Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1004: : Seed of Darkness, Swordsmans Dark Power Awakens
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1004: : Seed of Darkness, Swordsmans Dark Power Awakens

"Since you can\'t run away, let\'s die!"

Qin Luosheng was ruthless, stopped his pace, and turned around resolutely!

The total health of the Lord of Chaos is 35 million, and 10% is 3.5 million!

Even if it reduces all stats by 50% because of the [overbearing], it is to strengthen the legendary bOSS. The dead camel is larger than the horse, and it has half the resistance. It is still not a conventional skill that can kill more than three million health points in a single blow. of!

"Then, only the bug ability of the Lord of the Stars can be used!"


"and many more!"

"It looks like it\'s not needed anymore!"

[Reapers Embrace] Expends 10,000 mana points. When used on a single target, it has a 100% chance to reduce all attributes by 30%, a 20% chance to reduce all attributes by 50%, and a 1% reduction to 90% all attributes. Cooling time: 24 hours!

"Hahahaha...I have always used the Starlight Blessing to forcibly increase the 90% weakened all attributes to 100% success, but I forgot that even without the Starlight Blessing, this skill possesses the power of the law of death, and its own chance of success is not low. !"

Previously activated [Reaper\'s Gaze], which weakened 20% of all attributes of the Chaos Lord!

Two kinds of weakening cannot be superimposed at the same time!

This [Reapers Embrace], not to mention the latter two trigger effects, just the 30% full attribute that is 100% successful, before it takes effect, it will also reduce the effect of [Reapers Gaze]!

in other words.

The guarantee is not a 30% weakening, but only 10% effective!

If it is usual, this is indeed a bit cheating!

but now.

That\'s enough!


The health of the Lord of Chaos is already below 10%!

"Reaper\'s embrace!"



Only 10% of the effect is effective!

But this 10% mandatory reduction has also become the last straw to overwhelm the camel!


"Ding, congratulations on successfully killing the level 75 enhanced legendary BOSS-Lord of Chaos, gaining experience: 8000w+, prestige: 50000 points!"

Two golden lights flashed!

It is Mo Bing and Qingtian who have upgraded!

Originally, through the abyss mode of the 55th level dungeon and the abyss mode of the 60th level, the experience value has exploded, and the 65th level dungeon has been adjusted several times. Now it is all through again. The experience is superimposed. With the gift, he finally reached level 66!

It\'s not easy!

"Ding, congratulations on successfully clearing the level 65 dungeon [Chaos Land] solo. The system will announce the war zone. Will the ID be revealed?"


"Ding, Huaxia Theater players please pay attention, Huaxia Theater players please pay attention, players cry souls, clear the level 65 [Chaos Land], and get the only reward for a single player: four attributes +500, special attributes +5, special scrolls* 1. At the same time, his heroic deeds will be engraved on the hero stele for the heroes of the world to pay their respects!"


This reward is getting more and more hip!

In addition to the special scrolls, the previous rewards also had special skills. Now they have been chopped off directly. Only one item is kept, which is really stingy!


Forget it!

Four attributes +500, special attributes +5, this reward is not bad!


He picked up all the spoils exploded by the Lord of Chaos, and then ravaged the corpse!

"Ding, the collection was successful. Congratulations on collecting the Dark Heart*1!"

"Ding, the collection was successful. Congratulations on the collection of the Seed of Darkness*1!"

"Ding, unfortunately, the current target cannot be collected!"

I rub!

Dignifiedly strengthen the legendary BOSS, the emperor of the chaotic land, this is it?

Are you **** embarrassed to have two items on you?

Dark Heart

Type: Energy Core

Grade: Legend

Effect: Refiner

Introduction: The heart core with majestic dark power can be used to refine powerful dark weapons!

The Seed of Darkness

Type: Pure Energy Seed

grade:? ? ?

effect:? ? ?

Introduction: An energy source with the power of original darkness!

What do you mean?

Qin Luosheng raised a question mark in his forehead!

The dark core is easy to understand, but what does this seed of darkness mean?

"Ding, the special energy that can be absorbed is detected, is it absorbed?"

Before Qin Luosheng could use his brain, the system quickly arranged a choice for him.


Qin Luosheng frowned, even though he didn\'t quite understand what it meant, but looking at the Seed of Darkness in his hand that exuded the light of darkness, there was a desire for no reason, a desire to eat it!

"Fear of a hammer!"

The strange situation made Qin Luosheng a little worried, but it was like seeing the hunger and thirst of a big meat bun after being hungry for several days, and he was really a little irresistible!

Git your teeth!

Qin Luosheng chose to follow instinct!

People are dead and birds are in the sky, immortal for thousands of years!

How do you know if it\'s good or bad if you don\'t try it!

Can a seed of darkness still go to heaven?

"Ding, you devour the seed of darkness, the magic swordsman ability awakens, gains low-level and intermediate-level dark magic, dark resistance +10%, four basic attributes +100, spirit extra +100, dark magic power +10%, range +10%!"

I fuck!

It turned out to be this!

Qin Luosheng was shocked immediately!

Now he finally knows why he has that feeling of eagerness to devour it!

Everything is caused by the magic swordsman\'s instinct!

An energy source with the power of the original darkness!

What an energy source with the power of original darkness!

Good job!

I originally thought that the magic swordsman would awaken the power of the second element only at the level of 80, four revolutions!

Never thought about it.

There is even this one!

If it is calculated in this way, if you find the seed of fire, the seed of wind, the seed of thunder, the seed of earth, and the seed of light in the future, wouldn\'t it be possible to directly awaken the elemental abilities?

"Unfortunately, this Dark Seed is still weak. It only awakens low-level and intermediate-level dark magic, not as strong as the elemental power awakened by the magic swordsman itself!" (Water element can use high-level water magic)

Qin Luosheng looked regretful, it looked like he wanted to hit someone!


Collecting things is equivalent to picking up a bargain for nothing, but still picking and choosing?

It\'s really unpopular!

"Forget it, it\'s not bad if you have one. What kind of bicycle is needed? This way, it can be regarded as enhancing the ability of the Demon Swordsman, and indirectly also enhancing the strength of Mo Bing! After all, with so much violence output, his Demon Sword Shi is quite embarrassed. In terms of physics, it is not as good as Desert Lonely Smoke. In terms of magic, the water magical lethality is really limited."

"Now, with the dark elemental magic, various curses weaken the ability, even if it is completely biased from the output to the auxiliary, but it is more in line with our four in one, the space to be used is greater, and the effect is more obvious!"