Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 984: : 【Proficient in both hands】Return, soaring strength
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 984: : 【Proficient in both hands】Return, soaring strength


Qin Luosheng had anticipated that the Sky Shield would not be simple, but never thought that it would be so simple!

Needless to say, the increase in the four basic attributes and the five special attributes, you know everyone who understands it!

Physical +1000 and toughness +20, it\'s so merciless!

Elemental resistance and physical, magical, and mental damage reductions are also remarkable!

It goes without saying that the elemental resistance, the three of the creatures and spirits, represent that you will receive 30%, 30% and 50% less damage in the future, which greatly improves the survival strength. It is worthy of a shield warfare career!

As for the skills-

[Tough Will] Passive, determined according to your own toughness, weakening the influence of restriction skills and control skills on yourself, there is a certain chance that you will be completely immune!

[Perfect Resistance] Passive, related to magic, when using a shield to resist an attack, as long as the shield blocks the skill, the damage is reduced by 50%-80%, and there is a certain chance of perfect resistance to the damage, 100% immune to the damage of the skill! (Perfect resistance is related to the way and angle of shield use)

[Absolute Parry] Passive, related to physics, when using a shield to parry, as long as the shield blocks the weapon and reduces the damage by 50%-80%, there is a certain chance to parry absolutely, 100% parry the weapon without being hurt! (Absolute parry is related to the way and angle of shield use)

[Two-handed proficiency] Passive, you can use two single-handed weapons at the same time, and strengthen the weapon\'s maximum ability by 20%! (For example, one-handed swords, one-handed shields, two-handed swords and two-handed shields are not included in this list. The maximum ability means that if it is a shield, add defense, if it is a weapon, add physical attack or magic attack)

[Endless Taunt] Consuming 1000 mana, mentally taunt all identified targets within the maximum range of 50 meters, attract absolute hatred, and force them to attack you! Duration: 1 minute, cooling time: 3 minutes! (The range can be self-adjusted. During the skill display, the defense power is +50%, and you can move but cannot move)

[Furious Shield Strike] Consumes 3000 mana, attacks a single target with a shield, causing 200% damage, and forcibly stuns it for 3 seconds. If the target\'s power value is weaker than you, the stun effect will be extended to 5 seconds! Cooling time: 1 minute!

[Dashing retreat] Consumes 3000 mana, effect : Dashing, able to carry out assault within a maximum range of 20 meters, must have a target and the target must be hostile, causing 150% intensity damage, cooling time: 1 minute; effect : Retracement, to be able to return to defense within a maximum range of 20 meters, must have a target and the target must be a teammate, the return defense target increases 20% double defense and 10% physical magic defense resistance! Cooling time: 1 minute

Hard Shield WallConsuming 3000 mana, erect the shield in front to form a shield wall, physical defense +200%, physical magic resistance temporarily +50%, cooling time: 3 minutes!

[Shi Fang Invincible] Consumes 5000 mana, jumps up, bombards the ground with a shield, the powerful force causes the ground to crack, centering on oneself, divided into ten waves of anger and rushing outwards, causing X (X is your own power* 10*number of job transfers) point damage, with crippling effect, knock-down knockback effect, cooling time: 1 hour!

SkyConsumption of 10000 mana, the Skymaster can defend against the sky, the special skills of Skymaster\'s Shield (professional name), non-Sky\'s Shield (shield name) cannot be turned on, after opening this skill, use your own ability and The spirit and will are the mainstay, and a shield wall is formed with the Shield of the Sky. The specific size and defense ability are unknown! Duration: unknown, cooling time: 24 hours!


After reading all the skills of the Sky Shield in one breath, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help taking a breath.

This fucking!

Too cruel, right?

Is the shield war so awesome?

I am sorry.

I\'m so stupid!

I\'m so ignorant!

Is this still disgusting?

Dislike a der!

I knew that Sky\'s Shield was so fierce, I had already changed my job!

"I\'m developed!"

Qin Luosheng\'s eyes are staring!

This profession, this attribute, this skill,...

If it were seen by other people, he would have fainted with happiness a long time ago.

Even a rookie, after being transferred to Great Shield and owning the exclusive set of Great Shield, he must be excited to not find North!

But Qin Luosheng is different.

Even though he also values ??the Great Shield, one of the humble skills is the best choice that he will not give up even if he abolishes all the rewards of the Great Shield!

Master with both hands!

It\'s back, this skill is back!

Think of it at the beginning.

After acquiring both hands to master this skill, one hand and two swords flow, how charming and unrestrained!

The right hand Panlong Lishui, the left hand a hundred battles!

Who can be the adversary?


Since the start of the Terror Dragon Terrace, Feixiong Ridge was ambushed by the dragon clan, and the blood soldiers of the Hundred Fights were dropped and picked up by others. Since then, his whereabouts have been unknown.

And Panlong Lishui was on the Jinglong Stage again, in order to deal with Long Yuan and was shattered, he still relied on his mythical grade to barely hold his breath, and it cost Qin Luosheng a very precious repair scroll, but he was helpless. It\'s too serious, and it needs a lot of materials to recover. It\'s nowhere in sight!

The most important skill is two-handed proficiency, and under the curse of Long Yuan, it has been forgotten. It is really hateful!


Everything is in the past tense!

Being proficient in both hands, today, with the gift of the hidden career Great Shield, he is back in his hands!


Double knife flow, reproduce the world of destiny!

So far.

Qin Luosheng could have a shield and a sword, combining offense and defense; or two swords, which is extremely cruel; or a sword and a wand, combining magic and martial arts; or a shield and a staff, combining offense and defense; Stick, maximize the power of the magic fort!


It is brought about by the mastery of both hands!

It can be said.

This skill, for Qin Luosheng, even surpasses the legend and is like a myth!

The previous hands are proficient and are of gold grade!

The proficiency of both hands now is a special grade!

In addition to being able to hold one-handed weapons with both hands at the same time, it also increases the ability by 20%.

"Now, my strength has at least doubled!"

Qin Luosheng\'s confidence skyrocketed after the promotion of Sky Shield\'s transfer, coupled with the impact of his proficiency in both hands.

This is not nonsense, but the truth of the guest official.

For someone else, this mastery of hands is the end of the game!

But Qin Luosheng is a freak. He has four professions and many powerful weapons!

Great Shield, Swordsman, King of Fighters, and Gorefiend-four major professions!

Sacred Dragon Sword, Blood Demon Sword, Liangyi Dao Sword, Hand of the Abyss-Four Great Weapon Blades!

of course.

Also include the Great Shield and the Panlong Lishui that is still under repair!

The Hand of the Abyss is eliminated first, this is a two-handed weapon!

But the remaining weapons, plus the water-based magic wand that can be matched, not to mention the ever-changing, but at least it can give Qin Luosheng a lot of choices, and choose tactics and strategies in accordance with the current conditions!

That\'s it!

"No, this has to be improved! The hidden rewards of level 55 dungeons and the hidden rewards of level 60 dungeons must be obtained!"