Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 979: : Millipede, poisonous hell
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 979: : Millipede, poisonous hell

Surrounded by a tornado!

Stop the flame!

Blind eyes!

Even with these restrictions, the Thousand-Year Demon Spider can still move, and it can hardly endure the cutting of the tornado, the burning of the flame, and the blindness and blindness of the direction and other factors, being hurt and avoiding it.

But once "Ghost SwordsmanshipQuadruple Cage" opened, it was completely GG!

So far.

Before this skill dissipated, the Millennium Demon Spider could only be trapped within these four walls and could not escape!

This is considered a control skill, but also a semi-control skill!


The Millennium Demon Spider can also move and attack. Strictly speaking, it is not a proper control skill like fear, shock, stiffness, petrification, freezing, etc. The target is completely unable to resist, but this does limit the actions of the Millennium Demon Spider. , Let it stay in a fixed range, unable to move, so it can be regarded as a control skill!

Make a compromise.

That is the semi-control skill!

"Good job!"

Qin Luosheng was about to let Xiaoxiao use the Dragon Yin impact to stun the Millennium Demon Spider. He didn\'t expect his teammates to be so powerful, and he would directly help him complete the final energy accumulation time.

"Holy Dragon Annihilation Slash!"

A terrifying energy slash burst out, blasting from the holy dragon divine sword, swaying from Qin Luosheng\'s hand, brazenly heading towards the thousand-year-old magic spider that was wrapped in flames, bound by a cage, and surrounded by tornadoes!


There are no earth-shaking scenes, only endless silence!

When the golden light fell on the Thousand-Year Demon Spider, the world began to melt!

The sacred dragon annihilation cut that cut the millennium demon spider into two, the energy attached to the two corpses of the millennium demon spider burst into unimaginable power, and annihilated it at an extremely fast speed. In the end, the huge millennium The devil spider, there is no scum left, and there is no wisp of ashes floating out!

"Ding, congratulations on successfully killing the 67-level enhanced golden BOSSMillennium Demon Spider, gaining 1500W+ experience points and 8000 reputation points!"

Qin Luosheng, who had been mentally prepared for the same experience as a thousand-year-old scorpion, didn\'t care.

"Fortunately, this thing is not as great as the Heavenly Slash, there is nothing left!"

Seeing the stars floating down from the sky, Qin Luosheng let out a sigh of foul breath.

If you use Sky Breaking Slash, it is estimated that nothing is left. For details, please refer to the Undead Lich!

Although the Sacred Dragon Annihilation Slash has the same effect as the Sky Breaking Slash, there is still room for it to kill the BOSS, the corpse is annihilated, and the ashes are scattered. At least, the equipment and other trophies that should be exploded will still have , Will not be annihilated along with it.

This is very comfortable!

This is also the reason why Qin Luosheng didn\'t need to slash through the sky.

It stands to reason.

The slashing ability is stronger and the charge is shorter, so it should be more suitable!


Just because it is too strong, it will be lost together with the loot, so I can only retreat and let the holy dragon annihilate that need to be charged for ten seconds to attack!

"Yo, there is a ring and a necklace!"

Glancing at the trophy, Qin Luosheng saw two pieces of jewellery, and he was immediately happy. The explosion rate of the inner five pieces is very low. Just now, the thousand-year-old scorpion exploded only the outer five pieces. Now the thousand-year-old magic spider has two at once. This is really generous.

Although it is only gold grade, considering the rarity of the jewelry, and it is universal, there is no limit, anyone can use it, so Qin Luosheng also blended with it, ROLL point!


One 32 points, one 6 points!

Let Qin Luosheng shut himself down instantly!

Forget it! Forget it!

If you are not a chief, don\'t think too much about it. Isn\'t it good to have experience in killing monsters honestly?

Its not necessary anyway, cough cough, lets take part in it!


BOSS Three Treasures and other groceries are all in their own pockets, and they can be regarded as getting the big head. What kind of bicycles do you need?

Be a human being, don\'t be too greedy!


After some self-hypnosis and self-comfort, Qin Luosheng wiped away the painful tears of the non-chief, ignored a group of happy girls who had obtained the trophy, clicked to send, and returned to the original point at the entrance of Wudutang!

Centipede Hall!

Entering the door is a three-meter-long centipede blocking the way.


It just looks rather bluffing, just to strengthen the grade of the silver boss, it\'s a hammer!

After a beating, I didn\'t hold on to it for ten seconds, so I went there!

Centipede can be used as medicine.

Although the strength of this silver centipede was unbearable, the materials on his body were good. Qin Luosheng lightly hooked his hand, infinitely approaching the master-level gathering technique and easily gathered it.


Push all the way horizontally.

In less than twenty minutes, I came to the location of the BOSS again!

Millenpod Centipede (Strengthen Golden BOSS)

Level: 67

Health value: 10000000

Magic value: 2800000

Physical attack: 150000

Magic attack: 0

Physical defense: 75000

Magic defense: 30000

Speed: 20000

Skills: [Thousand Foot Cutting] [Tentacles Entangling] [Vicious Hell]

Weakness: Fire

Introduction: The beloved pet of the original leader of the Five Poison Sect, based on it as one of the five foundations, has established the Five Poison Sect that has made countless people fearful. It itself is a centipede with a heterogeneous bloodline. It has been fed by various highly toxic substances and swallowed a large amount of blood food. It has gradually evolved and returned to its origin. The bloodline has been almost the same as that of its ancestors. There are thousands of feet on the body, and every foot is Just like a sharp blade, if it falls under it, it will be cut into meat by a thousand feet. It has keen tentacles, can detect small and slight movements, contains strange poison, and can use itself to cast a poisonous **** to bury all living creatures except it. Go out!

"I wipe it, it\'s a bit difficult!"

Qin Luosheng frowned when he looked at the introduction.

The Centipede is a purely physical BOSS. Although the defense is not as good as a thousand-year-old scorpion, the attack is really a bit powerful, and it is also highly poisonous, which can perform a wide range of large-scale killing skills!

The most disgusting thing is that this guy has tentacles and has the ability to perceive!

In this way.

It would be a little difficult if you want to send another round of Sacred Dragon Annihilation!

The perception is not as simple as the Millennium Demon Spider, if it is not instinct, I am afraid that it will be slaughtered in a deep sleep.

If you dare to activate the skill, people immediately perceive it and wake up immediately. With a ten-second charge, I dont know how many chances there are to interrupt or run away!

right now.

Teammates dont have that many control skills, especially Cai Caimeis Ghost Swordsmans ability to control the Sifang Cage. Needless to say, the cooling time of such a powerful skill should not be short, at least, it must be more than half an hour, and absolutely cant be used at this moment. !

"If this is the case, then you can only play in the usual way and directly beat it!"

Qin Luosheng thought, "It just so happens that the centipede is not so disgusting, hairy and slimy. Although it is long and hideous, it is still within the acceptable range! But it is really too big, and it is still creepy to watch. !"

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