Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 992: : Hot ing, the top 100 competition begins
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 992: : Hot ing, the top 100 competition begins

The same formula, the same taste.

If Infinite Sword System is here, you will definitely shout "I have watched this episode"!

the difference is.

Infinite Sword System is to get what you want, and take out your peak state. If you want to try your own strength and equipment, it can be regarded as a glorious defeat!

But the brother in front of him is very aggrieved!

Ben also wanted to get the signature and group photo of Weeping Soul, and while selling the signature to make a fortune, he could also make up the photo by himself or let the big hand do it to make a whole article of "Sense (dog) people (blood Lung (evil) fu (heart articles and even novels, with the help of the popularity and traffic of the crying soul, attract many fans to come to consume, so that the traffic can be realized and make a fortune!


After all, beautiful dreams are just dreams, and they didn\'t come true!

Accompanied by the brilliance that fills the entire pupil.



One sword, spike!

White light soared into the sky.

That is the representative of death, the representative of elimination, and the manifestation of my desire to leave with great resentment!

"Almost here again!"

How could Qin Luosheng not see the opponent\'s thoughts? It was clearly written on his face!


Fortunately, when it is broken, it will be broken, and it will be destroyed with one sword.


Qin Luosheng didn\'t expect that even if he had reached this point, he still hadn\'t avoided the tragedy of being eaten by traffic and heat!


A post with a video appeared on the forum.

Then, the heat soared.

The post is titled-"Close contact with the crying soul boss, scorching passion collision, ah, the boss is so powerful? (????????)?"

I\'m gonna!

Convex (ܳܳܳ)!

"Congratulations on your victory, 1 point!"

"You can choose to leave and fight again after a five-minute break, or match your opponent immediately!"

"I choose to leave!"

Qin Luosheng didn\'t hesitate to choose an option he had never chosen before.


The body was taken away by the white light and left this huge competition arena.

"MD, what a joke!"

Back to Luoshenjus other courtyard, Qin Luosheng put his **** on the wicker chair, picked up the hot tea next to him, and drank it, Keep staying at the match opponent, dont you have to wait for a minute to prepare for nothing? Time? If this **** thing is another weird thing, how should I respond? I dont want another weird post on the forum, and there is a wonderful and evocative story in my body!"

Subconsciously opened the official forum.

Take a glance.

Immediately relieved.


Except for the previous ones, there are no strange posts related to him.

"and many more!"

Just about to close the forum, Qin Luosheng didn\'t know why, and suddenly he was very happy. He clicked on the upper right, included a few keywords, and clicked on search.


There have been dozens of pages of posts.


First published!

A post suddenly jumped into view.

"The close contact with the crying soul boss, the hot and passionate collision, ah, the boss is so powerful? (????????)?"

The hand tremblingly clicked.

Watching the video, which only adds up to more than three seconds before and after, that is, it is turned on after 1 to 2 seconds after being transmitted to the ring, until the time to kill the opponent in a second, the whole process is really only more than three seconds, and it was taken from the first perspective. !

Don\'t think that only three seconds is nothing. The small composition below that is at least a thousand words makes Qin Luosheng stunned.

In three seconds, you **** can water so many words?

"Ah, the poster is so powerful, I actually ran into the crying soul boss!"

"Lord Crying Soul loves me!"

"Oh, I also seem to be favored by the Weeping Soul boss!"

"Big Brother Crying Soul, don\'t contact me, **** me hard!"

"Do you believe it? I\'m wet now!"

"Cut! What kind of **** video, what kind of **** story, it\'s simply unsightly. I\'m not interested after watching it a hundred times!"

"Ah, Brother Crying Soul is so powerful! The first point of view of the post is really good. Let the oncoming domineering Brother Crying Soul show vividly and vividly!"

"A real man in a second! Like!"


Qin Luosheng\'s eyes were dull, watching these comments filled with various tiger and wolf words, his heart convulsed for some reason, and his body convulsed!


Involuntarily fell to the poster who posted the post, Qin Luosheng squirmed his lips a few times as he looked at the words "I want to Qitian", and finally spit out a few words:

"I **** Nyima!"

One day.

Solve the first half of the points match and knockout match as efficiently as possible!

The number of participants in the Huaxia Theater is as high as 30 million, which has been directly reduced to the top 100!

In order to have a better spirit to deal with the next game, most of the players who successfully entered the top 100 consciously did not stay up late, and did not have a hard liver, obediently offline and rest, and recharged!

Qin Luosheng is no exception.

The next day.

Qin Luosheng got up from Du Qiangwei\'s big bed, and after replenishing his energy (?), his spirit was very refreshing!

Seeing the sleeping beauty still asleep, she tiptoed out of bed and returned to her room!

After washing up, I went to the restaurant for breakfast.

After eating, I took a little rest and digested, and looked at the time, it was almost a little bit, then Shi Shiran lay down in the game compartment and entered the game!

"Today\'s top 100 match is a one-on-one knockout. If you lose a game, GG. There is no winner\'s group. There are so many tricks in the loser\'s group!"

Qin Luosheng returned to thinking about the rules of the martial arts conference, rubbing his chin and thinking, "Moreover, from now on, it is no longer unknown, but every game has a live broadcast, and even in the top 32, there will be live watching! "

If it\'s live.

There should be some convergence, right?

Qin Luosheng didn\'t even believe it when he said this!

of course.

All of them have entered the top 100. Even if there are private masters, there should not be many. After all, this is the game world. The data attributes are very important. If there is money, there is a high chance of adding up attributes.

in other words.

The proportion of rich people in the top 100 is extremely high!

Such people.

Rich and famous, most of them are famous people. If you dont have a live broadcast, its okay. Maybe its like the ones you met before. Asking for autographs and group photos, but if you live, they still have to face!

Even if you are chasing stars, there will be no outrageous behavior!


This is live broadcast, everyone can see what\'s going on.

Afterwards, there will be no such unbelievable outrageous posts, and the appearance of all kinds of short stories is easy to come by, which makes people\'s brains painful!

"Get ready, it will start in ten minutes!"

The top 100 battles will be broadcast live, but since the battles are carried out at the same time, 1V1, 100 players, a total of 50 games, that is, there will be 50 sprites!

The main stage is equipped with a host and commentary. It will change with the perspective of the director. It will patrol back and forth in fifty screens, looking for bursts. The audience is very interested in watching and commenting!

Someone will ask.

If you do this, arent you afraid of missing great shots?

To know.

The top 100 masters, the battle was quite exciting!

Even if you watched battle after battle, there must be a lot of people who can\'t see clearly, and they have to go back to watch the video, watch it slower!

no way.

Time is running out!

There are too many players in the Huaxia Theater, and they have to do it like this!

They always take the top 32 directly, and the Huaxia Theater has been compressed as much as possible, but it still took the top 100!

After all, this is the World Martial Arts Conference.

In order to keep up, I had to make the top 100 into the top 32 as quickly as possible, and finish it as soon as possible!

"Ding, the third round of the martial arts tournament with 100 advances and 32 eliminations is about to begin. You have one minute to prepare!"

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