Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 982: : Elder of the Five Poison Sect: Venerable Five Poisons
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 982: : Elder of the Five Poison Sect: Venerable Five Poisons

"True dragon? How is this possible!"

Old Snake was dumbfounded.

Seeing Xiao Xiao who was floating in the air, his whole body was trembling.

"No suspense!" Seeing this, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but shook his head, "Too restrained! If you change to other five poisons, you can still see through, but this old snake is defeated by the power of the little real dragon. It is estimated that he is a strength. Being able to perform five achievements is the best!"

"Da Mo Lone Smoke, go up!"

With the boosting skill blessing up, Qin Luosheng single-minded and double-purposed, taking care of this crying soul and desert lone smoke, rushing forward together!

As for Xiaoxiao.

The compliment has already begun!

The magic smashed down one after another, like bright fireworks, flames rose one after another, causing the old snake\'s life value to continue to plummet!

"I do not believe!"

After all, it is only half a snake, and the other half is still human. Even if it is restrained, it is not absolutely restrained. Even the idea of ??resistance can not arise. The old snake roared, and after carrying a wave of attacks, he began to counterattack!

"Hunting the tiger!"


Such things as fighter planes are fleeting. After being frightened for a while, Qin Luosheng and Da Mo Guyan had already killed him. Seeing that the old guy was about to resist, Qin Luosheng gave him a scream without hesitation. Into a state of fear for five seconds.

An explosive attack!

In the face of an epic-level boss, and an epic-level boss with extremely strong abilities, even if the advantage is exhausted, Qin Luosheng still gives a certain amount of respect!

This is not!

Directly used the skill "Holy Dragon Fury" to Damo Guyan!

100% attack speed instant bonus!

The effect is simply bursting!

When the [dominant] desert lone smoke is turned on, the shadow of the boxing is really turned into a shadow, you can\'t even see it!

This is the attack speed from one punch to 1.5 punches per second!

This time.

Two punches to three punches in one second!

This is no joke!

[Overbearing] The effect is quite terrifying. Every time you hit an enemy, it will weaken 5% of all attributes that do not contain health and mana. A total of ten punches can take effect, which is 50% capping!

This time.

In the effect of hunting tigers, the old snakes are directly scrapped!

In less than four seconds, Elder Snake\'s all attributes have fallen to 50%!

That\'s not counting.

Qin Luosheng controlled Damo Guyan and immediately switched the state, replacing [Overbearing] with [Willing Dao], turning his fists into claws, and attacking Elder Snake!

[Trivia] has the same effect as [Overbearing], except that the drop is not all attributes, but the upper limit of life!

This is not simply damage, but the upper limit of life!

Once the 50% limit is reached.


Elder Snake\'s health will become half of the peak period, not a loss, but only this half, no matter what restoration skills are used, it will not be restored!

"Poisonous swamp!"

Five seconds, passing by in the blink of an eye!

[Overbearing]s effect was full, and [Will], even though the attack speed of the claw form was faster than the fist form, it was only triggered five times, and five times it didnt go up.

Elder Snake recovered and immediately felt his own state, his face suddenly changed wildly, and he couldn\'t care too much. He pinched his hands and opened his mouth to spit out a "thick phlegm". This "thick phlegm" fell on the ground and spread immediately. Turn it on, poisoning the originally hard floor, turning it into green, even softer, as if it had become a real swamp!

"Yinglong\'s Wings!"

How could Qin Luosheng be hit by the ability that the Sky Eye had detected long ago, he flapped his wings and flew into the sky.

As long as it doesn\'t touch the ground, the so-called swamp is a joke!


Qin Luosheng has wings and can fly into the sky, but the desert can\'t!

"Jade bone!"

The brilliance of the skills flashed, and the solitary smoke of the desert was immediately shrouded in light, the defensive ability surged, and the highest limit of epic-level toxins!


The poison of the old snake, this highly poisonous swamp, is just epic poison, but he can\'t!

"Ten thousand snakes!"

A move was useless, and the old Elder, who was still being attacked by Xiaoxiao and Qin Luosheng in the air, suddenly became angry, and immediately turned on the skill again without hesitation!

In an instant.

The wind gusts!

The originally empty hall, under a special call, uttered the "hissing" sound from countless snake letters, which made people horrified!


Qin Luosheng hasn\'t gotten much better yet. After all, he hasn\'t been in the Snake Cave once or twice. He has experienced it in the real battlefield, but it is 100% perfect. This little virtual scene is a hammer!


He Qin Luosheng can hold it, but the girls in the team can\'t hold it!

For a time.

Screams one after another!


Qin Luosheng glanced at Xiaoxiao helplessly.


The small moment that Qin Luosheng had the same mind understood in a moment, and he rolled his eyes very humanely, and Long Yin shocked and roared out immediately.

The high-pitched dragon chants shocked the entire Serpent God Temple.

The so-called Ten Thousand Snake, who was still vomiting the Snake Faith, was just summoned. Before he had time to shake his might, he was instantly stunned by the dragon\'s chant, and at the same time, the old snake was also stunned.

Longyin Impact is a sonic skill, which takes effect in a wide range.

How can an old snake who is so close be immune?

Snake array comes fast, and goes fast!

The old snake who was in a state of shock was unable to maintain the operation of the formation, so the ten thousand snake formation was eliminated and disappeared!

"Killing this old guy, he summoned so many snakes to scare us!"

A group of girls were outraged, and they slammed their highly lethal power skills madly, and slammed them on the old snake who was still in a state of shock, especially for his ugly triangular eyes and Bark\'s face greets, so cruel!

"AlienationSnake Transformation!"

All attributes fell by 50%, and his own health was only 50% of the peak period. After such a long gang fight, Elder Snake was on the verge of death. At the moment, he did not hesitate to use his last hole card, his body swelled, and his skin surfaced. Growing out of scales, it became a ten-meter-long snake, resembling a black water mysterious snake. However, it looked like a small black water mysterious snake, but its strength was far superior!

"Has the snake changed?" Seeing this, Qin Luosheng didn\'t panic at all, but regretted, "It\'s a pity, if Panlong Lishui is still there, the empowered [KangsuZhanlong], 1000% damage increase, this guy, estimated At most three knives can be GG!"

After the snake turned into an old snake, his strength greatly increased!


The grade has become an enhanced epic, and the attribute skyrocketing is true, but it is also true that the health value has not changed!

"Kill it!"

Crying Soul has the penetrating effect of the Sacred Dragon and Divine Sword, and the lonely smoke in the desert has the penetrating effect of the Hand of the Abyss in the form of the [scheming way]. Not to mention, the old snake after the snake transformation is a snake at this moment, even more so. Its true dragon power is suppressed!

No difference!

Even if the snake becomes stronger, there is no difference in Qin Luosheng\'s eyes!

The triple eagle took three steps to make a layup, and Da Mo Guyan climbed onto the head of the old man and began to explode!

Qin Luosheng moved swiftly, his whole person shuttled back and forth on the ground like a phantom, making Elder Snake\'s attack completely missed, and at the same time, he was continuously hacked by the golden sword energy carrying the holy flame, and he was incompetent and furious!

Whether it was a physical fight, a poisonous mist, or the use of magic, the old snakes methods were still unable to withstand this shameless siege, and finally, persisted for a minute, and the health value was completely emptied!

"Ding, congratulations on successfully killing the level 68 epic BOSS-Five Poison Venerable [Old Snake], gain experience value: 3500W, reputation value 8000 points!"