Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1005: : Perfect Scroll, Chaos Crystal
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1005: : Perfect Scroll, Chaos Crystal

Undoubtedly the burst rate of the first kill of the boss!

The Lord of Chaos is indeed generous enough. After giving the legendary material [Dark Heart Core], the [Dark Seed] that allowed the magic swordsman to awaken the power of darkness, he also gave two original legendary equipment, one epic, and four Pieces of gold!

of course.

Not to mention the groceries like BOSS Sambo!

"Isn\'t the bracelet exploded yet? Gan! It\'s too hard to explode!"

Qin Luosheng scanned the equipment. There were a pair of earrings and a necklace. A BOSS could explode two pieces of jewelry, which was a RP explosion.


There is nothing Qin Luosheng can use in it!

The earrings are limited to female characters, but they are a pair!

For men, there is only one earring!


Even if these were not earrings used by female players, but turned into earrings, Qin Luosheng would not change them!


The earrings now are [Reaper\'s Hug]!

Don\'t say that these are just epic earrings. After the starlight miracle, it is a great legend. Even if it is a mythical level, if there is no special power, it can be compared with the power of the law of death [Reaper\'s embrace]?

Same goes for necklaces!

[Pray for Life] Not only has the life force of the goddess of life, but also gives three resurrection opportunities every day. There is also the soul of the goddess of flowers living in it. It is related to a special task, how can it be impossible to change!

"Equipment around level 70, I don\'t know how long it will take for it to be shipped!"

After a few glances, Qin Luosheng lost interest.

I can\'t use it myself, I can\'t sell it, spicy chicken!

"The highlight is coming!"

Rubbing his hands, Qin Luosheng looked excited and took out a tattered sheepskin roll from his backpack.

This is the scroll.

After clearing the single-player dungeon, the rewards given by the system world!

Perfect Scroll

Type: Reel

grade:? ? ?

effect:? ? ?

Introduction: A scroll with magical power can complete any incomplete existence to a perfect state!

"I fuck!"

Rao is Qin Luosheng who is mentally prepared, but he is still shocked by this scroll!

"My Panlong is saved from the water!"

no doubt.

Qin Luosheng thought of [Panlong Lishui] in the first year!

If the Perfect Scroll really has the ability as the introduction says, then, undoubtedly, it will definitely be used in [Panlong Lishui]!

Even though there is no shortage of weapons now, no matter it is the Sacred Dragon Sword, the Blood Demon Sword, and the Liangyi Dao Sword, they are completely inferior to [Panlong Lishui]. What\'s more, the Liangyi Dao Sword is in Mo Bing\'s hand, the blood demon. The sword is too domineering (holding the blood demon sword can only use the power of the blood demon, and all other professional skills are blocked)!

Originally it didn\'t matter.

But with the special skills of the Great Shieldproficient in both hands and the ability to use the dual-sword flow, then it is really a sword!

Just do it!

Qin Luosheng immediately took out the scroll of returning to the city and prepared to go back.


Before leaving, I thought that the only reward for brushing the dungeon had not yet been obtained, so I was forced to endure it!

"found it!"

The chaos lords palace is not big, or not much furnishings. With the help of the eyes of heaven, Qin Luosheng quickly found a secret compartment!

"Oh, a piece of crystal?"

Open the secret compartment, there is nothing else in it, only a diamond-shaped gray-brown crystal in it.

"It can be collected by the Lord of Chaos, and protected so well, it is definitely not a common product!"

You can\'t see anything famous just by looking at it. Qin Luosheng stretched out his hand and picked up the crystal to check its attributes!

If unsurprisingly, this thing should be the only hidden reward for this level 65 instance!

No need to guess!

There is nothing more than this, what else can it be?

Chaos Crystal

Type: Crystal

grade:? ? ?

Demand: None

Effect: Spirit +2000

Special effects: [Chaos] When holding a chaotic crystal, the holder can continuously draw chaotic energy from it (the energy of the five elements is the main element, and a special energy is randomly refreshed every month)!

Incidental skills: [Chaos Domain] After opening, cast on all creatures in the range of X (X is player level * number of job transfers), and all creatures in this range (except those who possess chaotic crystals), when they cast any energy-related abilities, Will be in a state of chaos! Duration: 3 minutes! Cooling time: 7 days!

Introduction: The origin is unknown, it is said to be born in the chaos of the universe, formed in the endless energy turbulence, not only contains all the energy, but also connects the chaotic world and draws energy!

"I fuck!"

Qin Luosheng was shocked instantly.

He now finally understands why the Lord of Chaos is so awesome!

Most people are just born with an element, and most of them will be hidden, will not be awakened, will never be able to communicate with natural elements, and will not become a magician.

The Lord of Chaos is proficient in the five elements, not to mention, he also knows the power of death and the power of space!

Such a genius is terrifying!


Everything depends on this [Chaos Crystal]!

"This thing is too bad!"

Although the reward for the X5 dungeon is not as important as the X0 level, the [Chaos Crystal] completely gave Qin Luo a lesson!

"Could it be that the reward is random?"

Qin Luosheng was a little confused when thinking of the [Roulette of Destiny] rewarded by the 55-level dungeon and the [Five Poison Demon Orb] rewarded by the 60-level dungeon!

What he can be sure of is that the difficulty of the X5 dungeon is definitely not as high as the X0 level!


This reward made him a little bit unable to understand!

If it is said that the difficulty of level X0 is higher, so the reward is stronger, but the [Roulette of Destiny] and [Chaos Crystal] in your hand, as well as the sleeping snake, will not agree!

If it is said that the reward of level X5 is better, but the starlight of the 50th level copy [Cursed Land] has caused the evolution of the four over-limit skills, plus the three-character tactics for comprehension of the Sanqing Daojing, there is something to say!

Forget it!

What are you doing with so much entanglement!

Regardless of X5 and X0, the rewards are not all mine, what\'s the contention!

Qin Luosheng shook his head, threw this meaningless question out of his mind, and turned his head to appreciate [Chaos Crystal] carefully!

The spirit of 2000 points is added, just ignore it!

Suddenly a B!

So far, this is the strongest additional basic attribute Qin Luosheng has seen, and none of them!


Just add spirit!


This is also extremely good for the Demon Swordsman. Before Qin Luosheng was a berserker, adding a little is naturally full, and occasionally adding a little agility, he didn\'t even look at his spirit.


Profession has become a magic swordsman, both magic and martial arts.

Even though close combat is still the main focus, the other elemental powers of the Magic Swordsman will be awakened in time, especially under the leadership of [Chaos Crystal], the awakening speed will be very fast, then the state of being completely biased towards physics will change. Coming over, it becomes the physical magic that both sides are equal, even being suppressed by magic!