Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 990: : The martial arts conference? Do not! This is a fan meeting
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 990: : The martial arts conference? Do not! This is a fan meeting

"Is my **** luck or bad luck?"

The Berserker player with the ID called "Infinite Sword System" immediately cried.

After finally getting through the first round of the preliminary round, and just entering the knockout round, I encountered such a big devil. Is this fate?

The most damning thing is that the preliminary rounds are three wins in five games, while the knockout rounds are three wins in two! (Forgot that it was a ten-match five-win system and five-match three-win system before. It is old and old, and the content has been spread, so it will not be changed, and it will be changed to five three wins and three two wins)

Needless to say, this round was properly defeated. Facing the legendary big brother Weeping Soul, do you still want to shake the sky?


In the next two rounds, you must win the game before you can advance and continue to participate in the knockout rounds!

But this.

The odds are slim!

Matching also depends on the face!

Just him!

The first one encountered the Weeping Soul, isn\'t this face dark enough?

The blood of the non-chief, suddenly shed tears of sadness!

"Boss, I\'m so bitter!"

Infinite Sword System cried, and the whole person began to sob, looking rather sad.

Qin Luosheng:? ? ?

Qin Luosheng, who was waiting for fans to ask for autographs and group photos, was stunned on the spot!

What\'s the matter, brother.

Do you see me so excited?

Not so much!

It\'s not a girl, so emotional, so **** crying?

What the hell!

Are you afraid it\'s not the late stage cancer chasing star?

This performance.

What do you say?

I can only give you thirty-two likes to show your heart!

Come on.

Ollie give it!

"Boss, can you sign and take a photo?"

Qin Luosheng: (?`)

I rub!

The so-called you are so miserable, is that this?

Seeing the look of expectation on Infinite Swordsmanship, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help being covered with black lines!


You have fallen!


Give me back my touch!

Originally, I thought you were a motivated person because of your invincible appearance. Because I met an invincible opponent, I felt sad for myself. Lanshou, Shiitake!

But what are you now?

What\'s the difference between this look and the guys I met in the first round?

"Oh, come on!"

He sighed silently.

Qin Luosheng felt the wind on the ring a little noisy.


After all, he will live what he hates most!

Just like him.

Originally, he was what a straight man of steel. He once vowed to each other with Wugunguni Mountain as a guardian angel. But now, a lot of the second yuan harem said that if you dont want it, you dont want it. He did that humble dog licking. Its sad. Conquered by a three-dimensional woman!

This young man in front of him, with infinite swordsmanship, listening to this ID, is the second thorn ape. Now, his look looks like a dog waiting for his master to give him meat. Where is your second soul?

"Although I can\'t help myself, I still want to give it a try!"

After getting the idols autograph and group photo, Infinite Sword System was very happy, and put it cherished and importantly into the backpack. Then, immediately "turned over and denied people" and said: "It is possible to be assigned to the same ring as the idol. Fortunately for me, I would like to see how powerful this worlds peak power is!"

Qin Luosheng:...


You have great ideas!

"That\'s the case, then get ready!" Qin Luosheng took a deep look at the Infinite Sword System, then glanced at the countdown to the battle. At this moment, it has counted down to the last ten seconds, and said: "I only hope that you can accept it, not from now on. Depressed!"

"Of course!" Infinite Swordsman showed a big white tooth and smiled: "I won\'t be defeated so easily! How can I climb if I don\'t see the peak?"


Qin Luosheng was infected inexplicably, looking at Infinite Swordsmanship, as if he had seen himself before, he couldn\'t help but throw a thumbs up!




Test, start!

"call out"

An afterimage passed by, just as if a violent wind roared and thunder ran away!

Qin Luosheng\'s figure is constantly enlarged in the pupils of the infinite sword!

"Really, is it so strong?"

As if dancing an elegant waltz, as the man like a **** or devil approached, the dazzling sword glow followed one after another, and the dazzling golden brilliance filled the entire pupil.

"So fast sword!"

Maintaining the posture of drawing the sword, the sword at the waist was only drawn by three centimeters, and the infinite sword system had lost its strength and the strength to pull it out completely!

"Ding, the outcome is divided!"

With the system\'s cold prompt sound.

A white light shone abruptly.

The young man named Infinite Sword System has disappeared!



"Oh, it\'s boring!" Standing with a sword, Qin Luosheng looked at the empty arena, and instantly gave birth to a sense of "there is no better place to win the cold", "Invincible, it always makes people confused!"

I fuck.

Is anyone there?

Come and kill this pretender!


Coming soon!

System: "If you win the knockout, get 1 point, you can choose to leave and rest for five minutes, or you can choose to match your opponent immediately!"

Qin Luosheng who is acting hard:...

"Match your opponent immediately!"

Depressed and gave the order!


Here comes the second opponent!

It\'s another man!


This guy who seems to be at least 30 years old is relatively stable. Although he asked for an autograph and a group photo, he was very restrained and belonged to the rational category, and did not act out of line.

of course.

Being able to come here is naturally not a general generation!

Like the Infinite Sword System, he also demands to fight instead of surrendering without a fight!

Qin Luosheng satisfied him.

The same treatment as the Infinite Sword System, one sword, send it back to your hometown!

"Ding, congratulations on winning two games in a row and passing the second round of points match!"

Qin Luosheng chose to leave immediately.

"It\'s not bad. There are finally two players who dared to draw swords at me. It seems that there is no shortage of **** men in our Huaxia Theater!"

Qin Luosheng was in a good mood, not as depressed as the first round of points match just now. He didn\'t even have a chance to draw his sword, so he surrendered directly.


When Qin Luosheng opened the forum happily to see if there were any interesting anecdotes and videos of those masters fighting that were usually hidden from the front page of the forum. The smile on his face disappeared instantly!

"The Story that I and the Crying Soul have to tell [with photos]"

"Cry Soul and My Life and Death Sadomasochism [with photos]"

"The world of the strong, the peak showdown between me and the crying soul [with photos]"

"A tiger touching an idol at close range, the overbearing president, the crying soul brother [with photos]"


Qin Luosheng suddenly collapsed!

Click in quickly!


It was the fans who asked for a group photo and autograph in the ring!

"I am this silly?"

Seeing that picture came out, Qin Luosheng was at a loss with a domineering figure wearing a sacred dragon suit with an evil mask on his face, as well as the petite and cute girl around him, or the little brother with a bright smile on his face.


What\'s wrong?