suitable for a variety of combat environments, and it is more restrained and targeted, which will inevitably become the main use ability!

With the ability of [Chaos Crystal], the 2,000 points of mental bonus is really just a bonus!

The characteristic [Chaos] is the core of [Chaos Crystal]!

The Lord of Chaos also relied on this characteristic to become a superpower who is proficient in the five elements and understands the power of death and the power of space!

As long as Qin Luosheng wears the Chaos Crystal, he doesn\'t care about anything, he only needs to carry it, and then the energy will be continuously absorbed, causing the elemental power to accumulate and stack!

The water element and dark element that have been comprehended will become stronger and stronger!

Other elements that are not comprehended will also cause qualitative changes when the quantity reaches a certain level, thus awakening, allowing the magic swordsman to have more elemental abilities!

Not only ordinary elements!

Chaos Crystal also refreshes additional special energy once a month. What are these energy? Needless to say, right?

How did the power of death and the power of space come from the Lord of Chaos? 100% rely on this characteristic!

Compared with this ability to permanently increase itself and strengthen its own characteristics, the additional skills will be dwarfed by it!

Rao is so.

This [Chaos Domain] is also a forbidden spell level skill!

In a large-scale war with a large number of people, it can play an unimaginable role!

"Comfortable! Comfortable!"

After getting another unique hidden reward, and it was so awesome, Qin Luosheng swept away his exhaustion and started to feel comfortable all over!

Crushed the scroll of returning to the city.

Qin Luosheng returned to the imperial city, then turned his head and ran towards Luoshenju, at that speed, as if there was a dog chasing him behind!

Why are you so anxious?

Naturally because Panlong leaves the water!

Since Panlong was abandoned from the water, Qin Luosheng didn\'t take it with him, but kept it at home!

If the Scroll of Perfection can really take effect, then this long-silent mythical soldier will once again shine with endless brilliance!

"Master, you are back!"

Mengmeng, who was pruning the flowering branches in the garden, looked at Qin Luosheng who came back eagerly, with a look of surprise!

In the old days.

Qin Luosheng didn\'t say that the dragon sees the head or the end, but it takes at least a long time to go out, and sometimes even no one is interested in it. Today, the sun came out from the west, and it came back in more than three hours!



Now during the martial arts conference, the young master must have put aside other things and worked hard for the marriage contract with sister Luo Li. As long as he wins the martial arts conference championship, he will be able to get married by his majesty himself, ah~ so happy!

"You girl, what kind of gods are you stupefied here?"

Qin Luosheng watched holding the scissors, standing there in a daze, with a dream of auntie nymphomaniac smiling, for a while.

"Ah... nothing!"

Mengmeng was awakened in an instant, looking at Qin Luosheng who was close at hand, his face instantly turned red, and then ran away quickly, leaving Qin Luosheng with a bewildered face, standing there, completely unaware of what happened!

Back to the secret room!

Qin Luosheng gently opened a hidden grid, and took out the dimly dimmed Panlong, like a fan of iron!

"Idiot, don\'t do this!"

Taking a deep breath, Qin Luosheng put the Panlong out of the water and leveled it. At the same time, he took the [Perfect Scroll] out of his backpack, and was about to go up. At this time, the sound that hadn\'t appeared in a long time suddenly shook his ears. When it sounded, he was so scared that he almost threw the perfect scroll in his hand.


Seeing the beautiful figure suddenly appeared next to him, Qin Luosheng held his breath subconsciously!

Since reaching level 50, Xiaoxiao, who has entered the maturity stage, has been able to take shape before other existences, relying on the Dragon Race\'s unique aptitude and the conditions to be close to the human race.


For some reason, Xiaoxiao doesn\'t seem to like human form, and basically shows up in dragon form!

of course.

Unlike at home, even Luoshenju can take on her dragon form, but Xiaoxiao usually shows up in human form, but very few times, most of the time she hides in the pet space and sleeps!

"What\'s wrong?"

Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help asking.

He knows that if Xiao Xiao is not necessary, he will not interfere with his work!

Now that I have reminded me, and I still come out to remind me in person, then it must be not easy!

Last time like this.

It seems that I still encountered the world of the spirit gourd. Inside there are the sacred phoenix tree and the phoenix blood jade. There is a high probability that it is a phoenix, but I am not sure, I can only confirm that it is not lost to the small and powerful beings!

"Do you want to use this scroll to repair your weapon?"

Asked the little boy.


Qin Luosheng responded blankly.


Xiaoxiao cursed with hatred for iron failure.

Qin Luosheng:...

What\'s up!

What\'s wrong!

Why am I being a fool?

Could it be.

Is there anything else in me that is worth using the perfect scroll?


Most of the other equipment is now B-like, that is to say, they are in their original state now, since they are not incomplete, then the perfect scroll is useless!

not to mention.

Even if there is such a thing, what can be more important to the standard Panlong Lishui than Panlong Lishui?

"Such a scroll of gods, you will be so violent!"

Xiaoxiao rolled his eyes at the innocent Qin Luosheng, that gesture, even though it was cold and scary, was also sultry tight!


This damned beauty of prosperity!

Is it possible to do whatever he wants if his face is against the sky?

"Then what should I do?"

God\'s scroll?

Qin Luosheng also agreed.

The perfect scroll is indeed qualified to receive such praise!


What Qin Luosheng didn\'t understand was, why using it to repair Panlong Lishui would be a violent thing?

To know.

Panlong Lishui is a myth-level magical soldier!

Comparing with the Hand of the Abyss, it\'s not bad at all!


The power of killing is stronger than the hand of the abyss!

If Panlong recovers from the water, together with the Sacred Dragon God Sword, the double sword flow will be reproduced, not to mention the doubled strength, at least, the big rise is no problem!

What kind of violent thing is this?

I am not convinced!