Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 994: : First battle: Madman of Chu VS Donghuangge Ghost Car
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 994: : First battle: Madman of Chu VS Donghuangge Ghost Car

"Wait for good news!"

After the victory, Qin Luosheng did not stay at all, teleporting to leave!


Back to Curie Luoshen, open the live channel, follow other players who are still fighting!

Others don\'t care, Qin Luosheng is still more concerned about the performance of Qingsi and other girls, wanting to see who their enemies are and whether they can be promoted!

Even though there is hope in my heart, but helpless, this chance is really slim!


But don\'t look down on the masters of the Huaxia Theater!


In terms of level, Qingsi and the others have the advantage, but they are not like Qin Luosheng. They are as high as level 74, absolutely crushed, only about 65. It is impossible to rely on level suppression to win these average levels. The top 100 contestants around level 58!

of course.

Qingsi and other girls don\'t rely solely on level, they are also super first-line players!

But it is undeniable that in terms of combat effectiveness and combat literacy, it is really weak. It is just between the first line and the super first line. Even the strong on the bright side are inferior, let alone those hidden in An unremarkable strong in the dark.

and so.

The chance of promotion is very slim!


This is the top 32!

Even if it is not absolute, the person who advances to the top thirty-two is definitely the thirty-two strongest in the China Theater, but it is undeniable that this strength is definitely worthy of this ranking. They all have real skills and are not bad. How many!


Qingsi, originally a priest, even if it is a hidden career, the lethality is insufficient, the damage is too low, and it is eliminated!

Mu Mu, who had a great chance at first, had no choice but to have a low fighting IQ, and met the vice-chairman of the East Emperor Pavilion again, and was eliminated!

Su Yulan, Summoner, I didn\'t say anything, bad luck, I met the president of the Black Building of the Killing Staff, weed it out!

Qing Qing Zijin, the elf archer, the most unlucky one, met the famous Emperor Wu, did not have the slightest resistance to resist, eliminated!

Maomao, the top 100 competition did not enter, fell in the last points competition, was eliminated early!

Nana, like the cat, weed it out!

In the entire Qingtian mercenary group, he is the only one left, and-sister Cai Cai!

This girl is very strong and has a keen fighting instinct. No wonder she can inherit the abilities of the Ghost Swordsman!

Coupled with good luck, what happened to be a restrained fire magician who exploded in output, but facing her, a ghost swordsman, she was really hard to fight. She fought for nearly ten minutes and was finally taken down. !

In addition.

ACTO, without the slightest accident, advance!

Popular, smooth and good, but unfortunately encounter someone stronger than him, weed out!

Huo Wu dazzled, eliminated!

Take me a knife and get rid of it!


These elite wasteland reclamation teams, which had been under the same name, belonged to the Yato Court, except for the Yato, the entire army was destroyed, it was extremely tragic!

The Rose Club is not much better!

In addition to the promotion of Scarlet Rose, other sisters who knew each other well and got along well were all eliminated.

In the entire Scarlet Rose, there was only President Du Qiangwei, and Qin Luosheng\'s uncomfortable Vice President Bathing Rose was promoted, and finally retained a bit of face, much better than Yatu Pavilion!

of course.

The worst thing was not Yatu Pavilion, but the Thunder Union. The whole army was completely wiped out. Even the president of Thunder Kuang Shao was killed. It was a horrible B!

It\'s almost half an hour.

The top 100 competition is finally over!

It didn\'t take that long, but helplessly, I encountered a set of clear combinations arranged by the system, the shield war and the shield war, the damage caused by the scraping, almost did not make people nauseous!

"Well, after a tense and exciting round of competition, finally, our thirty-two strong, was born!"

The top 100 match ended, and immediately, the top 32 match started.

This time, it was not a simple rough live broadcast with fifty sub-pictures, but round after round, one PK and one PK. No, the host has already been on stage.

"...Now, please start the main brain system to match the two contestants in the first round!"

There is not too much fuss, but this makes the barrage of people who watch the game in the live broadcast much less curse.

at the same time.

Ticket sales on the Internet have also started long ago. In addition to events such as watching live broadcasts and delivering tickets, soon, the mirroring space, the whole is just like the ancient Roman Colosseum, which is large enough to accommodate millions of people. Someone teleported in, and it was full in less than five minutes!

"Is it so amazing when it comes?"

As a contestant, Qin Luosheng did not go to the scene to watch the game, not to mention, even if he wanted to, he didn\'t have a ticket!

Even if you want to continue watching a ticket, you can only continue to buy tickets.

The top 32, a total of 16 PK games, counted, it was 16 million votes, the size is not small.


Its true that there are so many players!


This ticket is not one per person, and then it will not be sold!

Everyone can repeat the purchase, but only one PK can be purchased. There is only such a restriction!

after all.

A ticket can only watch one PK, which is equivalent to a ticket to watch a concert. If you want to continue watching the "concert", then repurchase the ticket, right?


The odds of buying tickets have been greatly reduced!


It doesn\'t matter anymore.

As a contestant, going to the ring is the kingly way. Why do you go to the spectator ring?

"The first battle, against both sides"

[ID: Chu Madman

Grade: LV59

Occupation: Thunder Magician

Power: None]

[ID: Ghost Car

Grade: LV60

Occupation: Storm Marksman

Power: Donghuang Pavilion

That\'s right!

The first battle was actually the ghost car of the vice-chairman of the East Emperor Pavilion!

This guy.

Qin Luosheng is very familiar with it!

At the beginning, he had traded a lot of potions with him, and he could be regarded as the special liaison between the East Emperor Pavilion and him.


Unexpectedly, this guy has now reached level 60, and has also obtained a hidden jobStorm Marksman!

Worthy of being the vice-chairman of the East Emperor\'s Pavilion, and worthy of being the deputy of the legendary East Emperor, it\'s really amazing!

Madman Chu is an amateur, a lone ranger, with the same personality as his ID, arrogant enough, even in the face of the famous ghost car, the second in command of the East Emperor Pavilion, second only to the strong man of the East Emperor, he is not the least timid. Instead, I was extremely excited!


The background is still a little bit worse!

Looking at the light and surrounding aperture of the equipment, it is completely inferior to a ghost car! (The light is equipped with its own light, which is different for each grade, while the surrounding aperture is an enhanced display. The number of enhancements is different, and the aperture color is different. There is a surrounding aperture above +7)

"Randomly select the real battlefield environment-the forest!"


It\'s completely out of play now!

The forest, that is the strongest fighting environment for archers!

Even though Madman Chu is a thunder magician, the restriction is not as great as that of shield warfare, but originally his own hardware (equipment) is worse than others, and his profession is relatively Xiaoke (archer slightly restrains magician), and now It\'s terrible to not get a favorable combat environment!

The right time, the right place and the right people are not on his side.

How can this be done?

Take the lead to win?