Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 993: : Hidden rules of the top 100 knockouts
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 993: : Hidden rules of the top 100 knockouts

"Ding, the third round of the martial arts tournament with 100 advances and 32 eliminations is about to begin. You have one minute to prepare!"

A familiar system prompt sounded.

Qin Luosheng still chose to wait!

Even if he believes in the quality of the top 100 players, and there should be no problem with the live broadcast being watched by many players, Qin Luosheng still chooses to avoid it if it can be avoided!

Three seconds after the countdown.

Qin Luosheng confirmed the teleportation now!

"The two sides teleported to the ring. After 30 seconds, the battle began. Please prepare for both sides!"


Was there still 30 seconds of preparation time before the war?

It is worthy of the top 100 competition, the number of B is a lot more!

[ID: Anger Dragon Canglan

Grade: LV58

Occupation: Berserker]

Level 58 Berserker?


Why is it a berserker again?

From the beginning of the infinite sword system, to my desire to align the sky, to the current angry dragon Canglan, am I **** against the berserkers!

"Weeping Soul!"

Qin Luosheng was still complaining, but the angry Long Canglan opposite him was shocked, his eyes widened, his eyes were full of despair in addition to the unbelievable look!

After finally entering the top 100, tmd met the Weeping Soul in a blink of an eye!

Champion dream.

Just broken!

Who is going to make sense?

The mentality collapsed!

"Boss, my life is hard!"

The sad look on Angry Long Canglan\'s face, the sincere feelings, and the tears in his eyes made Qin Luosheng unbearable.


With a sigh, Anger Dragon Canglan is also a first-line master at any rate. Even though he has some luck in entering the top 100, his strength is not bad. He quickly adjusted his mentality and promoted to Qin Luo: "Big man, ask for a signature friend. what!"


Qin Luosheng hesitated for a moment, but relentlessly chose to agree.

The signature is just casual, and it doesn\'t matter if you are a friend, as long as you don\'t be harassed for no reason, it\'s a display!

Encountered in the top 100 competition is also a kind of fate!

Further on.

It is bound to be stronger bosses, and perhaps they are all familiar figures.

these people.

Either they all know each other and the ID is lying in the friend\'s place, or they simply dismiss the friend\'s place!

There won\'t be too much trouble!

"Thanks...Thank you guys!"

Anger Long Canglan was visibly taken aback, perhaps even he didn\'t even think of it, but just casually mentioning that he didn\'t give up, he was actually going to be the friend of the legendary Weeping Soul.

To know.

This friend, but countless local fans waving a lot of banknotes, even a group of white and rich young ladies, all of them are beautiful, have a devilish figure, have a background and have money, and they can only ask for a self-recommended pillow.

He got a **** silk!

It\'s almost as if in a dream!

"Boss, please advise!"

Looking at the ID of "Cry Soul" in his friends column, Anger Long Canglan looked at the battle timer that had counted down to 5 seconds, suddenly converged his expression, and said with a serious face: "Although I can\'t help myself, I want it too. I know how far I am from being at the level of the boss!"

Qin Luosheng nodded and drew out the Sacred Dragon Divine Sword indifferently, "As you wish!"

Angry Dragon Canglan:...

What the hell?


Are you not a shield war hidden class?

Where\'s the shield?

Is the weapon of shield warfare with you a weapon like a sword?

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1!"

Too late to think about it.

The five-second countdown blinked.

When the system counted down to 1, the angry dragon Canglan slammed on the ground, and with the help of this powerful counter-shock force, his body charged like a bull.

The originally mandatory distance of 20 meters, under the wild speed of this cannonball, came in the blink of an eye!

"As expected of the top 100 players, there really are two brushes!"

Qin Luosheng admired.

In fact.

In the second half of yesterday\'s knockout round, I have also seen many masters who are not weak.

At that stage, there must be very few weak people. 99% of them are promoted by real strength, not by random matching of the system to advance through luck!


The uncovered epic-level enhancement +8 one-handed sword, under the control of the angry dragon Canghai, glowing with the light of the skill, slashed **** Qin Luosheng, who was not moving.



The huge MISS is shining above Qin Luosheng\'s head!

Angry Dragon Canglan\'s expression full of warfare faded in an instant, and replaced by a terrible astonishment!

"Why... why?"

Angry Dragon Canglan\'s sword holding hands were trembling, not only because of the powerful counter-shock force that caused severe pain in the tigers mouth, and his arms were numb and trembling, but also because the soul was so impacted that it was unacceptable and trembling, "Why, The gap is so big!"

"My level-74!"

Qin Luosheng couldn\'t bear to hit Anger Long Canglan, watching him almost collapsed. He didn\'t say the ruthless words like "The gap between you and me, the difference between us", but avoiding the most important thing and lightly transferring the problem to the level. on.

of course.

This is not playing the piano.

Level is indeed a big factor.

Qin Luosheng, level 74!

Angry Dragon Canglan, level 58!

The level difference is more than 10, which is desperate!

Above level 10, that is an absolute gap, and it is quite normal for all attacks to become MISS!

This is true when facing enemy BOSS, and the same is true when facing players!


Angry Long Canglan was taken aback for a moment, and immediately his expression relaxed a lot. He seemed to have accepted this explanation. He looked at Qin Luosheng with a wry smile, and said, "This is really helpless! Big brother, your level is too helpless Nowadays, there are only a few people who can pose a threat to you, not even the number of hands. Other people, no matter how strong, have a level difference of more than 10, are completely desperate!"

Qin Luosheng nodded clearly!

What the angry dragon Canglan said, it is true!

And the "several people" he was talking about, it is estimated that no one else knows, they are all members of the Qingtian mercenary group!

Except Qingsi and the others, relying on the hidden mission of the mercenary king to get a vote, their level soared to 10 levels. At this moment, who else exceeds level 60?


There are two!

Eastern Emperor and Emperor Wu!


These two masters who were supposed to be true talents, but now they can only fall in front of Hang Bi in an aggrieved situation!

Real players, how can they be able to play with open players?

Didn\'t you lose unjustly!

"Ding, the player Anger Long Canglan surrenders, and the crying soul wins and is automatically promoted!"

"Ding, the battle time is 11 seconds. After all the top 100 matches are over, the settlement will be done. The top 32 winners with the least time will be promoted to the top 32!"

I fuck!

Cruel and ruthless!

Qin Luosheng was shocked when he heard the system prompt.

This dog system is starting to mess up!

"Tsk tsk, it is estimated that many people are miserable now!"

Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help showing a wicked smile.

There is no prior notice!

If you know a hundred who have been promoted to thirty-two, it is calculated based on the battle time, I am afraid that everyone will die!

right now.

Without knowing it, how many people have been scammed!

There is.

Originally, the top 100 were masters, unless they were crushed like Qin Luozhen, otherwise, the difference in combat effectiveness was not very large, and the duration of the battle would not be short.


Settling in time is simply cheating!

Especially those players who have encountered difficult enemies and evenly matched opponents are almost eliminated. Even if they win, they will be eliminated because of insufficient quota and too long time. That is really a cry. The toilet is out!