Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 1000: : Monster-like weeping souls, autistic powerhouses
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 1000: : Monster-like weeping souls, autistic powerhouses


The body is vacated, and under the guidance of Yinglongs wings, it moves at speed and is as agile as a bird, easily and freely avoiding all the dense necrotic bombs spit out by the bone dragon. At the same time, the holy dragon sword in the hand is With the saint flame that had four times the damage to the dark creatures, he severely cut it out!


The golden sword aura collided with the black-brown bone dragon. In an instant, the thick and thick bone dragon issued a painful roar!

"To shut up!"

The huge voice caused Qin Luosheng who was already close to frown, his eyes condensed, and the [Reaper\'s Hug] on his right ear suddenly emitted a weak light. A strong force of death filled Qin Luosheng\'s side. , Pouring into his eyes, "Reaper\'s-stare!"


The huge seven-digit damage number suddenly surged from the top of the bone dragon\'s head.

That\'s right.

That\'s three million!

The total HP of the Bone Dragon is 15 million. The Death Gods gaze forcefully weakens the Dark Element by 20% of all attributes, including HP!

"Fuck, what the **** is this?"

"Is this the world of the boss? One summoned a fifty-meter-long bone dragon, while the other, when his eyes rolled, made the bone dragon tremble, afraid to move, and lost 3 million health points at the same time. ?"

"True and good looks!"

"Crying Soul: Are you moved? Bone Dragon: I dare not move, I dare not move!"

"Hey, the vice president of the Underworld is really too miserable. With such a strong strength, it is no problem to compete for the top eight, but it happened to encounter the freak of the soul crying in the thirty-two round. It is really disgusting and nauseous!"

"Ah! This look! My cute girl almost urinates in shock!"

"Now I believe Crying Soul really single-handedly killed the legendary BOSS! MD, just like this, even if I killed the mythical BOSS, I believe it!"

"Well, don\'t tell me, everyone is not blind! Look at this bone dragon, the legendary BOSS, tm is like a toy in the hands of the crying soul boss. This is a 60th level legendary BOSS!"


The audience outside the venue, the audience in the live broadcast room, are already HIGH enough!

Even if the previous strong fighters fought, the appreciation was great, but for some reason, compared to the crying soul, it was always a little bit worse.

Perhaps the reputation of Crying Soul is too loud but too mysterious, so everyone has high expectations, which is a bonus.

Or maybe.

The arrogant and unruly behavior of the crying soul is full of compulsion!

simply put.

It\'s just pressing!


Other people\'s battles are all wits and courage, tending to be smart, controlling the field first, tactics in the middle, and fighting in the next!

And sobbing soul?

The shield in that hand makes people unable to close their legs, coughing coughing, it is not close to ears!

The most outrageous is!

Facing the resentful spirits of ten golden BOSS strengths at the same time, the steps were calm and calm, step by step, step by step, without squinting, no chaos, but all the attacks were blocked, endless MISS!

Is this **** something human can make?

To know.

This is not the MISS that was integrated by the dodge attribute, but by the operation and operation of the shield to block and parry!

Able to achieve 100% MISS, even a super-class shield warrior may not be able to achieve it.

And where is the man in front of you?

It used to be a berserker!

How long has it been since I have been transferred to Shield Fight, so familiar?

The scary thing is that this operation is still when people are walking, and it seems to be casual and easy!


It\'s a monster!

These are ten monsters, and they are not of the same type. There are all melee and ranged, and the six major occupations are also included. This difficulty has increased by many times!

Damn it, he pretended to be!

But the player just eats this set!

Whether it\'s ordinary players or masters, they all eat this set!

Ordinary players can\'t see too high and deep places, but this is very ornamental, and full of unspeakable pressure, the impact is quite big, how can we stop them from being hysterical?

Expert players are different. Their shock and shock are far more than ordinary players!


It is precisely because they can understand, and by this, they also clearly understand how difficult it is to do this step with such an operation, this is a miracle!

"There is nothing under the prestige!"

These are the seven words that emerge in the minds of most master players!



The strong!

They are all arrogant masters, who will obey whom?

Even the famous Weeping Soul, in their eyes, that\'s it!

after all.

This is an era of hype!

A great reputation does not mean that you are really strong!

And now.

They served it!

With this hand, they will never be able to do it. Even if they do it after a long time of practice, they will never be able to do so lightly, effortlessly, and extremely chicly, just like walking in the garden and enjoying the flowers in spring!

"Is he really human?"

For a time.

I don\'t know how many arrogant and powerful people start to shake in their hearts.

Their beliefs and pride are shattered at this moment!

"Facing such a freak, what can I do?"

This is asking yourself.

This is the question of those geniuses who used to be pretentious but are now suffering.

They stared blankly at the mass grave surrounded by darkness, full of golden light flickering, golden flames burning in their hands, and a man with a cool dragon wing behind him, like a man like a god!

He is flying in the air, compared to the terrifying bone dragon, so weak, so weak as an ant!


The ants shook the dragon!

Every movement and every swing of his sword is not only very beautiful, but also full of unspeakable horror.

What big horror?

The scream of the bone dragon that has never been cut off from the beginning can be experienced!

"Is this the ultimate murderous opportunity in the ultimate beauty?"

A sword is at least half a million damage!

How many people scared to pee?

This **** is not a dishonest, but a real legendary BOSS, a legendary BOSS without the slightest water, and even a complete fusion of the underworld, which is far stronger and more intelligent than the ordinary legendary BOSS!


Even with such a powerful existence, under the legendary man\'s sword, there is no resistance at all. No matter what methods are used, the corners of the clothes can not be touched, and even a single hair can not be hurt!

It\'s tyrannical!

"too frightening!"

Many people are trembling all over!

What is the shudder?

It was a transparent and refreshing expression of the whole body that made people feel a hearty battle, and it was also the inner fear of that man\'s terrifying power!

"With the monster of Weeping Soul, what else can we win?"

Most of the top 32 players are directly autistic!

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